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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Another Casio Ex-FH20 review

Hot on the heels of the DC Resource review, the Casio EX-H20 RAWzoomer gets another high-profile review, this time at Steve's Digicams who was recently sold to InternetBrands.com.

This camera is obviously a series of trade-offs, and the weight you place on certain features and certain negatives will likely be what determines whether you may be interested in taking a look at this camera or punting.

Interestingly, and by coincidence probably, the price of this camera has dropped to $457 at Amazon.

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Friday, February 27, 2009

New Ricoh GX200 review at Ricoh-GR-Diary

Not one, not two, not three but eight parts make up of the Ricoh-GR-Diary-blog review of the GX200. Be sure to check it out if you are interested in the camera, or RAWsumers in general!

You can also check the "table of contents" of the review!

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Thursday, February 26, 2009

New RAWsumer review: Casio EX-H20 at DC Resource

DC-Resource has just posted their Casio EX-FH20 review. This is Casio's second speed-demon superzoom, a sidekick to the bigger Casio EX-F1. It offers a more compact body, with a design that reminds of some of the other 20X superzooms out there, but it has RAW and it has fast burst mode options.

So was that good enough? We won't splog the outcome! Check the DC Resource review to find out!

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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Best price on Leica D-Lux 4 right now: $685

As of right now, the best price we found on the Leica D-Lux4, a close cousin of the Panasonic LX3, is $683 and with free shipping and handling by OneCall.com at Amazon.

We don't have a lot of D-Lux-4 coverage, but we do have an LX3 diary, which will pick up momentum again once the PMA-2009 madness is over in early March.

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Monday, February 23, 2009

Is the Samsung TL320 a RAWsumer? (NO!)

Samsung has announced today the Samsung TL320 (aka WB100) and in just one place, the spec-sheet at dpreview.com, it mentions that the camera has RAW. However, we have not (yet) found any other mentions of RAW anywhere else. Could this be a cut/paste error in the spec-sheet by dpreview or the camera has RAW but Samsung did a poor job in the letting anyone know about?

Samsung has also produced one RAWsumer so far, the giant "big daddy" Pro815 during the "glory days" of the RAWsumer. In fact, the Pro-815 was one of the last 2/3"-RAWsumers to come out.

We'll post an update if we find out more.

Update: Samsung TL320 is NOT a RAWsumer
Thanks to one of our reader in the comments section for letting us know! The dpreview specifications have been updated and the mention of RAW has been removed. So we can now safely cross it off the RAWsumer list since no one else mentions "RAW" in their specs.

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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Pre-production Sigma DP2 shown at trade show

A pre-production Sigma DP2 was shown at a trade show in the UK! The Sigma User EU website has a hands-on report from the trade show. Please note this is in pre-production status, so no images from the camera, but plenty of images OF the camera and of the trade show!

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Fuji S100fs for $500 after rebate

The Fuji S100fs is available right now at BuyDig.com for $500 after the $50 Fuji mail-in rebate is submitted and received. The rebate promotion ends on February 28, so don't sleep on it if you are interested in this, don't sleep on it!

For more on this giant-sumer, be sure to check the list of Fuji S100fs reviews.

Fujifilm FINEPIX S100fs 11.1MP SLR Styled Digital Camera

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RAWsumers do well this month at MAP Camera in Japan

Digitalcamera.jp has posted the latest monthly top sellers at MAP Camera in Japan. This is for photography enthusiasts, it does not track the overall Japanese market, which is why you see all the RAWsumers and DSLRs in the list :)

Among the top ten of "brand new" models, there are three RAWsumers, headlined by the Ricoh GRD II and followed by the Panasonic LX3 and Ricoh GX200. Gone from the top ten is the Canon G10!

Next up we take a look at the "Used Top 20", where we find five RAWsumers, the Canon G9 and G10 duo, and three cameras from Ricoh, the two GRD models and the GX100. The Canon G9 is the leader of the RAWsumers at the #5 spot.

