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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Ricoh rawsumers do well at Map Camera in Japan

DigitalCamera.jp has published the top selling cameras at Map Camera stores in Japan for the month of August 2008. MAP attracts advanced photographers, that's why you don't see the general-purpose mass-market digital cameras in their top sellers list.

In the "New Cameras" segment, Ricoh has two RAWsumers in the top ten, the game-changing GX-100, and the almost adorable GRD-II. The majority of the rest of the cameras are dSLRs.

In the "Used Camera" top 20 list, we find the two aforementioned Ricohs in the top ten, and the original GRD-I at #20.

A clear victory for Ricoh as none of the other RAWsumers available at that time managed to make the charts. Having said that, please note that this is a small segment of the market in Japan, so please do not draw any dramatic conclusions :)

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Monday, September 29, 2008

New easier to remember url: rawsumer.com

We are now publishing this blog at www.rawsumer.com. This will make it easier for people to remember or type the url in their browser.

But fear not, all the previous links and bookmarks with the longer url continue to work as before!

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Thursday, September 25, 2008

ephotozine prosumer wars: G9 vs LX3 vs DP1 vs GRD II

ephotozine has an excellent idea for a prosumer quad-review featuring the Canon G9, Sigma DP1, Panasonic LX3, and Ricoh GRD II. This is a great way to compare all four, and we'd like to see more review sites engage in comparative side-by-side reviews! The quad-review also features a list of pluses and minuses of each of the cameras compared.

But then we see the verdict which is very confused, the picture on the right and the text do not match on who exactly they pick as the winner. The actual text does not pick a winner, but the last sentence says "Well done Canon".

And then they use some strange reasoning to justify not giving the winner a "highly recommended". We hope this is just a badly (re)edited verdict, and we hope they fix it soon, because if not, this puts into question the credibility of the whole review.

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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

New RAWsumer coming up: The Sigma DP2

As the Sigma founder promised, a follow-up to the DP1 was officially announced by Sigma, in typical Sigma multi-part announcement fashion.

Sigma Japan has posted semi-detailed specifications and a summary of its features.

DP1 users will feel at home with this new camera. Here are some of the key specifications:

  • Lens is 41mm (equivalent) at f2.8
  • new True II image processing engine
  • 14-foveon-megapixel sensor as the DP1
  • pop-up flash plus hot-shoe
  • RAW with Sigma Photo Pro included
  • 2.5" LCD
  • SD/SDHC memory card

Some more at the Sigma DP mini-site.

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DP1 RAW: Sigma PP vs Adobe at Serious Compacts

Serious Compacts has posted a detailed look at working with Sigma Foveonesque RAW files with Sigma's own Photo Pro versus the new Adobe bandwagon of Lightroom and ACR. This post focuses (no pun intended) on black and white. Read all about it!

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Monday, September 22, 2008

Thom Hogan opines on the Nikon P6000 RAW situation

Nikon super guru Thom Hogan has posted a new update on his website under Sept-23 with the heading "Nikon P6000 Revisited" where he recaps the RAW-NRW situation. Hogan's site does not have links to individual posts, so if you are reading this later on, you have to hunt for it on his archive pages.

As you may recall, the silly decision by Nikon to cripple the P6000 RAW format generated a lot of backlash and slowed down Nikon's momentum of successful photographer-priority releases such as the D3/D300 power-duo, the D700 and the D90.

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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Panasonic LX3 daily round-up Part III

We continue with Part III of the LX3 Daily Round-up. To catch up here is Part I and Part II.

Updates continue
The updates continue in Part IV of the LX3 Diary.

Mon Sept 22
We continue with the review-a-day pace with Camera Labs reviewing the LX3. The review was just posted, check it out! If you can't wait, check the "Verdicts" tab to see their conclusions! Spoiler follows:

...indeed our High ISO Noise results page reveals the LX3 enjoys around a one stop advantage over the Canon PowerShot G9 from 100 ISO to its maximum sensitivity.

One has to wonder what DCI was smoking :)

Sun Sept 21
And a new review, this time at Let's Go Digital! As always, no spoilers here, don't want to introduce bias into the initial readings.

Video samples of the LX3 discussed at Neutral Day, and new b+w street photography at Burn Blue.

Oops! They are the same.

