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Monday, July 14, 2008

RAWsumers rule the world at MAP Camera in Japan

Map Camera stores in Japan appear to be magnets for RAWsumer and advanced photographers, as evidenced by yet another monthly top sellers list posted at digitalcamera.jp (computer-translated). Here is the direct link, also computer-translated, to the May 2008 top sellers list.

There we see the RAWsumer Panasonic LX2 at #1, a sign that at least one follow-up will be coming up, since this camera has a strong following, at least with one segment of the buying public, in Japan! The adorable Ricoh GRD II is actually #2, showing that people will buy them if they are built (hint-hint other manufacturers).

The rest of the top ten is dominated by DSLRs, with the exception of the ten spot (not MTV's ten spot) where we find the RAWsumer-should-have-been (we'll never say "should of") Nikon P5100. But if the rumors are true Nikon maybe rejoining the RAWsumer party with a possible Coolpix P6000 with wide-angle, hot-shoe, RAW and things like that.

The Used
Map Camera also lists a top 20 of used camera sales, and there we find a few RAWsumers as well, including the Ricoh GR-D I and II, GX100, Canon G9 and G7, Shiguma DP1, and the RAWzoomers Panasonic FZ50 and FZ18, along with the "old" Canon Pro 1. Remember the 8mp 2/3" sensor? That's the one! Now we are sadly getting 9mp in 1/2.5" sensors. Yikes!

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