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Friday, October 31, 2008

Nikon P6000 vs Canon G10 at Photography Blog

Are you trying to decide between the Canon G10 and the Nikon P6000? Can't decide? Well, Photography Blog is making it easier, they have posted a new G10 vs P6000 comparison, including lots of comparison shots, not just ISO, but also chromatic aberrations, anti-shake and lots more. Sample pictures are also available.

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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Ken Rockwell reviews the G10

Another G10 review is coming in, this time Ken Rockwell has reviewed the G10 after teasing with sample pictures a few days earlier.

Various aspects of the camera are discussed, samples shown, and opinions written. The D40 and Canon A70 make a guest appearance in the "Recommendations" segment.

Read the rest of "Ken Rockwell reviews the G10"...

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

You help decide the next Serious Compacts shoot-out!

Serious Compacts is thinking of another shoot-out among the latest new enthusiastically serious compact cameras. And they are asking for your opinion. Which cameras would you like to see compared? The poll is a multiple-answer, so vote for which cameras you would like to see compared.

The list of possible options includes the latest compact-RAWsumers, along with the upcoming Panasonic G1.

If you missed them out, Serious Compacts has posted a couple of multi-part shootouts, featuring the GX100 and the Sigma DP1, which were compared with other cameras of their era.

Read the rest of "You help decide the next Serious Compacts shoot-out!"...

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Nikon P6000 gets a new review at PhotoReview.au

We have a new review for Nikon's quasi-RAWsumer, the NRW-sumer (ha!), has been reviewed by the dpreview of Australia, photoreview.com.au. Lots of Imatest graphs and measurables for the pixel-peepers to enjoy :)

PhotoReview does not have a conclusions segment, they presumably want to avoid influencing the reader, but that drives speed-readers crazy since they can't get a quick recap. They review, you decide :)

Remember back when there was noise about the collaboration between Nikon and Microsoft? Well, you knew it wouldn't be good, because that's what caused the NRW/WIC disaster!

The P6000 is selling at Amazon for $440 with free shipping and "handeling".

Two more reviews have been posted, details at the green blog and Serious Compacts.

Read the rest of "Nikon P6000 gets a new review at PhotoReview.au"...

Monday, October 27, 2008

RAWsumer Review Stream

Since there is only a small number of RAWsumers of interest out there, we are launching a new on-going post that spotlights these reviews and first impressions.

Mon Oct 27
LX3 and noise, and a new G10 review are the latest updates from the review-o-sphere. For more, check the green blog.

This post features reviews that are not mentioned elsewhere in this blog, although sometimes there may be some overlap.

Wedn Oct 15
A new Canon G10 review, this time at TOP. More on this in the impact review update.

Thur Oct 9
The FZ28 has come out rather quietly, on the heels of the FZ18 rawsumer. But now it has just received a detailed review at Digital Camera Review. And at the same time its price has now reached the previous FZ18 price-point, so one can get it for just over $300, which is not a bad price considering that it has RAW and costs less than most of the other hyperzoom competitors.

And another GX-200 in just a matter of days. Steve's Digicams has reviewed it just today. The GX200 is on special at Adorama at the moment for those in North America.

Mon Oct 6
The Nikon P6000 gets its first review at CNet Asia. More details.

Sun Oct 5
The Ricoh GX-200 has just received a new review at
DCR. Read all about it here.

Thur Oct 2
Zoom! Zoom! The Olympus SP-570uz gets reviewed by Imaging Resource. Their lists of pros and cons are long! But no spoilers here :) Remember this is a camera that uses the "new" 10mp 1/2.33" sensor which a lot of the superzooms have converged upon.

A new review of the Panasonic LX3, this time at Digital-Camera-Review. As usual, no spoilers here!

Sun Sept 28
The speed-demon Casio EX-F1 is getting a brand new review at Steve's Digicams. If you can't wait, page #5 has the conclusions, which as usual we won't reveal.

Mon Sept 22
This was posted earlier on, but we just now noticed it, the PDF Gear Guide has posted their review of the Ricoh Gx200. As always no spoilers here!