Needless to say, all the other spots are occupied by DSLRs!

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Friday, February 20, 2009

Casio EX-FH20 reviewed by Steve's Digicams

Just posted, a brand new review of the Casio EX-FH20, Casio's second and smaller speed-sumer, by one of the original Big Six review sites, Steve's Digicams.

Do not be scared away by the press release at the opening page, I'm not even sure why they start the review with a press release, since a review is supposed to be the opposite of the press release, but what do I know?

Detailed conclusions are on the conclusions page and as always, we won't be posting any spoilers here.

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Thursday, February 19, 2009

RAWsumer deals with stackable Dell coupons

We have just noticed some nice RAWsumer deals at Dell using two stackable coupons. Complete details at the main blog Dell specials page. Here is what we found so far among the RAWsumers:

+ Panasonic FZ28K for $303
+ Canon G10 for $398
+ Fuji S100fs for $579
+ not available: Panasonic LX3, Nikon P6000

We don't want to duplicate the effort by posting everything twice, so please check the latest updates at the main blog.

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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A new RAWsumer is born: Canon SX1 IS

We have some great news for fans of RAWsumers today! Canon announced today that the Powershot SX1 IS will not only make its USA debut, but it will also add RAW to its feature list. This however has a high-price tag, it will cost $600 when it ships in April 2009.

And if you are a current SX1is owner, celebrate too! The RAW feature will be made available via a firmware update!

So we have a new RAWsumer, probably the 3rd of about 85 new digital cameras in 2009! So many shiny silver clones, so little time!

In order to prevent duplication of work, the SX1 announcement coverage is at the main blog, along with all the other 123,430,543 new digital cameras that were announced this week.

The SX1 IS has been added to the list of RAWsumers, going from 2002 to 2009.

canon sx1 is

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Silver Panasonic LX3 in-stock and shipping for $400

The wait for the black version continues, but you can get the silver LX3 for $400 and with free shipping from J&R World of New York.

For more on the LX3, be sure to check the LX3 diary and its list of reviews.

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Monday, February 16, 2009

RAWsumer specials: Leica V-Lux1 and Olympus SP565uz

We have two RAWsumer specials for you today, starting with the 20X superzoom Olympus SP-565, which was their latest superzoom model before the ten trillion superzooms were announced at CES 2009. This is offered by $280 and with free shipping and handling by Amazon.com itself.

Next up, the Leica V-Lux 1, a Leica version of the Panasonic superzoom, is offered by Willoughby's on Amazon for $540 and with free shipping and handling. Willoughby's is an authorized Leica dealer according to the Leica website. We are not sure if buying through Amazon still counts as Willoughby's.
leica v-lux 1

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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Making the case for a Panasonic FZ8 replacement

This photographer makes the case in the Panasonic dpreview forum why a Panasonic FZ8-replacement may be a good idea.

As you may recall, the FZ8 had RAW and a 12X MegaOIS lens, while its replacement was a bigger model, the FZ18 with a bigger 18X lens. So the request for a FZ9 (FZ8 followup) is that it would be a smaller and compact superzoom than the FZ18/FZ28 series.

Speaking of the FZ18, you can get it for the next few yours for just $220, it is the featured deal of the day at Vanns.com right now. This includes a bonus 1gb SD card and camera case and comes with free ground shipping.

Read the rest of "Making the case for a Panasonic FZ8 replacement"...

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Sigma DP2 shows up on retailer site

The long Sigma DP2 wait continues, but there is hope: Wouter blog notices that the camera has shown up on a retailer's website!

The new DP2 slogan, "Sigma DP2, patience we can believe in" ;-)

Read the rest of "Sigma DP2 shows up on retailer site"...

