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Sunday, September 07, 2008

Ricoh GX200 vs Lumix LX3 at Plemix

Plemix has an interesting comparison between the Ricoh GX200 and Panasonic LX3. A very visual comparison of the two cameras, with big camera-body close-ups that will make you want to buy them both :-) If you are a cameraholic, exercise caution when viewing the pictures!

One of our favorites was a shot of the view through the optional external viewfinder on the Ricoh. Creative!

This is by no means a dpreview review, but if you are a camera geek you will love it!

Opinion: I don't know what the prices are around the world, but in the US market, perhaps due to limited availability, Ricoh is not as competitive on price. The GX200 is one price-stop more expensive than the LX3, and that's assuming the LX3 remains at $500. We've already seen a temporary teaser $100 pre-order (!) discount at J&R a few days ago, so the LX3 may have a two price-stop advantage.

PS> One price-stop = $100. It's a metric price stop :-)

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