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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

(sold out again) Panasonic LX3K in-stock for $500

If you are interested in getting the LX3 from well-known online retailers, rejoice! The silver model is available at $430 and. The black model (LX3K) is available for $500 plus $10 shipping at OneCall.com. The status changes often, so things may be different by the time you are reading this.

For more on the LX3, be sure to check its list of reviews and diary.

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Trouble repor(t): G10 confessions by Canon

Canon has confessed that some G10 units may be showing some bonus lines (!) in their pictures. Details and more on this via the Imaging Insider.

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Kodak Z980 gets reviewed by Steve

Yes Kodak has made a comeback to the world of RAWsumers with the Kodak Z980. Yes, that's the camera with the faux battery grip. Battery grip, no battery :) To be fair, Kodak calls it "vertical grip". But we have to give Kodak credit for at least trying to offer something different than the "more of the same" megazooms.

So with that as a long-winded introduction, here is the Steve Digicam's review of the Z980. The link takes you directly to the conclusions page, if you want to start from the start, they have a navigation menu in the left side of the screen.

As usual, we won't reveal their findings. Steve's usually tends to be a little "gentle" on cameras, so you may have to read between the lines to find some of the negatives, just like the print-magazine reviews, where at times what is not said says more than what is said.

The Z980 was leak-troduced at around CES 2009, one of the first new cameras of the new year. And believe or not, it's not even May, yet we have over 100 new models, and that's only from the major manufacturers we track. If you add GE, Sanyo, BenQ, European rebrands, Vivitar, and all their other friends, it may even be close to 200!

The camera is in-stock and shipping at Amazon, sold and shipped by Amazon.com for $382. Other lesser known 3rd party sellers may offer it for less, but if you are not familiar with a particular lesser-known 3rd party seller at Amazon, it is highly recommended that you research them thoroughly if you are interested in taking a risk.

kodak z980 front view

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Sad! The Olympus SP590uz is not a RAWsumer!

We were confused by the Olympus specs when the SP590uz was announced, but now that we have the first serious real-world review of it at Photo Review, we find out for real that the camera does not have RAW!. How sad :-(

The camera has been removed the list of RAWsumers.

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Saturday, April 25, 2009

How fast is the Sigma DP2?

A new interesting experiment by Rytterfalk, he times the Sigma DP2 shooting, and has a picture that summarizes his findings. Shooting was done in RAW mode with an Extreme III (three) memory card. Check his blog for the results!

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Friday, April 24, 2009

Noise and the Sigma DP2

A big thank you to Carl Rytterfalk for his continuous sharing of Sigma DP2 samples and hands-on impressions! His latest update is of great interest, it talks about high ISO and noise using the DP2. He has also made the pictures from this latest post available as a flickr set.

But wait, there's more! Apart from Rytterfalk, there is a new set of pictures embedded in this Sigma forum thread at dpreview from user "rube39".

And don't forget to visit, bookmark and double-bookmark this pbase page that includes the seven Sigma DP2 users who are sharing their pictures with the rest of us!

Looks like today is yet another small step in the right direction for the Sigma DP2!

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Hard to find RAWsumer: Fuji E900 for $175

We have spotted the Fuji E900 selling brand new for $175. This is an older Fuji RAWsumer, from a few years ago, but it has had its small but loyal following. You can find out more details about this deal at our camera deals blog.

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And the #1 at Serious Compacts is...

And the #1 compact camera (film or digital) for advanced and enthusiast photographers, in the opinion of SeriousCompacts.com is ... *drum roll* the LX3 and D-Lux 4 duet. Yes, the duet that showed megapixel-restraint and gave us a wide-angle view of the world, and an alternative to more-of-the-same!

For more on the LX3, be sure to check its list of reviews and the LX3 diary.

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Thursday, April 23, 2009

RAWzoomer user seeks DSLR

In this dpreview discussion, a Panasonic FZ50 user is seriously considering selling his FZ50 kit and getting a Nikon D90. Will the other RAWsumer users be able to convince him to keep it? Can you make the case?

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More DP2 samples from Rytterfalk

The sample pictures keep on coming at Rytterfalk's blog. Most of them are available as full-size. The latest one, shot wide open, gets the photographer happy because of extreme sharpness.

