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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Panasonic LX3 daily round-up Part II

Part I of the LX3 Daily Round-up has gotten too long, so now we are starting part II. Be sure to check Part I if you want to catch up with the previous latest updates :)

New updates at Part III
This has grown long enough, so we started Part III with new updates.

Sunday August 31
A traveling photographer spends some quality time with the LX3.

Friday August 29
Red Skies at Night opines on the LX3 and other RAWsumers.

Tuesday August 26
If you missed this be sure to visit and bookmark, an interactive in-forum diary review by Ming Thein in the Panasonic dpreview forum.

New first-look review posted at CNet Asia, discussion here.

Neutral Day reviews the LX3 reviews and notices the Henri-Cartier Bresson references.

Sunday August 24
We have the second Panasonic LX3 review by Lawrence Ripsher. More detailed coverage of the review in its own post.

LightScape points us to the LX3 user manual via Pana-UK.

Meanwhile a current LX2 photographer has had the LX3 for a couple of days, and has posted some early thoughts.

Saturday August 23
"Phooey" is strongly considering the LX3, along with the GX200 and G9.

Friday August 22
The blog is in french, but there are plenty of camera body pictures at the Journal du Geek. Alors!

Thursday August 21
Tempted? A Ricoh GX-series user has a new LX3. Close-ups of the camera body in his flickr pages. Do not look if you are tech-tempted by camera close-ups!

Tuesday August 19
LX3 and the British summer in this dpreview thread and associated gallery.

Neutral Day points us to Phil Askey's LX3 flickr gallery. Yes, the Phil Askey, founder and supreme ruler of dpreview.com is on vacation and taking/posting sample pictures with the LX3. Do I smell a "HR"? :)

But Phil Askey is not the only one running around with an LX3 on flickr! Photographer Ming Szu Liang has posted some of her test LX3 pictures there as well!

Sunday August 17
First few hours and sample pictures with the LX3 have been posted by Lawrence Ripsher! The puppies are so adorable!

Another photographer is happy today! Look at what he got!

Saturday August 16
Some great news, Lawrence Ripsher who has produced some excellent reviews in the past, is planning to review the LX3! This is great! More at Lost in Focus. Also coming up is the Digital Camera Review review (see Friday's update).

Friday August 15
Digital Camera Review has just opened up a flickr gallery for their readers to check out what they've been up to. Among other things there we find a nine picture gallery of LX3 pictures! Hooray!

If you enjoy irresponsible speculation, be sure to check out the latest update at the Small Sensor Diary. Close-up picture of the optional external viewfinder is included!

Wanna see an f2.0 depth of field test shot? Check this picture on flickr.

Neil Duffin's blog rounds up the latest updates.

If you enjoy the DigitalRev videos, be sure to check out their latest LX3 video preview.

Reactions to the Photography Blog LX3 review at the Noisy Blog.

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