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NIKON: P7000 P6000
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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

As the RAWsumer World Turns (Canon G10? Olympus SP-565uz?)

Welcome to a new game of "RAWsumer or NOT?" The first contestant is the Olympus SP-565uz, which was announced yesterday. This is a camera that fits right in-between the SP-570uz and SP-560uz. We are not 100% sure this is a RAWsumer. While we noticed at three different spec sheets mention RAW, we have not yet seen any mention of RAW anywhere else in the SP-565uz material. So we are keeping a watch on this until we know more.

The second contestant in "RAWsumer or NOT?" is the Canon G10. This time there was a leak, and main specs were listed. Serious Compacts recaps the leak. The camera is expected to have RAW, but it hasn't been announced yet. So it's not officially real. Pop Photo was the only place that leaked this, but Pop Photo doesn't usually post rumors or speculation, so this looks like it is for real. We will wait for the official announcement before declaring it a RAWsumer.

And a couple of RAWsumer reviews
First up, The Online Photographer has started their diary-style Fuji S100fs review by Ctein. Part I is great for the S100fs Bulls, because it points out a lot of the S100fs advantages. Just posted, Part II of the review, including an S6000fd vs S100fs picture comparisons.

And a new S100fs review, this time by one of the "Big Six", at Steve's Digicams.

You can't swing a mouse cord this week without hitting a Panasonic LX3 review. The latest one by Leonard Goh at CNet Asia.

Read the rest of "As the RAWsumer World Turns (Canon G10? Olympus SP-565uz?)"...

CNet Asia reviews the Panasonic LX3!

It is raining LX3 reviews! Leonard Goh at CNet Asian has posted his First Take review of the LX3. If you can't wait, jump to the conclusions page.

For more on the LX3, check the LX3 Daily Diary and the Ripsher and Thein reviews.

Read the rest of "CNet Asia reviews the Panasonic LX3!"...

Sunday, August 24, 2008

New Panasonic LX3 review by Lawrence Ripsher (and a forum review too!)

Yes, we have the second Panasonic LX3 review! Lawrence Ripspher has just posted a four-part LX3 review on his website! Conclusions are on page #4, but no spoilers here so as not to introduce any bias in the initial reading of the review. The conclusions mention the number of megapixels and the Canon G9, but no spoilers here :)

Reactions to the review
The review was posted just a couple of hours ago, but discussions have already started in the dpreview Panasonic forum. Although early, there are some agreements and disagreements already.

And a preliminary LX3 forum review by Ming Thein
And if you are hungry for more LX3 opinions, you are in luck! Dpreview forum user Ming Thein has posted a preliminary in-forum LX3 review at the Panasonic dpreview forum.

This includes 12 sample pictures as well with in-tact EXIF info for those who want to check the circumstances the pictures were taken. And of course discussion on image quality, noise, handling, and such.

Discussion follows along with requests from forum users for more comparisons and tests!

If you like interactively organic reviews, be sure to check it out!

Read the rest of "New Panasonic LX3 review by Lawrence Ripsher (and a forum review too!)"...

Friday, August 22, 2008

New Sigma DP1 review at Photography Review!

Photography Review has just posted their Sigma DP1 review. As always we won't be commenting on the review in the first few fragile hours of its publication so as not to introduce bias.

But if you are in a hurry to read the conclusions, just search for the word "conclusion" and you will find them quickly. This is a single-page review format which makes it easy to page up and down through the different review segments.

A quick price check at some of the reputable online dealers shows a price of $700 at Amazon, Adorama, and B&H Photo.

The review has been added to the DP1 Review List.

And since we are talking Sigma DP1, mountain photographer Jack Brauer talks why he is moving from the DP1 to the E420.

Read the rest of "New Sigma DP1 review at Photography Review!"...

First review: Panasonic FZ28 at TR

The Panasonic FZ28 hyperzoom RAWzoomer (RAWsumer + superzoom) has just received its first major review! The review is published at UK supersite Trusted Reviews. And unlike most review sites, TR allows users to comment directly on the review pages making it a more interactive experience.

