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Sunday, November 30, 2008

New Panasonic LX3 review!

We have a new LX3 review, this time by Ryan Brenizer at the Amazon Photography blog. This is an experiential photographer's review, not a pixel-peepiential review. Ryan likes a number of things about the LX3, and makes a comment about ISO 1600. But it's not a bed of roses, there is a trio of negatives.

Panasonic deserves kudos for bringing camera change we can believe in. Unlike the CaNiKons who went with the more-megapixel sensors, Panasonic showed restrained and "stayed" at 10-megapixels, and that may have been one of the reasons why Monet no longer has a single official camera ;-)

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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Two new reviews on the Panasonic FZ28

The Panasonic FZ28 has been reviewed twice in the last couple of days! This is one of the very few superzooms using a 1/2.35" to 1/2.5" sensor that offer RAW natively. So it is of great interest to RAWsumer fans.

The first review comes from multi-lingual site Let's Go Digital, part of the DIWA network. The second review comes from Camera Labs.

We don't want to spoil the findings and conclusions, so no discussion until the reviews get "older".

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Monday, November 24, 2008

RAWsumer grab DIWA awards

Fuji's giant superzoom (RAWzoomer), the S100fs, has received a 2008 Gold DIWA Award in the category of "Advanced Megazoom". DIWA is an organization composed of nine European camera review sites from nine different European countries.

More awards will be announced in the next few days, as undoubtedly cameras like the Canon G10, Panasonic LX3, and the Ricohs will be considered in their respective categories.

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Sunday, November 23, 2008

RAWsumers continue to be hot at MAP Camera

Our favorite Japanese camera site DigitalCamera.jp has posted the October 2008 best sellers of MAP Camera. This is a store for enthusiasts and advanced photographers, so it's not reflective of the "Average Joe the Plumber", but rather the "Average Joe the Photographer".

In the top ten of brand-new cameras, we find the Ricoh power duo at #2 and #5, with the cutesy GRD-II being at #2, and the versatile GX200 at #5. The cutesiness of the GRd-II certainly did not go unnoticed among the design-sensitive Japanese buyers. The other one of course is the Panasonic LX3, ranking high at #3. It will be interesting to see what happens next month (November), with the G10 being more readily available. Currently the G10 is not in the top ten.

Meanwhile, in the top ten of used camera sales, we find five RAWsumers, including the two predecessors of the Ricoh cameras mentioned above. But the leader of the pack is the Canon G9 at the #5 spot. And Foveon fans will be thrilled to see their lovely Sigma DP1 at #17.

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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Panasonic LX3 Diary Part IV

The previous edition of the LX3 diary has gotten too long, so now we are launching part IV, starting with a post-Photokina catchup on the action! For a list of reviews so far, be sure to check the LX3 Reviews List.

New Updates at Diary Part V
In order to organize and optimize things, we have launched Part V of the LX3 diary at the main blog. This allows us to organize all the reviews together in the Compact Reviews page, allowing you to jump from DSLR to Compact reviews and vice-versa from the same page and user interface.

Wedn Nov 12: new review
We have another review, this time by Trusted Reviews. No spoilers here.

Tue Nov 11
A new shootout is out! Check out Serious Compacts to see how the lovely LX3 compares to the evil G10 in high-ISO shooting ;-) The diaries are "partisan" after all ;-)

Who's praising us now? Esquire Magazine has picked the LX3 as one of six cameras to ...take on a safari.

Sat Nov 8 (big update)
Didn't you just wish that someone posted a technical analysis of the LX3 sensor? Someone who knows about sensors? Well, your wish has come true! Serious Compacts is pointing us to such an analysis, embedded in the Panasonic forums.

How do you create an affordable DIY panorama tripod for the LX3? Creativity leads the way at the Panorama XL blog.

Thom Hogan has posted a shootout between this, the G10 and the P6000. Serious Compacts discusses this exciting shootout.

What's this about the LX3 and coffee madness? And how do the Elinchrom Ranger Rx flashes fit in the equation? This sounds like an experiment of sorts? What is it? One way to find out, find out!

Another opinion on the LX3, this time at Life Inch. Pros are listed, and the case is made for the size advantage. A sample video is included.

