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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Kodak Z980 gets reviewed by Steve

Yes Kodak has made a comeback to the world of RAWsumers with the Kodak Z980. Yes, that's the camera with the faux battery grip. Battery grip, no battery :) To be fair, Kodak calls it "vertical grip". But we have to give Kodak credit for at least trying to offer something different than the "more of the same" megazooms.

So with that as a long-winded introduction, here is the Steve Digicam's review of the Z980. The link takes you directly to the conclusions page, if you want to start from the start, they have a navigation menu in the left side of the screen.

As usual, we won't reveal their findings. Steve's usually tends to be a little "gentle" on cameras, so you may have to read between the lines to find some of the negatives, just like the print-magazine reviews, where at times what is not said says more than what is said.

The Z980 was leak-troduced at around CES 2009, one of the first new cameras of the new year. And believe or not, it's not even May, yet we have over 100 new models, and that's only from the major manufacturers we track. If you add GE, Sanyo, BenQ, European rebrands, Vivitar, and all their other friends, it may even be close to 200!

The camera is in-stock and shipping at Amazon, sold and shipped by Amazon.com for $382. Other lesser known 3rd party sellers may offer it for less, but if you are not familiar with a particular lesser-known 3rd party seller at Amazon, it is highly recommended that you research them thoroughly if you are interested in taking a risk.

kodak z980 front view

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