And a new LX3 review is out, this time at Camera Labs.

Sat Sept 20
Two more LX3 reviews, at the Imatest-powered Photo Review and at DCI.

Mon Sept 15
We have two new RAWsumer reviews today! First, Photography Blog reviews the FZ28. I'm not sure what prices they are comparing it to, but a 3.5 out of 5 for a camera with RAW, 18x IS, HD video, and selling for just $330? What else do you want for $340? Surely they must be comparing to MSRP!

The second review is of the Fuji S100fs, which is getting a second leash on life with the new reviews coming out. This new review is at Digital Camera Review. Included is an ISO comparison set that goes from 100 to 10,000. Pixel-peep that! :) This quote might be of interest:

Although Fuji's in-camera processing and noise reduction seems to smooth out some fine details at high ISO settings, there is a respectable amount of fine detail even in the images taken at ISO 1600...

Tue Sept 9
While not a RAWsumer, since things are quiet in RAWsumerLand, you may be interested in the Fuji F60fd review by DCR. It would be interesting if Fuji took this sensor/engine and put it in a more advanced camera, whether it retails the F100fd-form factor or brings back the E900 or something new.

Friday Sept 5
After a wave of RAWsumer reviews, we had a quiet period, but now there is more action, with the LX3 tested by DIWA Labs, and TOP publishing part 3 of their on-going Fuji S100fs review.

Friday August 29
We start with a solid first impressions review we noticed via Serious Compacts, of the Ricoh GX-200, at the Wouter 28mm blog. As always, no spoilers here! The author responds to reader questions in the comments section after the GX-200 review, so be sure to ask away if you have any questions or concerns. Fans of b+w pictures will also be thrilled since the sample pictures are b+w.

Earlier On
We have already listed a couple of very recent Fuji S100fs reviews in this post and grouped the current LX3 reviews here.

Read the rest of "RAWsumer Review Stream"...

Sunday, October 26, 2008

New Fuji S100fs review at Let's Go Digital

Let's Go Digital has just posted their review of the Fuji S100fs, the camera we affectionately call "the Giantsumer", as in giant prosumer. And it sure is a giant.

The concusions are on page #9, but no spoilers here. Obviously a big camera with a big lens and a 2/3" sensor will be a series of trade-offs when compared with the interchangeable lens cameras above it, and the smaller-sensor fixed-lens cameras below. Where does it? Well, it depends on how your trade-off matrix is defined!

The S100fs is available now at Amazon for $616 with free shipping and handling, and a bonus 4gb Kingston SDHC memory card.

Read the rest of "New Fuji S100fs review at Let's Go Digital"...

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Casio EX-FH20 review by Videopia

Yes, speed-demon fans, a Casio EX-FH20 review has been posted at Videotopia. You can also watch a summary video review of the FH20.

If you are in a hurry, you can jump to page #4 for their well-rounded conclusions. We are always please when we see conclusions that are identifying different groups and styles of photographers that may (or may not) find the camera useful. And for a cross-over hybrid camera like this, it is even more important.

Sample images and sample videos taken with the camera are also posted at Videopia.

As we mentioned a few days ago, the camera is now shipping.

If you like the camera or the review, be sure to vote for it at Reddit.

Read the rest of "Casio EX-FH20 review by Videopia"...

Luminous channels Ken Rockwell?

Serious Compacts is discussing a very interesting post by Luminous, talking ...medium format versus the Canon G10. Yes, this is not a typo! You read right! And did they reach a conclusion that eclipses the "D40 is the only camera you'll ever need" by Ken Rockwell? We blog, you decide!

Read the rest of "Luminous channels Ken Rockwell?"...

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Panasonic LX3 Review List and Pre-Order Tracker

Among the newer RAWsumers of 2008, the Panasonic LX3 seems to be generating the most buzz and interest. As such, it gets special treatment, an in-stock/pre-order tracker! But wait, there's more! We have lots of LX3 updates in the LX3 Diary.