Comeback kid: Panasonic FZ18 for $220

Vanns of Montana continues to have a stream of older but new-in-box Panasonic digital cameras and one of them is a RAWsumer, the Panasonic FZ18 superzoom with a 1gb card and camera case offered for $250 $220 and with free shipping and handling. This is a new-in-box camera and the retailer is a fully authorized Panasonic dealer.

Some reviews of the FZ18 (we don't have it in the Review Organizer yet):
+ dpreview with Simon and Lars
+ Imaging Resource
+ photoxels.com
+ Station Stops

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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Speed-demon gallery at Let's Go Digital

Let's Go Digital has just posted a new gallery with pictures taken with the speed-demon RAWsumer (aka RAWzoomer) Casio EX-FH20. This is a smaller cousin of the bigger Casio EX-F1. For more, let's go check Let's Go :-)

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(SOLD OUT) Panasonic LX1 shipped for $130 brand new

As of 5pm eastern time this camera is SOLD OUT! Original post follows: An older RAWsumer has surfaced at reputable dealer Vanns.com. You can get the silver Panasonic LX1, for $130, with free ground shipping, and also a bonus neoprene camera case.

We don't this camera in the review organizer but you can see a short list of reviews at this bargain-alert post at the main blog.


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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Found: Canon G9 fulfilled by Amazon for $490

If you must have the Canon G9 over all the other RAWsumers available right now, Amazon is fulfilling a limited number of orders via a 3rd party retailer. Details are available at our Camera Deals blog.

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Panasonic LX3 is NOT cancelled

Per the Panasonic representative in the dpreview forums, the LX3 is NOT cancelled. Now when will it come back in-stock??? More LX3 stuff at the LX3 diary.

Also Imaging Insider sources say that the LX3 and D-Lux 4 are alive and kicking, not discontinued.

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Comeback kid: Sony F828 for $800

We were just surfing at Amazon and noticed that a 3rd party featured seller is offering the Sony F828 for $800 there. We are not familiar with this seller, so if you are interested, please research this thoroughly. It brings back memories of the golden age of RAWsumers. Those were the days!
sony f828

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Monday, February 09, 2009

New RAWsumer feature: Photographers with RAWsumers

We just started a new feature, "RAWsumers in the world" where we spotlight photographers and/or websites/blogs and online communities that mainly use RAWsumers. If you have any websites or photographers to nominate, or if you are a RAWsumer photographer yourself, please let us know and we will feature you in a future RAWsumer feature. By default, we do not include any pictures from a photographer's work unless we receive explicit permission, so if you would like us to also showcase any of your pictures, please provide us with specific details!

For more details, suggestions or ideas, please contact us via email or using the contact form.

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(Out of Stock) Panasonic LX3 silver shipped for $400

Update: The camera has now sold out the current inventory - it is temporarily out of stock at J&R World, but you can still place orders and get in-line.

Original post: As we mentioned at the main blog, a number of photographers got some discouraging information when contacting Panasonic customer support with regards to the status of the LX3. However, CSRs are not official spokespeople of the company, and they don't necessarily know more than we do. So unfortunately we'll have to wait and see.

But if you don't want to wait and see or take a risk, the best price we have found on the LX3 is the silver Panasonic LX3 for $400 and with free shipping by J&R World.

For more on the LX3, be sure to check its list of reviews and the LX3 diary.

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Sunday, February 08, 2009

RAWsumers in the real world: Ricoh GRD II

We discovered this project while surfing the dpreview forums for a post on the main blog (m8.2 related). It is a book project by Mitch Allard entitled "Bangkok Noir", a black+white photography project in Thailand. The project has over 200 pictures, and the majority of them were taken with the Ricoh GRD II.

Obviously we can discuss the technical merits of each camera until the UFOs come home, but as you can see from this project, in the end, it's the pictures that you take that matter!

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Saturday, February 07, 2009

Great place for Ricoh resources: RicohForum.com

The RicohForum.com is a great place for all things Ricoh digital cameras, which of course includes the four Ricoh RAWsumers, the GX200, GX100 and the two GR-D models.