Wouter 28mm discusses the recent LX3 reviews. What did they and their readers think?

Lightscrape has reached the 10,000 photos milestone with it. What do they think now? And more samples are flowing at LS, a number of them inspired by impressionism.

She has a lovely cousin, says BoPhoto.com. By that of course we refer to the Leica D-Lux 4 which is heavily "inspired" by the LX3. More on the D-Lux 4 at Nelson Foto.

It's more than just a point and shoot camera says Photo SIP. How much more? Read on to find out.

Tue Nov 4: the dpreview review is out!!!
Run to dpreview! They have just posted their LX3 review! No spoilers here however. Jump over there to find out what they found out.

Sun Nov 2
Laurence Kim has posted part III of his on-going Panasonic LX3 review. This segment features landscape and nature photography capturing the colors of the fall season. No spoilers here, but the conclusions include one surprise and two complaints!

Fri Oct 31: Catching up
High-ISO RAW files from the Leica D-Lux4 are featured at Serious Compacts and various programs are used, such as Silkypix, Capture Uno, Raw Developer and a dose of Noise Ninja.

A four-minute video review of the LX3 is now posted at the Nerdist blog.

If you can't enough discussion on the LX3, be sure to check the LX3 flickr group.

Lightscrape asks, LX3, G10 or P6000? How about all of the above? :-)

CNet Asia poses the two cameras side by side, the LX3 and the G10. Camera poses only, no sample images however.

BigMacky has tried out a friend's LX3, but is holding out for the Leica edition.

Some sample pictures taken with the LX3 from photographers around the world: Fall colors by Spryeye, Lightscrape and Gadling and Jeff Saddoris.

Sun Oct 26
How long will the shutter last? Lightscrape is firing the shutter on a regular basis.

The new version of Instant JPEG from RAW will now support the LX3 among other digital cameras.

Sat Oct 25: Size matters
If you haven't seen or touched the LX3 in person, this blog post is a great way to judge size. Is it bigger than cat? an iPhone? Nutella? Find out at the new lx3 photography blog.

Lots of pictures with fall colors, and lots of new commentary at the must-read Lightscrape blog.

Thur Oct 23: Distortion, RAW, and the Lens
Serious Compacts discusses lens distortion, JPEG vs RAW, and marketing claims.

J&R World has posted a 200-second video teaser of the LX3. Were the presenters auditioning for QVC? :)

Tue Oct 21: P6000 vs LX3
We have head-to-head comparison between the LX3 and the Coolpix P6000 quasi-RAWsumer. The battle takes places at Digital Camera Review. Conclusions at the bottom of the page. What were their findings? Did they pick a favorite? Read through to find out!

A lightweight review at Stuff. They call it a review, not moi :)

Mon Oct 20: Imaging Resource review is out!
A new review is out! Imaging Resource has just posted their findings of the LX3. The review was just posted, so we won't spoil their conclusions. If you are in a hurry, simply jump to the bottom of the review for the conclusions along with the pros and cons segment.

And more LX3, TWIP Photo has posted their experiential mini-review of this new compact RAWsumer. Three sample pictures are included, including one that pushes the envelope with silver and black remotes side by side. Be sure to check it out!

Sun Oct 19
The LX3 takes on a DSLR! No, they don't wrestle in the mud, but they do take pictures of the same scene. This in the Panasonic dpreview forum, and discussion ensues.

Fri Oct 17: Price drops to $400
J&R World has dropped the price again down to $400, has it in-stock, and shipping right now - as of the time of writing of course. Get Yours Now.

Wedn Oct 15: Luminous Landscape review!
The reviews keep on coming for the lovely Panasonic LX3! This time Luminous Landscape has posted their take. Please keep in mind LL publishes experiential-photography reviews, as opposed to pixel-peepiential reviews you can find at dpreview or DIWA Labs.

Tue Oct 14: The DC-Resource review is out!
New review! DC Resource has posted their findings on the LX3! Read it now!

The LX3 wins over a photographer and prompts him to sell his Canon G9. Which is great news if you are looking for a used Canon G9 for just over $300.

A night out with the LX3! The LX3 paints the town red and black+white! Check it out at the Panasonic dpreview forum.