Sat Sept 20
A new first impressions with lots of samples pictures at Anak Brunei. The photographer decided on the LX3 ahead of three others! Read on to find out more!

If you haven't bookmarked LightScrape, it is high time you did! Lots of new updates with pictures, including a very positive update on battery life, blurring backgrounds, MegaOIS, and lots more!

A text-based first impressions and discussion at the Serious Compacts flickr group. What did the author find ...underneath the LX3 skin?

And a discussion for the camera geeks. What camera did you have before the LX3?

Fri Sept 19
Another day another review! This time by Photo Review Australia, which is one of the fastest websites in reviewing new digital cameras and providing measurable findings. Lots of measurables as Photo.Review.Au uses Imatest. This looks like a much more thorough/technical review than the previous "review" that got dissected like a frog in the forums (see Sept 18 entries). But don't spend too much time looking for a traditional "conclusions/verdict", there isn't one :)

You can use dcraw with the LX3 says one flickr user and provides details on how to refresh to version 8.88.

In the on-going LX3 experience at LightScrape, the question is asked: is it too complex?

Doonster got hsi LX3 and posts his first impressions.

An update on RAW files and BreezeBrowserPro at the Breezesys forums.

Thur Sept 18
The aforementioned DCI review is getting dissected in the Panasonic forum. Dissected is putting it politely. A number of different forum posters are pointing at various items that "lower" the credibility of the review. Memo to camera review sites: If you are going to review a serious digital camera, you should spend more time with it. You don't review a $500 camera with RAW the same way you review a $100 point and shoot!

Thanks to Lightscrape for the heads up! Posted today is a brand new LX3 review at DCI (Digital Camera Info). Be sure to check it out! Haven't read it yet, but this looks like the most bearish LX3 review to date!

More real-world pictures and hands-on impressions of the LX3 at Lightscrape. Be sure to check the night pictures post where the author discovers that a 25-year old generic manual flash is recognized by the LX3. Nice!

Also shipping from Adorama for $480 with free shipping and handling.

Wedn Sept 17
Now shipping! OneCall.com has it in-store and shipping for free for $356 $380. (price went up on Thursday)

Tue Sept 16
New LX3 arrival! LightScrape has received the new LX3 and posted their first impressions. Stay tuned to Lightscrape for lots more!

A new hands-on first impressions review of the LX3 has been posted at Burn Blue. What did the photographer think? And what were the two minor issues pointed out? Read on to find out!

Sun Sept 14
J&R World is inviting temptation again, this time with a $50 pre-order discount on both the black and the silver models. Check it out at J&R World.

A full-size (click on the picture) challenging ballroom sample at Sputnik Scribbles.

For more on the LX3, be sure to check all the Wordpress.com blogs having the LX3 tag.

Sat Sept 13
Those who pre-ordered their LX3 thru J&R World's special discount at the end of August are starting to receive it - on a first-come first-served basis. It looks like people who ordered on 9/1 or earlier are getting their cameras shipped. For everyone else, patience is a virtue :-)

Fri Sept 12
It's here! It's here! An in-forum discussion after a photographer receives his LX3!

Thur Sept 11
Another review is out, this time a short and sweet review at Pocket Lint.

Caught between the LX3 and the G9? CNet Asia has the answer courtesy of L.Goh.

Wedn Sept 10
I got it on eBay? Reputable online retailer 17th Street Photo has 97 LX3 units listed on eBay for $475 with $14 standard shipping. This is on their eBay store, so it is a Buy-It-Now transaction, not an auction.

The LX3 has received another review, this one at e-photo-zine.

People are slowly but steadily starting to receive their pre-ordered LX3 and posting first impressions and sample/real-world pictures. See more and more at the dpreview Panasonica forum.

Tue Sept 9
We have two short LX3 reviews posted in the last few hours, the first one at the Herald Sun and the second one at NST Online. These are a short experiential one-page reviews, so please don't expect a 30-page dpreview technical analysis :)

If you pre-ordered your LX3 from J&R World, these LX3 fans at dpreview are reporting that it is starting to ship. That's for pre-existing pre-orders. For new buyers, the J&R website lists the two LX3 colors as coming soon and temporarily out of stock.

Mon Sept 8
A great step by step showcase of the LX3 extended optical zoom feature.

All work and no lunch for the LX3? Well, not quite. The LX3 is having "dai pai dong".