With the Panasonic LX3 in out-of-stock limbo, and the Canon G10 lost in 15-megapixels, there is a big opening for Sigma DP2 to make a splash and win some early mindshare, and give the Foveon fans enough ammunition to fend off the onslaught of insecure "SLR Traditionalists" who will undoubtedly attack the DP2 from every angle for fear that their precious DSLRs would be considered "equal" or "inferior" in some aspect(s).

The paragraph above was not written by the Sigma DP2 fan club ;-)

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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

RAWsumer makes the #3 spot at Serious Compacts

The top ten at Serious Compacts continues, and the #3 spot goes to another RAWsumer, the one and only Foveonesque... Sigma DP1. Yes, the DP1 is selected as their 3rd best compact digital camera. Agree or disagree, head on over to Serious Compacts to read and opine!

For more on the DP1, be sure to check its list of reviews at the Review Organizer.

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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

RAWsumers grab the #4 spot in both lists!

The Online Photographer continues his list of their favorite Top Ten Cameras of all time, and lo-and-behold, a RAWsumer grabs the #4 spot. This includes all cameras, film, digital, or otherwise! And the #4 spot goes to ... the ... Panasonic LX3.

At Serious Compacts, the Top Ten list features their favorite compacts of all time, film or digital, and the #4 spot also goes to a RAWsumer. The envelope please! The #4 spot goes to ...Ricoh GX-200!

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Monday, April 20, 2009

More Sigma DP2 pictures surfacing!

In addition to Carl Rytterfalk's pictures we mentioned yesterday, there is a new wave of DP2 samples discussed in this dpreview Sigma thread and hosted at this pbase gallery.

Five different DP2 photographers are sharing their pictures there, names you will recognize from the Sigma-Foveon world for sure. There is a total of about 70 sample pictures! Oh my!!!

Is Foveon back?

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RAWsumer shootout at Shutterbug

The Imaging Insider features a Shutterbug shootout of the three most recognizable compact RAWsumers at the time, the G10, LX3 and P6000. Please note that this is a two-page shootout, it is not a 20-page technical pixel-peepathon :)

More on this, in this instant update at the main blog.

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Sour times: Fuji S100fs forum debates

There is a busy and vigorous thread in the dpreview Fuji forum, discussing at a meta-level the nature of the debates about the Fuji S100fs.

Are DSLR users so insecure that they have to resort to scorched-earth policy because they are worried that the S100fs may be a better deal? Or are S100fs [reviews] fans so defensive of their camera that any criticism is considered an act of war?

As the X-Files repeated multiple times, the truth is ...out there!

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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Just one RAWsumer wins in the TIPA 2009 awards

Just revealed were the TIPA 2009 awards and sadly only one RAWsumer won an award. Granted, the categories, even though forty of them, were such that it did not give RAWsumers options for more than a couple of awards.

The one that did win an award was the lovely Canon G10 which won the "Expert Camera" award. Not many other opportunities for awards, as the Fuji F200 (no RAW) won the "Compact" category and the Sensor-innovation. They did not have a superzoom category or any another category for fixed lens digital cameras.

But they had plenty of awards for DSLRs and lenses...

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Casio EX-FH20 review at Let's Go Digital

Let's Go Digital has just posted their findings on the Casio smaller and more-megapixel-ey Casio EX-FH20. This has a smaller sensor but with more megapixels, and a lower price than the bigger and more expensive Casio EX-F1.

Read the rest of "Casio EX-FH20 review at Let's Go Digital"...

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Ricoh GRD II makes the Top Ten!

Serious Compacts has started a reverse countdown of the Top Ten Compacts of all time (in their opinion), which includes both digital and film. At the #7 spot, they have selected a RAWsumer, the Ricoh GRD II. Why this camera? Read on to find out why and also be sure to check their review of said camera.