As always we won't reveal the outcome of the review, but if you are in a hurry jump to page #3 of the review and look for the "Verdict" segment.

The FZ28 is available at Amazon. Amazon itself has not started shipping it, but some of the 3rd party retailers there like Vanns of Montana and Abt of Illinois are shipping the FZ28. In fact Vanns offers it for $390 and free shipping.

Update! We just noticed that the silver FZ28s is on sale, even though it is still in pre-order mode at Amazon. The price is down to $365, probably the lowest price by a reputable dealer! Pre-order the silver model at $365.

Reactions to the Review
Lightscape has posted their reactions to the TR review.

A 20+ post thread in the Panasonica dpreview forum dissects the review. There are are some fireworks in that thread as well.

Read the rest of "First review: Panasonic FZ28 at TR"...

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Panasonic LX3 daily round-up Part II

Part I of the LX3 Daily Round-up has gotten too long, so now we are starting part II. Be sure to check Part I if you want to catch up with the previous latest updates :)

New updates at Part III
This has grown long enough, so we started Part III with new updates.

Sunday August 31
A traveling photographer spends some quality time with the LX3.

Friday August 29
Red Skies at Night opines on the LX3 and other RAWsumers.

Tuesday August 26
If you missed this be sure to visit and bookmark, an interactive in-forum diary review by Ming Thein in the Panasonic dpreview forum.

New first-look review posted at CNet Asia, discussion here.

Neutral Day reviews the LX3 reviews and notices the Henri-Cartier Bresson references.

Sunday August 24
We have the second Panasonic LX3 review by Lawrence Ripsher. More detailed coverage of the review in its own post.

LightScape points us to the LX3 user manual via Pana-UK.

Meanwhile a current LX2 photographer has had the LX3 for a couple of days, and has posted some early thoughts.

Saturday August 23
"Phooey" is strongly considering the LX3, along with the GX200 and G9.

Friday August 22
The blog is in french, but there are plenty of camera body pictures at the Journal du Geek. Alors!

Thursday August 21
Tempted? A Ricoh GX-series user has a new LX3. Close-ups of the camera body in his flickr pages. Do not look if you are tech-tempted by camera close-ups!

Tuesday August 19
LX3 and the British summer in this dpreview thread and associated gallery.

Neutral Day points us to Phil Askey's LX3 flickr gallery. Yes, the Phil Askey, founder and supreme ruler of dpreview.com is on vacation and taking/posting sample pictures with the LX3. Do I smell a "HR"? :)

But Phil Askey is not the only one running around with an LX3 on flickr! Photographer Ming Szu Liang has posted some of her test LX3 pictures there as well!

Sunday August 17
First few hours and sample pictures with the LX3 have been posted by Lawrence Ripsher! The puppies are so adorable!

Another photographer is happy today! Look at what he got!

Saturday August 16
Some great news, Lawrence Ripsher who has produced some excellent reviews in the past, is planning to review the LX3! This is great! More at Lost in Focus. Also coming up is the Digital Camera Review review (see Friday's update).

Friday August 15
Digital Camera Review has just opened up a flickr gallery for their readers to check out what they've been up to. Among other things there we find a nine picture gallery of LX3 pictures! Hooray!

If you enjoy irresponsible speculation, be sure to check out the latest update at the Small Sensor Diary. Close-up picture of the optional external viewfinder is included!

Wanna see an f2.0 depth of field test shot? Check this picture on flickr.

Neil Duffin's blog rounds up the latest updates.

If you enjoy the DigitalRev videos, be sure to check out their latest LX3 video preview.

Reactions to the Photography Blog LX3 review at the Noisy Blog.

Read the rest of "Panasonic LX3 daily round-up Part II"...

Monday, August 18, 2008

Panasonic FZ28 Blog Diary starts at Art Zen

Art Zen has a received their brand new Panasonic FZ28 and have started their review diary with the first episode, The Journey Begins. But that's not all, there's plenty of information on the Panasonic FZ18, which is also a RAWsumer!

You can read a discussion of this at the Panasonic dpreview forum.

