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Sunday, August 17, 2008

RAWsumers dominate the top sellers at MAP Camera in Japan

DigitalCamera.jp has posted their new monthly top sellers list in association with MAP Camera of Japan. This only refers to Map Camera, not the whole Japanese market! But the Map customers sure love their RAWsumers! Here is the computer-translated July Top Sellers.

Among new-in-box models, the Ricoh GX200 leads the way, ahead of DSLRs and non-DSLRs alike! Viva GX-200! This is a new entry at #1 and shows that Ricoh has indeed struck a chord with a specific niche of enthusiastic photographers across the world. Ricoh also holds the #4 spot with the adorable GRD-II, while the Panasonic LX2 is at #5. Not bad, 3 cameras in the Top 10 are RAWsumers, and five DSLRs, and two mid-range compacts.

They also post a Top 20 of Used camera sales, and there we find more RAWsumers, starting with the Ricoh GX-100 Viewfinder kit at #3, and the Foveonesque Sigma DP1 at #5.

While not a RAWsumer, the low-noise reputation of the Fuji F31 is not lost among used camera buyers, as it occupies the #18 slot. The remaining 17 slots are occupied by DSLRs.

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