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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

New RAWsumer coming up: The Sigma DP2

As the Sigma founder promised, a follow-up to the DP1 was officially announced by Sigma, in typical Sigma multi-part announcement fashion.

Sigma Japan has posted semi-detailed specifications and a summary of its features.

DP1 users will feel at home with this new camera. Here are some of the key specifications:

  • Lens is 41mm (equivalent) at f2.8
  • new True II image processing engine
  • 14-foveon-megapixel sensor as the DP1
  • pop-up flash plus hot-shoe
  • RAW with Sigma Photo Pro included
  • 2.5" LCD
  • SD/SDHC memory card

Some more at the Sigma DP mini-site.


Juha Haataja said...

I have been wondering about DP1 and DP2, especially the fact of them having a relatively slow prime lens. Also, if I have understood right, there is not image stabilization, and at high ISO the sensor is really noisy.

But I guess the market for a large-sensor compact exists, and even halfway good cameras can survive there.

I have been told that in optimum conditions the DP1/DP2 really shines. Haven't seen proof of that yet though.

1001 noisy cameras said...

Yeah the DP-series are more special-interest than general-purpose cameras.

The Sigma founder also promised a DP3 at PMA, so maybe if they have one with a telephoto lens they'll add some sort of stabilization?

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