Lightscrape talks about custom settings and some ...secrets!

What if you could (re)design the LX3 any which way you wanted? Serious Compacts spotlights one LX3 re-imagination.

Mon Oct 13
We've already mentioned the sample pictures last week, now photographer Laurence Kim has posted his impressions on the Lumix LX3. Find out why the reviewer says "I was wrong" in the Conclusions segment. That's the ultimate teasier for reading the review now :) The author also promises low-light tests in the next few days so stay tuned.

Sun Oct 12
A couple of LX3-related updates at Serious Compacts, first pointing us to a G10 vs LX3 comparison, and then grabbing Panasonic by the ear for their RAW support.

Small things are the latest couple of pictures at Lightscrape which features an on-going report of their LX3 experience.

Pictures taken with the LX3 but also its rich upscale sister, the Leica D-Lux 4 are shown and discussed at the Rangefinder forum.

A flickr group discusses JPEG, RAW and barrel distortion. Check it out.

Thur Oct 9
What's inside the box? TWIP has posted their LX3 unboxing ceremony for all to see!

How about the G10 vs LX3 dimensions? Serious Compacts points us to a dpreview forum thread created by an enthusiast comparing the two. Do more megapixels affect camera size? ;-)

Also from SerCom, a round-up of sample images and comparisons.

Square panoramas? What??? Details at Lightscrape.

Another LX3 goes to Maui again! It looks like Maui is a vacation-destination for the LX3. DC Resource has just posted a bonus gallery from Maui. Full size images are available for download, and you can easily check the EXIF data on the gallery page.

And a few more samples, including some b+w at the photocamel forums.

Can't get more real world than this: The LX3 captures anniversary celebration pictures, capturing the Fall season in New England.'

Sun Oct 5
Maui-wowie! The LX3 has earned a vacation! Here is the LX3, taking Maui Pictures, outdoors and some indoors too.

The latest update at Lightscrape tackles the question of whether colors are correct with the LX3. Specific settings are discussed.

Sat Oct 4
The LX3 goes political as it takes photos at a political event. Slide show at Laughing Squid. Slide-show is using a Flash application for delivery.

Photographer Laurence Kim has posted some LX3 sample shots in the flickr LX3 group.

Lakes, panoramas, and impressionism are some of the latest LX3 pictures posted at Lightscrape.

Neutral Day opines on some of the recent reviews.

Thur Oct 2
New Review!!! Digital Camera Review (DCR) has posted their take on the buzzworthy LX3. As always we won't be revealing the outcome of the review, at least not during the initial first few hours, so as not to introduce bias and things like that.

More tests on the LX3 from Japan! Details at Serious Compacts.

And of Panasonic interest, dpreview has posted their Photokina interview with a group of Panasonic reps from around the world. Of RAWsumer interest, the dpreview staff asked them about the possibility of a FZ-50 replacement and the Panasonica employees put on their ...politican hats :-)

A veteran dpreview forum user has posted his in-forum early impressions on the LX3, and a vigorous discussion follows up.

Wedn Oct 1
Can you mix and match LX3 and D-Lux 4 firmware asks an L-camera forum user. We don't have an answer, but do check out the thread.

Blogger Lian has fallen in love with the LX3 and points out to a number of sample images.

Tue Sept 30
A new in-forum embedded review of the LX3 at the Rangefinder forum, with complimentary content/pictures at this website.

Aperture priority is the topic of the latest post at Lightscrape.

And for those who are trying to decide and are in-between the LX3 and the Canon G10, we just launched the Canon G10 diary at the noisy blog.

Mon Sept 29 catch-up
Breakout alert for the LX3! It looks like it's having a major impact in the Amazon Top Sellers chart. After the pre-order discounts and select shipping, it has managed to jump to the #11 spot, just three spot behind the Canon G10. Considering the LX3 is available in two colors this is impressive.

It looks like the LX3 is quite possibly having the same breakout for the LX-series as the TZ3 had for the TZ-series.

The great LX3 updates at Light Scrape continue with night pictures, close-ups, b+w and a panorama. A must-read if you are interested in the LX3.

Serious Compacts writes that there are more than external differences between the LX3 and D-Lux4.