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Friday, April 17, 2009

RAWsumer black and white at Wouter 28mm

A series of new black and white pictures taken with the Ricoh GX-200 and GR-D GR1 (correction!) have been posted at Wouter 28mm, which goes to show, that when creating photographs, it's one-third the camera, one-third the photographer, and one third the blending of the camera and the photographer into one :)

Now if this was an Olympus camera, we would have four one-thirds, but since it is not, we only have three one-thirds :-)

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Panasonic FZ28K drops to $264

While you obviously can't squeeze as much out of RAW at the 1/2.5" sensor size as you would at 1/1.8" or 2/3" or at Foveon-size, RAW still gives you more flexibility and options than just JPEG.

So with that mind, you may be interested in this RAWzoomer that has dropped in price again down to Christmas 2008 price levels, the Panasonic FZ28K (black version) is offered at under $270 by a number of reputable retailers. You can check them all out at this special update at the Camera Deals blog.

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Thursday, April 16, 2009

New Ricoh GRD II firmware

A new batch of firmware is coming for the Ricoh GRD II. This is the fourth update says DC Views. And the nice thing about it is that these are adding functionality to the camera.

While the Ricoh cameras are by no means perfect, Ricoh should be applauded for continuing to provide its loyal users with new firmware and functionality!

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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

New Olympus SP590uz gallery

Let us Go Digital has posted a brand new gallery with real-world pictures from the Olympus SP590uz, a RAWzoomer (RAWsumer + superzoom = RAWzoomer) with a small 1/2.33" sensor. The samples are available as full-size JPEGs for your pixel-peeping entertainment!

The article also mentions that when you combine it with a teleconverter and digital-zoom, you can come up with a crazy 3000mm+ "equivalent" focal length. Of course you can't expect to make big prints out of this, but it certainly gives you more "reach".

Read the rest of "New Olympus SP590uz gallery"...

Monday, April 13, 2009

Sigma DP2 demo sample from Korea

Here is a new sample picture from a demo Sigma DP2 in Korea, displayed and discussed in the dpreview Sigma forum.

The Sigma DP2 is coming up (hopefully sooner than later) and with the absence of other new serious/advanced compacts, and the supply issue of the Panasonic LX3, it may have a window of opportunity to steal the spotlight. Assuming of course it is performing well and shows improvements and advances over some of the things DP1 users wanted to see improved and up(d/gr)ated.

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Sunday, April 12, 2009

New Olympus C8080 user!

A new Olympus C8080 owner is sharing some of his first pictures in the Olympus dpreview forums. The C8080 was unfortunately the last of the Olympus serious RAWsumers, and it was the only Olympus of that era that earned critical praise from Phil Askey himself.

And another photographers goes gardening with the camera. Well, not the same unit of the camera, but the same model :)

And some more, these six pictures are going wide, also shared in the Oly forums at dpreview.com.

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Thursday, April 09, 2009

(EXPIRED) Some like it RAW: DP1 yours for $400

If you were always curious about the Foveon sensor or the Sigma DP1, Amazon has an incentive for you today. They have made the Sigma DP1 as their deal of the day, and you can get it for $400 with free shipping. No rebates, no nothing. It's yours!

The special price ends at midnight Amazon-time tonight (pacific time), or earlier if they sell it out fast.

But this may complicate things for those considering the Sigma DP2, which was re-born at PMA 2009 and will start shipping at some point in time for around $650. The DP2 has more of a "normal" lens while the DP1 has a 28mm wide-angle. Both lenses are "primes".

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Monday, April 06, 2009

New Canon G10 review just posted

Let's Go Digital has just posted their Canon G10 review, joining a long list of other camera review sites that have taken the G10 for a spin. You can check the list of review so far at our new Camera Review Organizer.

As usual, we do not reveal the outcome of the review, which you can find on page #9 if you are in a hurry.

We'll leave you with a teaser however, the "e-word" is used to describe the camera in the last paragraph of their conclusions :)

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Friday, April 03, 2009

Sigma DP2 to be released in Japan on April 24

If you live in Japan, you don't have to wait long to get your hands on the Sigma DP2. digitalcamera.jp says that the Japanese release date for the camera has been set for April 24, 2009. That's just three weeks away! Enough time to plan a quick vacation to Japan ;-)

But if you can wait for a bit longer, you can get yourself in line at Amazon.com, which is accepting pre-orders for $650 with free shipping.

For more on the DP2, be sure to check our DP2 mini-blog.

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