Sun Sept 7
Plemix has posted an interesting visual comparison between the GX200 and LX3. More details.

Sat Sept 6
Great first impressions article on the LX3 at the Nargalzius.com blog. Includes a gallery of pictures. This is a great write-up on the LX3, be sure to check it out. But it's not a bed of roses, it includes four cons.

The LX3 discovers a cat.

A discussion and some samples on page 2 at the Pinoy Photography forums. Mabuhay!

Fri Sept 5
DIWA Labs has just published their Panasonic LX3 tests. Ideal for technical people and pixel peepers! Peep! Peep!

Thur Sept 4
A discussion in the forums on LX-series and RAW vs JPEG.

Wedn Sept 3
Eight sample pictures from various users and discussion at Club Snap.

Tue Sept 2
Out of stock in Finland? One of the stores is says Lightscrape.

Don't forget the special $100 instant discount on both the black (LX3K) and silver (LX3S) bodies at J&R World. This brings the pre-order price down to $400. The special discount expires on September 6.

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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The leaked Canon G10 is now officially announced!

Yes, the new Canon G10 is now officially out of the bag. As regular G10 hunters know already, the G10 was part of the Pop Photo leak of a couple of weeks ago.

Key Specifications

  • RAW format
  • 5X optical zoom lens (28-140mm)
  • Image Stabilization
  • 1/1.72" sensor but 15-megapixels
  • DIGIC IV with face detection
  • 3-inch LCD display
  • Hot-Shoe
  • Optional add-on lenses

+Plus: Wide-angle, Hot-Shoe, RAW, DIGIC IV
-Minus: 15mp sensor

A mega-thread at dpreview Canon talk is dissecting the specs and potential of this camera.

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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

New blog feature: Selective expandable posts

Because some of our posts are getting longer and longer, we have installed selective expandable post summaries to make the front page easier to navigate. This is particularly useful for some of the longer posts, such as the LX3 Daily Diary and the RAWsumer Review Stream.

You will notice this with a bold link at the bottom of an expandable post that says: "Read the rest of.....". This will only happen for longer posts. If a post is short enough it will be posted on the front page as a whole.

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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Leaked! Leica D-Lux 4, a new RAWsumer based on the LX3

If you are a fan of Leica, and a fan of the new Lumix LX3, you will love this leak! As speculated, a french photography magazine leaked the announcement of the D-Lux 4, which will be the Leica version based on the LX3.

For more on the leak, be sure to check Wouter 28mm, Camera Rumors, Serious Compacts and the new Noisy blog.

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Friday, September 12, 2008

Ricoh GRD II gets ...creative

Photography Blog introduces the new GRD II Creative Set, coming out in the UK for 600 pounds.

The Creative Set will include the camera of course, along with the 0.75x wide angle converter, external viewfinder (GV-1), hood and strap.

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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Price update: Panasonic FZ28 for $340 via Vanns

The Panasonic FZ28K (black finish) is available and on sale for
$340 at Vanns of Montana, with free ground shipping. If you live on the west, southwest or mountain west, you can save on shipping and shipping time by shopping from reputable western retailers.

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Sunday, September 07, 2008

Future Talk on Digital Cameras (wrt Serious/RAWsumers)

Serious Compacts is spotlighting an interesting discussion in the Serious Compacts flickr forums talking about compact and "Serious" compacts in the future. Read all about it and join the discussion at SC!

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Ricoh GX200 vs Lumix LX3 at Plemix

Plemix has an interesting comparison between the Ricoh GX200 and Panasonic LX3. A very visual comparison of the two cameras, with big camera-body close-ups that will make you want to buy them both :-) If you are a cameraholic, exercise caution when viewing the pictures!

One of our favorites was a shot of the view through the optional external viewfinder on the Ricoh. Creative!

This is by no means a dpreview review, but if you are a camera geek you will love it!

Opinion: I don't know what the prices are around the world, but in the US market, perhaps due to limited availability, Ricoh is not as competitive on price. The GX200 is one price-stop more expensive than the LX3, and that's assuming the LX3 remains at $500. We've already seen a temporary teaser $100 pre-order (!) discount at J&R a few days ago, so the LX3 may have a two price-stop advantage.

PS> One price-stop = $100. It's a metric price stop :-)

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