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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

RAWsumer Talk in the forums

Let's take a look at what's happening in the RAWsumer world among the dpreview forum users!

From the world of crafty and DIY, here is a Sigma DP1 DIY panohead. Now with three colors :)

Some veteran forum users have some good ideas for future Ricoh cameras. They are talking about making a photographer's camera, which usually gets the sniveling accountants and marketeers look the other way.

Time to practice your spanish or start learning! Quesabesde has posted a Ricoh GX200 tests and the Ricoh forum is discussing it. Que pasa Ricoh GX200? :)

Considering the absence of a strong field of new RAWsumers from the major manufacturers, some of the older camera are aging like wine and finding their own micro-niche. One such case is the Sony R1, and here is an R1-themed discussion.

Pictures taken with RAWsumers and discussed in the forums
It's always an exciting day, your first day with a new digital camera! See a few sample pictures this forum user took with his new Panasonic LX2.

Now let's see some pictures taken by RAWsumers and posted by the dpreview forum users in their respective forums. We start with two time-lapses created with the Fuji S100fs and presented with Vimeo.

Recent RAWsumer reviews
Steve's Digicams has recently posted a review of the Olympus SP-570uz. Olympus should be applauded for finally smelling the roses and adding RAW to the SP-570uz. So what did Steve find out? Well, we won't spoil it here. Some people seem to think that Steve may not be as "harsh" on cameras as some other sites, but that's why we like diversity in the digital camera reviewers and review sites, so we can get a wide-angle of opinions :)

At Photography is Fun we find a review of the history of the Canon G-series digital cameras, a number of which were RAWsumers, with the GINO (G7) being a notable exception.

There's a Casio EX-F1 review on the horizon! DCI just received their review copy and have posted slo-mo video samples. Matchbox cars were hurt during the filming of that test :) A review will follow-up in the next few days.

We forgot to mention the Ricoh GRD II review by UK supersite Trusted Reviews!

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