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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Roundup: Three new RAWsumers from Panasonic!

Year to date, we only had five new RAWsumers, out of 120+ digital cameras by the major digital camera manufacturers. However, this number got a significant boost today, as Panasonic make one of the most loaded digital camera announcements of the year with three of the four cameras announced supporting RAW natively.

Good job Lumixonic! This boosts the number of RAWsumers in 2008 to eight. We have added the three new Panasonics to the List of RAWsumers (2002 to 2008).

For all the details on these three cameras be sure to check the 1001 Noisy Cameras blog. We don't want to repeat everything here. It would be slightly redundant. But here is a quick summary:

  1. The jewel of the crown, the Panasonic LX3, with a 10mp 1/1.63" sensor, 24-60mm f2-2.8 MegaOIS Leica lens, RAW, hot-shoe, Venus Engine IV, and lots more!
  2. The FZ18 gets a new friend, the FZ28, which continues with RAW and an 18X MegaOIS lens starting at 27mm
  3. The Panasonic FX150, which introduces the FX-series of Panasonics to RAW! The previous models, such as the FX100 of 2007 and the FX500 of 2008 did not support RAW. The FX150 starts at 28mm, but features the new 15-megapixel 1/1.72" sensor. Ouch!

All three cameras include the SilkyPix Developer Studio, which is a good way to get newcomers to RAW started right away, out of the box if you like.

This looks promising on paper, and we hope that these cameras will deliver reasonable close to the expectations set by today's announcement. Most specifically of course the LX3.

What else should one expect in terms of RAWsumers this year? Check our Photokina 2008 RAWsumer speculations.

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