Read the rest of "Panasonic FZ28 Blog Diary starts at Art Zen"...

Sunday, August 17, 2008

RAWsumers dominate the top sellers at MAP Camera in Japan

DigitalCamera.jp has posted their new monthly top sellers list in association with MAP Camera of Japan. This only refers to Map Camera, not the whole Japanese market! But the Map customers sure love their RAWsumers! Here is the computer-translated July Top Sellers.

Among new-in-box models, the Ricoh GX200 leads the way, ahead of DSLRs and non-DSLRs alike! Viva GX-200! This is a new entry at #1 and shows that Ricoh has indeed struck a chord with a specific niche of enthusiastic photographers across the world. Ricoh also holds the #4 spot with the adorable GRD-II, while the Panasonic LX2 is at #5. Not bad, 3 cameras in the Top 10 are RAWsumers, and five DSLRs, and two mid-range compacts.

They also post a Top 20 of Used camera sales, and there we find more RAWsumers, starting with the Ricoh GX-100 Viewfinder kit at #3, and the Foveonesque Sigma DP1 at #5.

While not a RAWsumer, the low-noise reputation of the Fuji F31 is not lost among used camera buyers, as it occupies the #18 slot. The remaining 17 slots are occupied by DSLRs.

Read the rest of "RAWsumers dominate the top sellers at MAP Camera in Japan"...

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Another term to consider: System Compacts

Mason Resnick has a write-up at Adorama AIRC talking Photokina-2008, and in one of his posts he defines "System Compacts".

Many different names have been used and devised to describe this segment, some are overlapping, some intersect, some are similar. Some of these names include Serious Compacts, "Power Compacts", "Advanced Compacts", RAWsumers, "bridge cameras", "prosumers", "EVIL", "digital (faux) rangefinders", and such. What else have I left out?

The introduction of Micro Four Thirds is further going to complicate the terminology as "DSLR" in the modern digital era is used (not necessarily correctly) to refer to interchangeable lens cameras. But there are dozens of terminology debates of this in the dpreview forums, we are not trying to repeat them here :)

So where exactly is this disjoined post going? Nowhere, we are simply pointing out that "System Compacts" sounds like a good name that could perhaps encompass Micro Four Thirds since the SLR Traditionalists are not likely going to accept MFT cameras as "DSLRs" unless Olympus puts a mirror somewhere.

Would an external self-portrait mirror qualify them as Reflex? :-)

Read the rest of "Another term to consider: System Compacts"...

Friday, August 15, 2008

Ricoh GX200 Review List

The GX-200 was announced in June 2008, and it's Ricoh's second attempt at an advanced wide-angle compact starting at 24mm. Because it's so new, we don't have as many reviews. If you have seen any other reviews or first impressions that you think should be included here, please let us know!

The review list has moved to the new integrated Compact Cameras Review organizer, where you can traverse reviews of various digital cameras from a single interface.

Group AGroup BGroup C
Steve's Digicams
Trusted Reviews
Alpha Mount World
Wouter (first impressions)
PDN Gear Guide
Think Camera
Photography Blog

Read the rest of "Ricoh GX200 Review List"...

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Mythical Canon G10 is highly anticipated, Canon give us breadcrumbs please!

CanonRumors.com has a Canon speculation round-up and there they cover speculation on a potential G10, and what they call a "GSi" which could perhaps be using a larger CMOS sensor. Larger than the usual 1/1.7"-1/1.8" that has been customary in the G-series so far. Do note that this is rumors and speculation. Canon, please leak something!!!

Light Scrape does some calendar work and says that perhaps the next G-series is getting close.

There are rumors of announcements coming up after the Olympics are over, so we could see waves and waves of announcements the week after the Beijing Olys are over.

If you missed it, be sure to check out this G10 predictions thread at the Serious Compacts flickr discussion group. 39 posts and growing!

Read the rest of "Mythical Canon G10 is highly anticipated, Canon give us breadcrumbs please!"...

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Sigma DP1 Review List

As mentioned earlier, we are starting review lists for RAWsumers, using a similar organizational format as used on the DSLRMap.