Also of note, the RF has installed a new feature, the "portal", which makes it easier for new and old visitors alike to get a snapshop of the latest posts and announcements.

And speaking of Ricoh, it will be interesting to see what they will have in-store (eventually) as follow-ups to the GX-200 [reviews] and GRD-II. And this also reminds us to create new review-clusters at the new review organizer for the other three Ricoh RAWsumers!

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Friday, February 06, 2009

(SOLD OUT) Silver Panasonic LX2 for $230 with free shipping

We have found a great bargain for you for the predecessor of the very popular LX3. The camera that came before it in the beautiful summer of 2006 is available for $230 by Vanns.com of Montana.

For more on the LX2, be sure to check the list of reviews at the RAWsumer Organizer which is a subset of the Compact Camera Reviews Organizer which is part of NoisyReviews.com, which is part of the main blog.

panasonic lx2 silver

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Thursday, February 05, 2009

Comeback kid: Panasonic FZ50 for $500

3rd party retailer 6ave on Amazon is offering the Panasonic FZ50 for $500 and with free shipping. As of the time of writing there was only one camera in-stock. The FZ50 is about 2.5 years old and it came out at the same time as the LX2. But unlike the LX2, it did not get an upgrade when the LX3 was announced.

For more on this RAWzoomer, be sure to check the list of reviews found in our Review Organizer.

panasonic fz50

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Sigma DP1 drops down to $510 at Amazon

The Sigma DP1 has dropped to $510 at Amazon, sold and shipped by Amazon itself. The price has been slowly but steadily sliding, while Foveoneons have been wondering and wandering about the Sigma DP2 and the unnamed 3rd DP-series model which the Sigma founder talked to AmPhoUK about last year. Of course Sigma operates on "Sigma time", so the best estimate we have is that we will get there when we get there...

For more on the DP1, be sure to check the list of reviews which has now been integrated into our new Compact Review Organizer, which makes it a lot easier for all readers to jump from camera to camera using the same interface.

Read the rest of "Sigma DP1 drops down to $510 at Amazon"...

Canon G-series, from G1 to G10

You can thank Serious Compacts for this great find, a look at the whole lifecycle of the Canon G-series, going from the G1 to the G10, published at PixInfo.com. This is a six-page article, with comparisons, subjective evaluation and conclusions on the last page for the busy readers.

This is a must-read for G-series and RAWsumers fans. It's only interesting to see how the camera designs have evolved over the years, and compare those changes to the feature set changes. And yes, please feel free to take a few shots at the "GINOs".

If you like the PixInfo comparison review, don't forget to digg it!

PS: "GINO" is a name used to describe the G7 and later, "GINO" stands for:

Read the rest of "Canon G-series, from G1 to G10"...

Monday, February 02, 2009

Part #3 of TWiP Photo Pocket-RAWsumer series

Part #3 of the TwiP Photo series on pocketable RAWsumers has been posted. This episode deals with the Canon G10. Once again this is an emo-review in tone, so if you are expecting the typical review-speak, you will be annoyed or disappointed.

But we like diversity of opinions and style, agree or disagree, which is why we are featuring this series. And it is refreshing to read a different style and tone.

Having said that though, one of the major issues with this series is that it wasn't framed properly. The content is a "quest for the best pocketable camera for the author of the article", while the article is framed as a general-purpose comparison between the three cameras. Case in point, the biggest issue with the Canon G10:

"it's too big for a lot of my pockets"

This is a perfectly valid opinion and everyone has a right to their opinion, regardless of the criteria used. However, unless a review is framed as a "best camera for me", one expects to see a wider angle of view in the evaluation and criteria.

So in this case, the G10 would get a negative for being too big for most pockets, but that alone should not disqualify a camera for consideration because a significant percentage of the audience may simply not care if it fits in most pockets or not.

Read the rest of "Part #3 of TWiP Photo Pocket-RAWsumer series"...

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