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Saturday, March 29, 2008

RAWsumer Shopper!

It's weekend, and time to do some shopping! Milk? Check! Coffee? Check! Fresh fruits and Veggies? Check! Digital Cameras? CHECK!!!

Okay, silliness aside, we have noticed a nice price on the Panasonic FZ50. The silver edition is offered by Adorama for just $430! As you may recall, the FZ50 is a giant Panasonic 12X superzoom using a 1/1.8" sensor, MegaOIS, RAW of course, and the usual assortment of features.

And if you are a fan of imports, and want to get the Casio EX-F1 as soon as possible, you could import it via eBay (story at 101 Noisy). But be sure to consider all the trade-offs of getting an import, including warranty, returns/exchanges, etc.

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Monday, March 24, 2008

RAWsumer rated as "Very Good" at Blogged.com

The new and dynamic and interactive blog directory Blogged.com has added RAWsumer to their listing and given it a rating of Very Good. Thank you Blogged.com editors!

There's plenty of other blogs listed there, be sure to check their Cameras category, under Entertainment, then Arts, then Photography, and then Cameras. It is I guess the age old question, do you put cameras in the electronics and gadgets section or do you put them in the Arts section where Photography is?

And if that was a difficult decision before, digital and the falling prices, and increase in consumer-electronics features added to cameras have made the decision even more difficult.

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Monday, March 17, 2008

New site for advanced compacts, SeriousCompacts.com

Fans of prosumers, RAWsumers, advanced and serious compacts, there is a brand new website launched that is the evolution of AminPhoto: SeriousCompacts.com. Be sure to visit and bookmark them! You will find lots of interesting stuff there. And they have an upcoming shootout as well featuring the Sigma DP1 among others.

You can also share your pictures there, using their newly created Flickr Group, so you can showcase some of your photos.

You can also start or jump in upcoming discussions in their forum.

To see an example of what to expect from Serious Compacts, be sure to check their previous shootout, between the Canon G7, Ricoh GX100 and the Leica D-Lux 2(aka Panasonic LX-series).

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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Ricoh showcases GX100 work by four photographers

DigitalCamera.jp has a new story that Ricoh is showcasing the photographic works of four photographers using the lovely GX100. More details in this computer-translated Ricoh press release.

The four photographers are Terauchi Masato, Hirokazu Maruya, Zhao Shitara, and an Australian photographer whose name (ironically) is lost in the computer-translation!

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Thursday, March 06, 2008

Ricoh GX100 wins prestigous iF Gold award at CeBIT 2008 in Hannover

Fans of the Ricoh GX100 digital camera and notable RAWsumer celebrate! The GX100 has won the iF Gold award in product design at the 2008 CeBiT in Hannover, Germany.

Ricoh Europe celeberates this with a press release.

We are anxiously awaiting to see what Ricoh has in the works to follow-up on the GX100! In our opinion, we would like to see two parallel models, one more "affordable" in the sub-$5oo price range, and one more advanced model! But we'll be happy with anything, considering that of the 100 new digital cameras in 2008, only four non-DSLRs have RAW support :(

The other good news is that GX100 prices are falling in the US market, and now are more "approachable" and competitive to the Canon G9. The GX100 without the external viewfinder goes for $440 at Adorama. The kit with the external viewfinder included goes for $540 at Adorama. There is also another kit that includes the external viewfinder, an HA2 hood, an extra battery and free case for $570, also from Adorama. Free shipping is included at the moment.

For a list of reviews of the GX100 (along with other RAWsumers), be sure to check the Power Compacts Review Matrix.

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New Camera Charts featuring a couple of RAWsumers

We have recently launched the Camera Charts blog that tracks the top selling digital cameras at Amazon, from snapshot to snapshot, and stringing them together to tell a story. It is not meant as a comprehensive ranking, but Amazon uses some sort of a weighted-average algorithm which makes the rankings interesting.

There are two RAWsumers in the top 25 at the moment, the Canon G9 and the Panasonic FZ18. For more details, check the Camera Charts. You can also subscribe to the full-text Camera charts feed, so you can have all the updates delivered right into your online or desktop or mobile RSS/news reader!

For more on RSS readers, check our earlier post on the RAWsumer feed.

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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

RAWsumer switching to full-text feed!

RAWsumer is now switching from a short-feed to a full-text feed! So that's an extra incentive to  subscribe with your favorite online, desktop or mobile news readers! So don't wait,  Subscribe in a reader now!. The feed is burned through feedburner and it is compatible with both RSS and Atom readers.

If you are not familiar with RSS feeds and news readers and such, be sure to check out this introduction to RSS article at Pro Blogger. Also, NewsGator has made all their desktop and mobile news readers available free of charge. This includes Net News Wire for Mac, Feed Demon for PC and NewsGator Go for mobile devices.

PS> We just made the switch, so it may take a few hours before it takes effect. If it doesn't switch to a full-text feed, please let us know and we'll try to look into it.

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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

More blogs covering the Sigma DP1!

More and more buzz is generated about the Sigma DP1! We already mentioned Amin Photo, and My DP1 blog. But wait, there's more! There's also the SigmaDP1 blog, covering all thing Sigma DP1.

And speaking of the DP1, we just posted a round-up summary of the DP1 reactions at 1001 Noisy.

And if you missed it earlier, Sigma's founder told the Informer (Amateur Photographer UK magazine), that there are two more DP-series cameras coming, the Sigma DP2 and DP3, and one of them could possibly have a zoom lens. No specifics were given by the Sigma founder at this time.

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Monday, March 03, 2008

More pictures and first impressions on the Sigma DP1

New information continues to roll on the Sigma DP1! AminFoto spotlights a new Sigma DP1 hands-on at Rytterfalk.com. Meanwhile, the My DP-1 blog discusses the 16:9 mode of the DP1. The blog compares and contrast the specs on this with the Panasonic LX2.

But back to Rytterfalk, where photographer Carl Rytterfalk has produced the most extensive findinds on the DP1 to date. This includes first impressions, a video clip, battery life tests, high ISO tests, full-size samples, and a whole lot more!

His findings are also discussed vigorously in the dpreview Sigma forums. Here is discussion of day two of his findings, and also day one.

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Sunday, March 02, 2008

Sigma DP1 First Look Review at Pop Photo

We have another review of interest! Well, actually this is more of a first look review, than a complete review. Pop Photo does their reviews in two steps, first the first-look and then the "full review" which includes the pixel peeper data. So here it is, the Sigma DP1 first look. Their tests include a gallery of pictures taken with the Sigma DP1 around New York City.

As always, we won't be revealing their conclusions, but here is a teaser:

But wait, there's more! Amin Foto is discussing new sample pictures from Japan, including a shootout with a model. Check it out!

For more galleries and previews of the DP1, along with reviews of other RAWsumers, be sure to check the Power Compacts Review Matrix at 1001 Noisy.

The Sigma DP1 is available for pre-ordering at Amazon for $800, along with half a dozen accessories which include the optional external viewfinder, flash, hood, battery, etc.

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New Ricoh GRD II at Think Camera!

We have a new review of the lovely Ricoh GRD II at Think Camera. Read on to find out what Mike Lowe found out about the GRD-II! How did it perform? What did the reviewer like? Can this camera bring world peace?

As usual we won't reveal the conclusions, but we will present a teaser quote:

...That's a pretty big claim from a dinky black box,...

Read on at Think Camera to find out!

The GRD II is available for purchase at Adorama for $700. It appears that the GRD I has sold out from Adorama.

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