In order to organize and optimize things, new reviews will be posted at the Review Organizer at the main blog. This allows us to have a unified interface to all the camera review lists.

LX3 reviews
Group AGroup BGroup C
Imaging Resource
DC Resource
Digital Camera Review
Camera Labs
Luminous Landscape
Thom Hogan shootout
Lawrence Rispher
Ming Thein
TWIP Photo
Burn Blue
Lightscrape (on-going)
Laurence Kim (on-going)
DCR (vs Nikon P6000)
Trusted Reviews
Let's Go Digital
Photo Review Au
Digital Camera Info
Pocket Lint
Photography Blog
CNet Asia

LX3 Now Shipping?
LX3K (black)LX3S (silver)
+Amazon (out of stock)
+OneCall (out of stock)
+J&R (out of stock)
+B&H Photo (out of stock)
+Adorama (out of stock)
+Amazon ($430 in-stock)
+B&H Photo ($390 out of stock)
+J&R World (out of stock)
+Adorama (out of stock)

Read the rest of "Panasonic LX3 Review List and Pre-Order Tracker"...

Sigma DP1 gets some book learning (new Magic Lantern Guide)

Yes, Sigma DP1 fans, the DP1 has achieved a milestone reserved for the big boys! It is getting a Magic Lantern Guide from Lark Press! The book is available for pre-ordering at Amazon for $10.36. No shipping date is given, but Amazon has a pre-order low price guarantee so you will pay $10.36 or less when it ships.

NOTE for current Sigma DP1 owners
One of our readers (see comment #1) has alerted us that current Sigma DP1 owners in the USA can get a copy of this book for FREE from Sigma itself. see details.

Read the rest of "Sigma DP1 gets some book learning (new Magic Lantern Guide)"...

Sample images: Canon G10 vs Nikon P6000

Photography Blog has just posted two sets of sample pictures, which are available as full-size JPEGs and some as RAW files by the way. It's the good old Nikon vs Canon rivalry rekindled once again. Here they are, Coolpix P6000 samples vs Powershot G10 samples.

RAW samples are a great idea as they allow the photographer to see how much they can get out of the camera using their own RAW development software, plug-ins and techniques. This is a great idea and kudos to Photography Blog for making them available!

Also note that some of the samples are of the same scene, so you can compare the two cameras!

Read the rest of "Sample images: Canon G10 vs Nikon P6000"...

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Canon G10 first impressions

Digital Camera Review has received their G10 review unit, and they have quickly posted their first impressions, to keep us entertained until the full review is completed. So without further ado, be sure to check it out now!

The best price we have found on the G10 right now is at Amazon for $494, with free shipping. This is sold and shipping by Amazon itself. Various other 3rd parties are also offering at Amazon at similar prices. But if you do get it from Amazon.com itself, they also offer a free 4gb Kingston SDHC memory card.

Read the rest of "Canon G10 first impressions"...

Monday, October 20, 2008

Shipping alert: Casio EX-FH20

Casio returns to "online sales" as the Casio EX-FH20 is now available for online orders, and currently in-stock too for $600. It is offered by J&R World on Amazon right now! Free shipping as well!

This is "baby EX-F1", with a bigger zoom ratio, but with a smaller sensor. The 9mp 1/2.x" sensor is combined with a 26-520mm (20X ratio) equivalent lens, with stabilization. The speed is
"down" to 40fps, from 60fps of the EX-F1.

Read the rest of "Shipping alert: Casio EX-FH20"...

Friday, October 17, 2008

Price drop alert: Panasonic LX3 drops to $400

The LX3 has now dropped in price down to $400 at J&R World and is shipping right now for FREE!

For those who are Amazon fans, you can place a pre-order at $407. Amazon has free shipping and pre-order low-price guarantee, but no shipping date is posted on the product page.

For more on the LX3, be sure to check the LX3 Diary.

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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

New Canon G10 hands-on review at TOP!

The Online Photographer has just posted a review of the G10. You can also see side-by-side pictures of the G9 and the G10. As always, no spoilers to the review conclusions here!

