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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Tour de Canon G9 via Adorama

Interested in the Canon G9, but want to have a closer (virtual) look? Well, today is your lucky day :) Mason Resnick has produced a Canon G9 Guided Tour for Adorama Imaging Resource Center! This comprises of text, pictures of the camera, and pictures from the camera. There is no multimedia, no video, no audio to distract. The tour guide goes through both the buttons on all sides of the camera, and also some of the many menus. Also talks about the operation of the camera and has a field report!

The Canon G9 is currently available at Adorama for $500 with free shipping. It looks like G9 supply is shrinking at the moment, and following the laws of supply and demand, the discounts are shrinking and the prices are going up.

And since we are talking G-series, the Light Description blog has a speculation and predictions on potential Canon G10 and G11. For the speed readers out there, please note that speculation and predictions are not the same thing as rumors.

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