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Monday, October 27, 2008

RAWsumer Review Stream

Since there is only a small number of RAWsumers of interest out there, we are launching a new on-going post that spotlights these reviews and first impressions.

Mon Oct 27
LX3 and noise, and a new G10 review are the latest updates from the review-o-sphere. For more, check the green blog.

This post features reviews that are not mentioned elsewhere in this blog, although sometimes there may be some overlap.

Wedn Oct 15
A new Canon G10 review, this time at TOP. More on this in the impact review update.

Thur Oct 9
The FZ28 has come out rather quietly, on the heels of the FZ18 rawsumer. But now it has just received a detailed review at Digital Camera Review. And at the same time its price has now reached the previous FZ18 price-point, so one can get it for just over $300, which is not a bad price considering that it has RAW and costs less than most of the other hyperzoom competitors.

And another GX-200 in just a matter of days. Steve's Digicams has reviewed it just today. The GX200 is on special at Adorama at the moment for those in North America.

Mon Oct 6
The Nikon P6000 gets its first review at CNet Asia. More details.

Sun Oct 5
The Ricoh GX-200 has just received a new review at
DCR. Read all about it here.

Thur Oct 2
Zoom! Zoom! The Olympus SP-570uz gets reviewed by Imaging Resource. Their lists of pros and cons are long! But no spoilers here :) Remember this is a camera that uses the "new" 10mp 1/2.33" sensor which a lot of the superzooms have converged upon.

A new review of the Panasonic LX3, this time at Digital-Camera-Review. As usual, no spoilers here!

Sun Sept 28
The speed-demon Casio EX-F1 is getting a brand new review at Steve's Digicams. If you can't wait, page #5 has the conclusions, which as usual we won't reveal.

Mon Sept 22
This was posted earlier on, but we just now noticed it, the PDF Gear Guide has posted their review of the Ricoh Gx200. As always no spoilers here!

And a new LX3 review is out, this time at Camera Labs.

Sat Sept 20
Two more LX3 reviews, at the Imatest-powered Photo Review and at DCI.

Mon Sept 15
We have two new RAWsumer reviews today! First, Photography Blog reviews the FZ28. I'm not sure what prices they are comparing it to, but a 3.5 out of 5 for a camera with RAW, 18x IS, HD video, and selling for just $330? What else do you want for $340? Surely they must be comparing to MSRP!

The second review is of the Fuji S100fs, which is getting a second leash on life with the new reviews coming out. This new review is at Digital Camera Review. Included is an ISO comparison set that goes from 100 to 10,000. Pixel-peep that! :) This quote might be of interest:

Although Fuji's in-camera processing and noise reduction seems to smooth out some fine details at high ISO settings, there is a respectable amount of fine detail even in the images taken at ISO 1600...

Tue Sept 9
While not a RAWsumer, since things are quiet in RAWsumerLand, you may be interested in the Fuji F60fd review by DCR. It would be interesting if Fuji took this sensor/engine and put it in a more advanced camera, whether it retails the F100fd-form factor or brings back the E900 or something new.

Friday Sept 5
After a wave of RAWsumer reviews, we had a quiet period, but now there is more action, with the LX3 tested by DIWA Labs, and TOP publishing part 3 of their on-going Fuji S100fs review.

Friday August 29
We start with a solid first impressions review we noticed via Serious Compacts, of the Ricoh GX-200, at the Wouter 28mm blog. As always, no spoilers here! The author responds to reader questions in the comments section after the GX-200 review, so be sure to ask away if you have any questions or concerns. Fans of b+w pictures will also be thrilled since the sample pictures are b+w.

Earlier On
We have already listed a couple of very recent Fuji S100fs reviews in this post and grouped the current LX3 reviews here.

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