The goal of this three-column format is to provide the reader with more diverse opinions on a digital camera. If of course you plan on reading every review, then it doesn't matter. We recommend reading at least one review from each column. Do note that this is an organizational grouping, not a review evaluation.

Newer updates will be posted at the new, integrated, Sigma DP1 review cluster at the Camera Review Organizer at the main blog.

Group AGroup BGroup C
Imaging Resource
dpreview (Lars)
Luminous Landscape
Digital Outback
The Online Photographer
SeriousCompacts Shootout
Said Karlsson
Photo Shelter blog
French Guys
Photography Review
Camera Labs
Trusted Reviews
Pop Photo
Photography Blog
Let's Go Digital
PhotoReview AU
Think Camera
Pocket Lint
Good Gear Guide
Akihabara News

Sigma DP1 resources

Read the rest of "Sigma DP1 Review List"...

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Panasonic FZ28 starting to ship (Vanns on Amazon)

If you look at the FZ28K page at Amazon, you will notice that reputable 3rd party seller Vanns of Montana has the Panasonic FZ28K in-stock, ready to ship, at $390 (a $10 discount), no sales tax, and free shipping and handling! This is only for the K-model, which is the black finish, which is in general more popular than the shiny silver model, the S-model.

Here is a direct link to the Vann's store page at Amazon.

The FZ28 was just recently announced, and continues on the FZ8 and FZ18 tradition of bringing RAW to the 1/2.5"-1/2.3" Panasonic superzooms.

Read the rest of "Panasonic FZ28 starting to ship (Vanns on Amazon)"...

Panasonic LX3 daily round-up

Since there's enough interest in the LX3, we are starting an on-going daily round-up on new things of LX3 interest!

Wedn August 13
LX3 and RAW converters. Discussion in the Adobe Forums.

She's here! She's here! A dpreview forum user has received his LX3. Discussion in the dpreview Panasonica forums.

Tuesday August 12: The first full review!
Mark at Pho-Blog has just posted one of the most highly anticipated camera-reviews of this season, the Panasonic Lumix LX3 review! Enjoy!!!

Small Sensor Diary has an LX3 round-up, including a link to a full-size ISO 1600 picture. Start your pixel-peeping engines! How does it look? SSD also points us to a flickr gallery of LX3 pictures!

Sunday August 10
More pictures from Korea discussed in this Panasonic dpreview thread.

Macro and high ISO shots from China courtesy of the Panasonic dpreview forum.

This is an older thread, but it's an indicator of the thirst for improved RAWsumers: Canon G10 vs LX3. Of course very few outside Canon and the NDAers know much about the G10, but that won't stop the debates!

Saturday August 9
Bob Atkins recaps and opines the LX3 on his website.

Friday August 8
Now that the Micro Four Thirds and P6000 dust has settled, we have a a few more LX3 updates!

Lightscape shares their thoughts on the new crop of cameras, and the potential of Micro Four Thirds.

Neutral Day points us to LX3 sample images and tackles ISO 3200.

Meanwhile, the SC forums discussion on the LX3 continues!

Saturday August 2nd
Serious Compacts asks the big question: Can the LX3 be considered the leader in low light among existing compacts? They provide lots of links to example pictures to evaluate.

And a 50+ post discussion on the LX3 is under way at the Serious Compacts Flickr Group. A must read for those interested in the LX3!

Friday August 1st
A great round-up on the latest happenings from the LX3 World at Serious Compacts. Is there hope for Venus IV? Read on to find out!

Korean forum Popco.net has posted sample pictures. Check them out along with the discussion via the dpreview Panasonic forum.

Thursday July 31
A great discussion on the potential of a Leica D-Lux 4 version at the Leica D-Lux 3 Flickr group. An interesting read it!

The Panasonic LX3 gets a pop-culture reference in an article at SFGate.com not related to digital cameras or photography.

Brand new blog DCUser.net assembles some of the best of the LX3 in their latest post, including a photodiode diagram (LX2 vs LX3), and a handful of sample pictures, including a couple of full ISO range tests.

