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Sunday, November 23, 2008

RAWsumers continue to be hot at MAP Camera

Our favorite Japanese camera site DigitalCamera.jp has posted the October 2008 best sellers of MAP Camera. This is a store for enthusiasts and advanced photographers, so it's not reflective of the "Average Joe the Plumber", but rather the "Average Joe the Photographer".

In the top ten of brand-new cameras, we find the Ricoh power duo at #2 and #5, with the cutesy GRD-II being at #2, and the versatile GX200 at #5. The cutesiness of the GRd-II certainly did not go unnoticed among the design-sensitive Japanese buyers. The other one of course is the Panasonic LX3, ranking high at #3. It will be interesting to see what happens next month (November), with the G10 being more readily available. Currently the G10 is not in the top ten.

Meanwhile, in the top ten of used camera sales, we find five RAWsumers, including the two predecessors of the Ricoh cameras mentioned above. But the leader of the pack is the Canon G9 at the #5 spot. And Foveon fans will be thrilled to see their lovely Sigma DP1 at #17.

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