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Friday, July 18, 2008

New Fuji S100fs reviews and reactions

Last month we spotlighted the Fuji S100fs vs DSLR thread, now we have a new S100fs review to talk about! The latest review has been posted at Photography Blog. As always, we won't be revealing the conclusions or the outcome of the review, but if you are in a hurry, jump to page six of the review!

But wait, there's more! Update!!! This just in, Jeff Keller at DC Resource has posted his long-awaited Fuji S100fs review! As always, we won't spoil the conclusions here, you have to jump to the bottom of the review to read them :) Enjoy!

Fuji S100fs talk in the forums
So what do the Fuji current and potential users think of the S100fs right now? Let's take a look at the Fuji Talk forum at dpreview.

Start the coffee pot for this thread. Almost 100 messages in response to a question on whether one should buy the S100fs or a different model.

In another thread, a forum user makes the case that the S100fs is becoming a hard sell. Of course not everyone agrees with that, and a debate ensues as usual.

One thread has information that might be of interest to people photographing weddings or interesting in various settings. It starts as wedding metering, and then continues in various tangents.

One user asks, "can you shoot tethered?" Read on to find out the answer!

If you want to see lots of pictures taken with the S100fs and read the discussion thereof, be sure to check the Texas Barrington Farm thread.

For a lot more discussions on the S100fs, be sure to check the Fuji SLR Talk forum.

Other Fuji S100fs reviews
Apart from Pho Blog mentioned above, other reviewers have also taken a stab at the S100fs. Here are some of them:

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