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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Rumor: Is the Nikon P6000 with RAW real?

We saw chatter of this on Google, but swamped with the Nikon D700 announcement, we didn't investigate. But then we were pleasantly surprised when we checked Serious Compacts, and saw talk of a hot new rumor about a new Nikon RAWsumer, the Coolpix P6000!

This just hours after we talked about Thom Hogan's comments on the lack of RAW among Coolpix models.

The giant leak is at Fred Miranda's forums, and it is also discussed at the Nikon dpreview forums.

Also discussed by Luminous Landscapes which typically doesn't deal with rumoralia, but this camera caught their attention.

Be sure to check the aforementioned websites for all the rumor-details! This camera appears to be using a 28-112mm lens, has RAW, and uses the 1/1.7" 14-megapixel sensor found so far in the Sony W300.

In typical Sony fashion, the first 1/1.7" (1/1.8") sensors appear in Sony cameras, and later on they are made available to the other major digital camera manufacturers.

PS> This post had made it to the Traffic Jam Photography Top Ten. Thank you BlogJam readers and users!

Update on August 7: The P6000 is now officially announced by Nikon, and it is a real product coming at $500. This rumor was right on the money with the specs!

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