But wait, there is more! Serious Compacts points us to a new G10 tests from a respected Japanese website. Find out how the G10 did!

For more on the G10, be sure to check the Canon G10 diary at the new "green" blog.

The best price we found on the G10 is $500, available by a number of featured sellers at Amazon.

Read the rest of "New Canon G10 hands-on review at TOP!"...

Monday, October 13, 2008

RAWsumers do well again at MAP Camera

DigitalCamera.jp has posted the September top sellers at MAP Camera in Japan, and among the list we find some RAWsumers. MAP Camera is not representative of the overall market, it attracts advanced and enthusiast photographers.

So among new cameras, we find the Panasonic LX3 at the #5 spot, and while Ricoh has two, the GX-200 at the #4 spot, and the adorable GRDII at the #8 spot. Two out of the top ten is not bad, considering dSLRs grab six of the ten spots.

Among used cameras, we find five RAWsumers in the top twenty, with Ricoh once again leading the way with the GRD-II, GX100 and GRD original. Not bad at all! The other two are the Sigma DP1 and of course the Canon G9. Three of them are in the top ten, led by the GRD2 at #7.

Read the rest of "RAWsumers do well again at MAP Camera"...

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Price drop: Panasonic LX3 for $426 at Amazon (pre-order status)

Currently in pre-order status at Amazon, the Panasonic LX3K is being offered for $426 with free shipping and handling AND a bonus 4gb Kingston SDHC memory card.

This is a nice price, and even more so, the lowest price we have found among the reputable online dealers we track. But while the others are shipping for $470, Amazon is in pre-order status. So if you can afford to wait, you can save $44 and get a free 4gb card.

For more on the LX3, be sure to check the LX3 daily diary.

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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Ricoh GX200 VF1 kit discounted at Adorama

Adorama has a discount for the combination of the Ricoh GX-200 and the VF-1 external viewfinder for $650. Alone the GX200 goes for $600 and the VF-1 goes for $167, so buying them together is a discount of $117. Free shipping and handling as well.

For more on the RAWsumer GX-200, be sure to check the list of reviews published already. Granted, it's not dozens upon dozens, but we do have seven of them listed there. If we missed any, please let us know and we will add it promptly.

Read the rest of "Ricoh GX200 VF1 kit discounted at Adorama"...

Monday, October 06, 2008

Nikon P6000 gets first review at CNet Asia

Leonard Goh of CNet Asia has posted a review of the Nikon P6000, Nikon's semi-rawsumer. As always no spoilers here, but you can rush to their conclusions if you can't wait. They do discuss IQ and also the LX3. They also spend a lot of time with the new GPS feature which of course is a distinguishing feature since very few cameras feature this type of functionality out of the box.

And at the same time, the Nikon P6000 is shipping at Amazon for $460.

Read the rest of "Nikon P6000 gets first review at CNet Asia"...

Sunday, October 05, 2008

New Ricoh GX-200 review is out!

A new RAWsumer review has just been published for the Ricoh Gx-200. The new review is published at DigiCamReview.com. You can also check out the GX-200 gallery directly, with 19 full-size JPEG pictures available for download. As always, we won't be spoiling the findings of the review, but if you are in a hurry, jump to the bottom of the review page for the three-pronged conclusion along with the Pros and Cons.

In the US, the GX-200 is available at a limited number of retailers, and because of that the prices are fairly stable. It is currently going for $600 with free shipping at Adorama.

Read the rest of "New Ricoh GX-200 review is out!"...

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Nikon P6000 sample pictures from two sources

We start with the Moose, Moose Peterson, posting a quick first impressions and two cropped pictures taken with the P6000. His comments are on the out-of-camera JPEGs, not the mysterious NRW. Read all about it!

And how about some images from Japan? This dpreview thread points us to samples from DC Watch Impress. Full-size JPEGs are available for download, and their trademark ISO-Bunny series shots rang from ISO 64 to ISO 2000. Thank you ISO Bunny :-)

Read the rest of "Nikon P6000 sample pictures from two sources"...

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