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Friday, July 25, 2008

Everybody wants to review a RAWsumer this week

This was a great week for RAWsumer reviews, as we have seen a number of them posted and discussed around the net.

We start with the Fuji giantsumer, the S100fs, getting a review at Neo Camera. NeoCamera has one of the coolest templates among the camera review sites. As always we won't be revealing the outcome of the reviews, for two main reasons: 1) avoid spoilers 2) avoid injecting bias in the fragile initial readings.

Next up, we have Pocket Lint reviewing a pre-production unit of the just announced Panasonic LX3. This doesn't really count as a "real review" since it is based on the pre-production model and written by Spartans, but any new info we can get on the LX3 is good enough right now!

And speaking of the LX3, Hardware Zone has posted a full range of ISO samples, going from ISO 80 to 3200. The subject was Hong Kong from Victoria Peak.

Next we have David Pogue of the New York Times adding a video review to his Casio EX-F1 "time machine". Link to the review via the Imaging Insider. The review was discussed by MJ at The Online Photographer and at Serious Compacts.

But the Time Lord of the New York Times was not the only one taking a stab at the Ex-F1 this week. Digital Camera Info has posted their own review as well. Find out what Steve Morgenstern found out in his review.

As always, no spoilers here :)


Juha Haataja said...

Thanks for the link to LX3 high-ISO samples.

1001 noisy cameras said...

You are welcome! Thanks for the great comments in the blog!

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