The "Doonster" opines on the LX3 and the megapixel race in his latest blog post.

Wedn July 30
Thinking about the LX3? So are some of the forum users at dyxum.com.

Tuesday July 29
CNet Australia had a date with the LX3. During their date, they showcased the 3:2 vs 4:3 vs 16:9 feature of the LX3. They picked a good landscape shot to showcase this, so be sure to check it out. The sample shots are not full size however. CNet stresses that this is not the final firmware. They also mention that Panasonic claims that it does better noise-wise than the Canon G9. *cough* *cough*

Previous Week Highlights

Read the rest of "Panasonic LX3 daily round-up"...

Sunday, August 10, 2008

New RAWsumer blog feature: Review Lists

Regular readers may be familiar with the overcrowded review matrix pages at the Noisy blog. It sounded like a good idea to put all the cameras and all the reviews in one page, but there are so many new cameras, that the page becomes way too long, and it gets harder to find individual cameras without paging up and down like crazy.

So, we are going to be breaking down the Power Compacts Review Matrix into pieces and create individual pages for each RAWsumer. All the cameras that fall under the RAWsumer umbrella will be featured in this blog. The format will be simple, and very similar to the 3-column organization scheme we use at DSLRMap, using our "secret" organizational formula. Almost as secret as the KFC recipe :)

You will see them start springing up in the next few days, and they will all be summarized in one of the sidebars under a single heading. That way you can quickly and easily open up the review page of each camera you are interested in researching.

If you have any suggestions or recommendations please let us know!

Read the rest of "New RAWsumer blog feature: Review Lists"...

Friday, August 08, 2008

Panasonic FZ50 in-stock at B&H Photo for $440

Attention RAWsumer shoppers! We have a Lumix light special at B&H Photo! Panasonic's 2006 RAWzoomer (RAWsumer + superzoom) FZ-50 is back in-stock and at the reasonable price of $440.

A discussion of this in-stock celebration is taking place at the Panasonic dpreview forum.

Read the rest of "Panasonic FZ50 in-stock at B&H Photo for $440"...

Thursday, August 07, 2008

New semi-RAWsumer, the Nikon Coolpix P6000 (updated)

Nikon has added the 10th RAWsumer of 2008! Yes, RAWsumer fans, this is the first time since the year 2005 that we had a double-digit number of RAWsumers introduced in a year. Although the Sigma DP1 and Casio EX-F1 were pre-announced in 2006 and 2007 respectively.

Never-the-less, the Nikon P6000 which was rumored is now official!

Update on Friday!: If you are just now catching up, be sure to read this first: Luminous Landscape has a new update on the P6000 situation, rounding up the criticism of the "crippled RAW" capability, including quotes from forum comments, T. Knoll and T. Hogan.

So to summarize for everyone who is just now coming in, the Nikon P6000 has RAW, but the only way to access it is through Windows and ViewNX. Can't use any of the "advanced" RAW processing software or Macs whatsoever! Maybe Nikon is planning its own demise iPod? :-)

We are now downgrading the Nikon P6000 to a "semi-RAWsumer"! At the risk of sounding dramatic,


The P6000 in a nutshell
This new RAWsumer has RAW in the form of Nikon NRW, a 13.5-megapixel 1/1.7" sensor, a hot-shoe, built-in GPS (and ethernet port too!), along with a lens that starts at 28mm wide, which is music to the ears of wide-angle fans. The starting price is $500, and Amazon is taking pre-orders. No shipping date is given.

P6000 reactions in the blogosphere
So what are people saying about the P6000? Let's take a look at the blogs and at the forums!

Serious Compacts summarizes the new P6000, and a very lively discussion in the comments section, as some people just don't care for it, while others think it's a promising camera to check out. What do you think? Opine in the SeriousCompacts comment section.

The Imaging Insider points us to a blog asking whether the P6000 is a G9-killah.

The "Moose" notes that the P6000 is worth noting.

Incidentally, the P6000 has jumped all the way to the #1 spot in the Movers and Shakers category at the Great River. Obviously on the strength of pre-orders.

