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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

As the RAWsumer World Turns (Canon G10? Olympus SP-565uz?)

Welcome to a new game of "RAWsumer or NOT?" The first contestant is the Olympus SP-565uz, which was announced yesterday. This is a camera that fits right in-between the SP-570uz and SP-560uz. We are not 100% sure this is a RAWsumer. While we noticed at three different spec sheets mention RAW, we have not yet seen any mention of RAW anywhere else in the SP-565uz material. So we are keeping a watch on this until we know more.

The second contestant in "RAWsumer or NOT?" is the Canon G10. This time there was a leak, and main specs were listed. Serious Compacts recaps the leak. The camera is expected to have RAW, but it hasn't been announced yet. So it's not officially real. Pop Photo was the only place that leaked this, but Pop Photo doesn't usually post rumors or speculation, so this looks like it is for real. We will wait for the official announcement before declaring it a RAWsumer.

And a couple of RAWsumer reviews
First up, The Online Photographer has started their diary-style Fuji S100fs review by Ctein. Part I is great for the S100fs Bulls, because it points out a lot of the S100fs advantages. Just posted, Part II of the review, including an S6000fd vs S100fs picture comparisons.

And a new S100fs review, this time by one of the "Big Six", at Steve's Digicams.

You can't swing a mouse cord this week without hitting a Panasonic LX3 review. The latest one by Leonard Goh at CNet Asia.

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