A trio of real world silver body pictures at DigiCamReview. The pictures taken at the Photokina trade show.

New owners of the LX3, one says lighten up dude, another posts test shots at juggernuts.com.

How about external flashes and some suggestions for LX3 hand straps ask a flickr users.

Meanwhile D300 users are tempted by the LX3. Perhaps it's the "3" in the model name :-)

Read the rest of "Panasonic LX3 Diary Part IV"...

Friday, November 21, 2008

RAW deal? Fuji S100fs for $533 after rebate (plus free card)

RAWzoomer fans, you may be interested in this deal at Amazon. The Fuji S100fs is offered for $585, but Fuji has just launched a $50 mail-in rebate, so after rebate, your price is $535. Plus Amazon is offering a free 4gb Kingston SDHC memory card, which is currently going for about $10. And free shipping and handling. Please note that in order to get the above, the camera must be sold and shipped by Amazon itself, not by any of the other 3rd party sellers that are also featured on Amazon.

For our newer readers, RAWzoomer is a blended term from RAWsumer and superzoom. Superzoom is self-explanatory, RAWsumer is defined (by this blog) to mean a fixed-lens digital camera that supports RAW natively or via an official firmware update.

So what about the CHKD cameras? Well, they are quasi-RAWsumers, since the changes made are not permanent, and do not come with the camera out of the box or via an official firmware update.

But this is just one of the many terms out there, the last one we saw mentioned was Creative Compacts.

Read the rest of "RAW deal? Fuji S100fs for $533 after rebate (plus free card)"...

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A new Casio EX-FH20 review

The Casio EX-FH20 may have been flying under the radar, partially because Casio "hid" its predecessor, the EX-F1, from the internets, by making it a retail or telephone-order only camera, which was a rather anachronistic move.

Anyways, the reviews of the FH20 are starting to line-up, and today Photography Blog has posted their trademark six-page review. Conclusions are on page #6.

Just a week ago, we mentioned a review by DCI, and last month we saw a nice review by Videopia.

Read the rest of "A new Casio EX-FH20 review"...

Saturday, November 15, 2008

What's the future of compacts?

A very interesting discussion at Serious Compacts sparked by a post by Eolake, triggered by Thom Hogan's 2009 predictions. What does the future hold for compacts and more specifically RAWsumers? Will this mini-renaissance be short-lived or is it a hopeful trend for the future?

Read the rest of "What's the future of compacts?"...

One more name in the hat!

There are so many names to describe this segment of cameras. RAWsumers is one of them, but there are many more, such as "prosumers", "bridge cameras", "advanced compacts", Serious Compacts, "System Compacts", "power compacts", and things like that.

So here is another term to consider, creative compacts.

Any other names we missed or any other names you prefer using to describe this segment?

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Friday, November 14, 2008

Feedback time: What the future for the RAWsumer blog?

We have a quick opinion poll. What would you prefer to see happen to the RAWsumer blog? Keep it as is, or integrate it in the main "1001 noisy cameras" blog? Or do you have any other preferences? Vote, send an email or leave a comment!

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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

New reviews and shootouts (G10, LX3, GX200, P6000)

We start with what promises to be a very exciting multi-part shootout at Serious Compacts. Part #1 of the shootout squares off the Canon G10 vs Panasonic LX3 at high ISO.

Next up, Canon's bitter rival, Nikon, receives a review of its NRWsumer, Photoxels.com reviews the Coolpix P6000. One of the nice things they do with their reviews is that they build a "User Profile" for each camera, to give people a better sense of who might benefit from it. This is a good idea!

Then Alpha Mount World takes a detailed look at the Ricoh GX200, Ricoh's successor to the game-changing GX100. G10, LX3, and P6000 fans should probably write a thank you letter to Ricoh for "forcing" their companies to make GX100 competitors. What did they find? They have a big page of conclusions, no spoilers here :) The review has been added to the list of GX200 reviews. If we missed any, please let us know!

But that's not all for the G10, it has also received a review and video tour at Camera Labs.

Read the rest of "New reviews and shootouts (G10, LX3, GX200, P6000)"...