It's raining Nikons says the Megapixel.net blog. Yes, Megapixel has started running a blog in parallel with their reviewing site.

Multiple views of the camera body at Photography Press UK.

Blogger Neil Duffin opines on the P6000 and possible future Nikon rawsumers.

More opinions on the P6000 at Transpart Agenda!

P6000 reactions in the forums
We start at the SC Forums, where we read the initial reactions after the official announcement news broke out.

And with so many new RAWsumers and mid-range compacts coming out this year, is this the year of the Serious Compact?

But not all is well in RAWville. There is a long dpreview discussion trying to decipher exactly what kind of RAW format is Nikon offering with the P6000. This is very disappointing if it remains so, and if this is a sign of future-arrogance from Nikon, Canon is going to leap-frog all over them again. Sort of like the battle between good and evil, whoever is #1 is evil and whoever is #2 is evil. Orwell was writing about SLRs after all ;-)

In fact, Nikon expert Thom Hogan has an extended write-up on his site about this situation. He summarizes the RAWness of it all. Do note that his front page does not have links to individual posts, so if you are reading it a few days/weeks later, you have to hunt for the post on his site.

As you may recall, Nikon did silly things like that before, like not including RAW with one of the 5x00 cameras, and then later offering it via a firmware update. It was either the 5400 or 5000, can't remember! In fact that may be the only "RAWsumer" via firmware upgrade. But I digress.

But the beat goes on, and one dpreview forum user has spotted official P6000 sample images.

Needless to say, the whole RAW situation magnified the opinions on this camera, and we have plenty, from No P6000 for me to Give the P6000 a chance.

We could spend the whole night talking about the dpreview forums, here are the rest of the discussions, in the Nikon Talk forum.

The Nikonians forums are members only, so we can't have reactions from there...

A long P6000 discussion in in-play at the Nikon Cafe. Jazz music not included!

And if all these stuff is giving you a headache, help this forum user find a name for his puppy!

Update on Friday

Read the rest of "New semi-RAWsumer, the Nikon Coolpix P6000 (updated)"...

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Will Micro Four Thirds kill the RAWsumers?

The surprise launch of Micro Four Thirds poses an interesting existential question for RAWsumers. Will it kill them?

For new readers, we define RAWsumers to be fixed lens digital cameras that support RAW natively. (Cameras with CHKD or other hacks, we call quasi-RAWsumers).

The Ricoh quartet (GR/GX), Panasonic LX3 and other Lumixes, Canon G9, the lead Fuji, have been leading a mini-renaissance of the RAWsumer. However, a number of people were attracted to RAWsumers because of their small size compared to DSLRs. The availability of smaller "Micro Four Thirds" with interchangeable lenses may cause a number of these people to "move" to this new format instead of going for cameras like the GX200, LX3, or G9.

Granted, very little is known about Micro Four Thirds at the moment, and we still don't know what the "Big Boys" will do. Will Canon and Nikon resurrect rangefinder formats from the past? Will they attempt a micro-format of their own? Or will they attack this segment with smaller more advanced cameras, perhaps having APS-C/DX size sensors. As you know, APS-C/DX sensors (1.5x wrt to 35mmff) are larger than Four Thirds (2x wrt to 35mm).

So in theory, the name brand recognition and the larger sensors, may be enough for Canon and Nikon to prevent Micro Four Thirds from expanding beyond the realm of Oly-Panasonic.

But, ultimately it is up to the buyers. If the Micro Four Thirds cameras are nicely designed, not crippled, flexible, versatile, interchangeable, and reasonably priced, they may be irresistible, especially to the photographers who have been waiting for years for something like that!

If you are a photography book writer, you better start writing a street photography book :-)

More Opinions on this
The Doonster tries to balance the "sky is falling" vs "dead end" comments made across the internets.

A detailed look at what we know so far about Micro Four Thirds and its potential impact on Serious Compacts at Serious Compacts.

Read the rest of "Will Micro Four Thirds kill the RAWsumers?"...

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