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Monday, February 02, 2009

Part #3 of TWiP Photo Pocket-RAWsumer series

Part #3 of the TwiP Photo series on pocketable RAWsumers has been posted. This episode deals with the Canon G10. Once again this is an emo-review in tone, so if you are expecting the typical review-speak, you will be annoyed or disappointed.

But we like diversity of opinions and style, agree or disagree, which is why we are featuring this series. And it is refreshing to read a different style and tone.

Having said that though, one of the major issues with this series is that it wasn't framed properly. The content is a "quest for the best pocketable camera for the author of the article", while the article is framed as a general-purpose comparison between the three cameras. Case in point, the biggest issue with the Canon G10:

"it's too big for a lot of my pockets"

This is a perfectly valid opinion and everyone has a right to their opinion, regardless of the criteria used. However, unless a review is framed as a "best camera for me", one expects to see a wider angle of view in the evaluation and criteria.

So in this case, the G10 would get a negative for being too big for most pockets, but that alone should not disqualify a camera for consideration because a significant percentage of the audience may simply not care if it fits in most pockets or not.

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