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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Another term to consider: System Compacts

Mason Resnick has a write-up at Adorama AIRC talking Photokina-2008, and in one of his posts he defines "System Compacts".

Many different names have been used and devised to describe this segment, some are overlapping, some intersect, some are similar. Some of these names include Serious Compacts, "Power Compacts", "Advanced Compacts", RAWsumers, "bridge cameras", "prosumers", "EVIL", "digital (faux) rangefinders", and such. What else have I left out?

The introduction of Micro Four Thirds is further going to complicate the terminology as "DSLR" in the modern digital era is used (not necessarily correctly) to refer to interchangeable lens cameras. But there are dozens of terminology debates of this in the dpreview forums, we are not trying to repeat them here :)

So where exactly is this disjoined post going? Nowhere, we are simply pointing out that "System Compacts" sounds like a good name that could perhaps encompass Micro Four Thirds since the SLR Traditionalists are not likely going to accept MFT cameras as "DSLRs" unless Olympus puts a mirror somewhere.

Would an external self-portrait mirror qualify them as Reflex? :-)


Juha Haataja said...

The term "system compact" sounds good. But would SC be widely accepted so that even camera-makers would use it? Well, at least it is short and clear.

1001 noisy cameras said...

I think it's hard for any term to be widely accepted. It's like a committee with a million members trying to decide.

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