Thom Hogan update on the LX3 distortion correction

Thom Hogan has an updated his website, following up on his LX3 vs P6000 vs G10 shootout, that got caught in the middle of the LX3 distortion correction debate. Panasonic is correcting this with JPEG and SilkyPix, but other RAW converters are obviously not aware of this. Serious Compacts raised this issue a few weeks ago.

Please note if you are reading this after the posting date that Thom Hogan's website does not have links to individual posts, so you have to hunt for this update in his November Archives.

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Monday, November 10, 2008

New RAWzoomer review: Casio EX-FH20

The Casio EX-FH20, the new 20X superzoom, or as we like to call it, RAWzoomer, has received a review today at Digital Camera Info.

As always, we won't be revealing the outcome of the review, but if you are in a hurry, be sure to click on the "Conclusions" tab. There are three pros and four cons. Ouch or not? As always, it's all about trade-offs!

The best price we have found so far is at Adorama for the standard price, but they are also throwing in a free 4gb card and free shipping. More details.

Read the rest of "New RAWzoomer review: Casio EX-FH20"...

New Panasonic FZ28 review (and a new first look)

Hot on the heels of the DIWA Lab tests, the Panasonic FZ28 has now received a new review, from the "dpreview of Australia", PhotoReview.Au. This review has a lot of technical measurements, which if you like you can compare with the measurable findings of the DIWA Labs.

Update on November 10
A new first-look (not a complete review yet) has been posted by Steve's Digicams. Check out what they posted so far on the lovely FZ28.

Read the rest of "New Panasonic FZ28 review (and a new first look)"...

New Nikon Coolpix P6000 review

A week after the Pho Review review, the Coolpix P6000, the RAWsumer "traitor" has received a new review, this time by the CNet equivalent of the UK, Trusted Reviews. Their conclusions, for those in a hurry, can be found on page #3.

Read the rest of "New Nikon Coolpix P6000 review"...

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Panasonic FZ28 gets tested by DIWALabs

European test lab DIWA-Labs has published their very detailed technical findings on the Panasonic FZ28. This is a test report by the way, not a review. There is no text, just various technical measurements of technical properties of the camera and lens.

The FZ28 is available for $300 with free shipping by Vanns of Montana. Meanwhile at Amazon the prices vary depending on which third party sellers you prefer.

Read the rest of "Panasonic FZ28 gets tested by DIWALabs"...

Friday, November 07, 2008

Special: Casio EX-FH20 free shipping and free 4gb card

Adorama is offering the Casio EX-FH20 for $600 with a free 4gb Sandisk SD memory card, and free shipping. This has a 20x lens with sensor-shift stabilization, and RAW of course. The free 4gb card will be automatically included in your order according to the Adorama website. Click on the "Rebate Available" link and you will see this:

Buy a Casio EX-FH20 and receive a Free Sandisk 4GB SD card included with your order (a $34.95 value)

Read the rest of "Special: Casio EX-FH20 free shipping and free 4gb card"...

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Sigma DP1 firmware update

The Sigma DP1 has a new firmware update, which is version 2.0. For more details check the two aforementioned links or the official Sigma DP1 website. And speaking of the DP1, be sure to check the list of reviews so far, we counted over 20 by websites big and small. The going price for the DP1 is $700 or so.

Read the rest of "Sigma DP1 firmware update"...

Monday, November 03, 2008

New Nikon P6000 preview at Photography Review

We have a new preview for the Nikon P6000 at Photography Review! This is hot on the e-heels of the reviews at PhotoReview and Photography Blog.

Their preview includes a video unboxing ceremony, and a full-range ISO sample, starting at 64 and going all the way to 2000. Of course with a 14mp 1/1.7" sensor, one cannot (or should not) have high hopes for ISO 2000 :) Stay tuned to Pho Review for a complete review later on.

Read the rest of "New Nikon P6000 preview at Photography Review"...

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Vote for the Reader's Choice RAWsumer!

At the green blog we are starting a Reader's Choice vote, where you, the readers, decide which cameras receive the various awards. One of the awards is the "Compact RAWsumer", and will be decided by both the readers of this blog and the green blog. If you also want to vote for the RAWzoomers (superzoom RAWsumers), such as the FZ28, EX-F1, S1000fs, you can vote for them in the SuperZoom category at the green blog.

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