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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Tour de Canon G9 via Adorama

Interested in the Canon G9, but want to have a closer (virtual) look? Well, today is your lucky day :) Mason Resnick has produced a Canon G9 Guided Tour for Adorama Imaging Resource Center! This comprises of text, pictures of the camera, and pictures from the camera. There is no multimedia, no video, no audio to distract. The tour guide goes through both the buttons on all sides of the camera, and also some of the many menus. Also talks about the operation of the camera and has a field report!

The Canon G9 is currently available at Adorama for $500 with free shipping. It looks like G9 supply is shrinking at the moment, and following the laws of supply and demand, the discounts are shrinking and the prices are going up.

And since we are talking G-series, the Light Description blog has a speculation and predictions on potential Canon G10 and G11. For the speed readers out there, please note that speculation and predictions are not the same thing as rumors.

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Monday, July 28, 2008

Wild rumors: Three fixed-lens cameras with APS-C sensors coming up?

This dpreview forum thread says that the original poster was told by "peeps" at a camera store that not one, not two, but three APS-C digital cameras were coming from Canon, Nikon and ...Leica. For more, be sure to check the thread.

Again, please treat these as rumors, since it is based on multiple degrees of separation from the original source. But it would certainly be nice and interesting and fun if it were to happen!

The RAWsumer renaissance will be upon us??? Three of them? Oh my! How would they be received? What impact would they have on the DSLR market? Would they get versatile lenses or specialty lenses? Would the SLR traditionalists intentionally limit them or cripple them so as to "protect" their DSLR sales? So many questions!!!

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Friday, July 25, 2008

Everybody wants to review a RAWsumer this week

This was a great week for RAWsumer reviews, as we have seen a number of them posted and discussed around the net.

We start with the Fuji giantsumer, the S100fs, getting a review at Neo Camera. NeoCamera has one of the coolest templates among the camera review sites. As always we won't be revealing the outcome of the reviews, for two main reasons: 1) avoid spoilers 2) avoid injecting bias in the fragile initial readings.

Next up, we have Pocket Lint reviewing a pre-production unit of the just announced Panasonic LX3. This doesn't really count as a "real review" since it is based on the pre-production model and written by Spartans, but any new info we can get on the LX3 is good enough right now!

And speaking of the LX3, Hardware Zone has posted a full range of ISO samples, going from ISO 80 to 3200. The subject was Hong Kong from Victoria Peak.

Next we have David Pogue of the New York Times adding a video review to his Casio EX-F1 "time machine". Link to the review via the Imaging Insider. The review was discussed by MJ at The Online Photographer and at Serious Compacts.

But the Time Lord of the New York Times was not the only one taking a stab at the Ex-F1 this week. Digital Camera Info has posted their own review as well. Find out what Steve Morgenstern found out in his review.

As always, no spoilers here :)

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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A chance to win a Ricoh GX200 from Photography Blog

We are a poor blog so we can't be offering free cameras, but Photography Blog can! They will be having a random drawing among all their newsletter subscribers on August 1st. The lucky winner will win a brand new Ricoh GX200. All you have to do is be or become an email subscriber of Photography Blog and you are entered in the competition. Check the aforementioned website for all the details!

The winner will not only get the Ricoh GX200 but also the optional external viewfinder!

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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Panasonic LX3: 33 new sample photos at Photography Blog

Photography Blog has just posted a 33-picture sample gallery, with pictures taken with the Panasonic LX3!

These are real-world pictures, not studio test shot, or test charts! They were taken with a pre-production LX3, not the final model by the way. These are from the Panasonic event in Monaco. The website does mention that per Panasonic, the pre-production sample pictures posted are to be no "longer" than 640 pixels.

But it would be interesting to see how the neo-Venus engine and modest sensor with large photodiodes would handle a picture like this!

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Roundup: Three new RAWsumers from Panasonic!

Year to date, we only had five new RAWsumers, out of 120+ digital cameras by the major digital camera manufacturers. However, this number got a significant boost today, as Panasonic make one of the most loaded digital camera announcements of the year with three of the four cameras announced supporting RAW natively.

Good job Lumixonic! This boosts the number of RAWsumers in 2008 to eight. We have added the three new Panasonics to the List of RAWsumers (2002 to 2008).

For all the details on these three cameras be sure to check the 1001 Noisy Cameras blog. We don't want to repeat everything here. It would be slightly redundant. But here is a quick summary:

  1. The jewel of the crown, the Panasonic LX3, with a 10mp 1/1.63" sensor, 24-60mm f2-2.8 MegaOIS Leica lens, RAW, hot-shoe, Venus Engine IV, and lots more!
  2. The FZ18 gets a new friend, the FZ28, which continues with RAW and an 18X MegaOIS lens starting at 27mm
  3. The Panasonic FX150, which introduces the FX-series of Panasonics to RAW! The previous models, such as the FX100 of 2007 and the FX500 of 2008 did not support RAW. The FX150 starts at 28mm, but features the new 15-megapixel 1/1.72" sensor. Ouch!

All three cameras include the SilkyPix Developer Studio, which is a good way to get newcomers to RAW started right away, out of the box if you like.

This looks promising on paper, and we hope that these cameras will deliver reasonable close to the expectations set by today's announcement. Most specifically of course the LX3.

What else should one expect in terms of RAWsumers this year? Check our Photokina 2008 RAWsumer speculations.

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Monday, July 21, 2008

Ten things I like about the new Panasonic LX3

The Panasonic LX3 was officially announced today by Panasonic, and it has already generated a lot of buzz and excitement among the world of photographers, especially the ones interested in this particular segment of the market.

So here are ten things like about the Panasonic LX3 - on paper of course :)

  1. A 24-60mm f2-2.8 bright lens that trades off more light over zoom reach
  2. Moderation in number of megapixels - "only" 10-megapixels on the new 1/1.63" sensor (okay, it's an 11mp sensor with 10mp effective
  3. Allegedly bigger photodiodes compared to the LX2 sensor that will increase sensitivity and range
  4. RAW with SilkyPix included
  5. Venus Engine IV - The New Hope!
  6. Hot-shoe
  7. starts at 24mm wide!
  8. optional 18mm wide converter available
  9. reasonable 380 CIPA battery life number (higher if f2.0 lens makes flash unnecessary)
  10. reasonable $500 starting price

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Friday, July 18, 2008

New Fuji S100fs reviews and reactions

Last month we spotlighted the Fuji S100fs vs DSLR thread, now we have a new S100fs review to talk about! The latest review has been posted at Photography Blog. As always, we won't be revealing the conclusions or the outcome of the review, but if you are in a hurry, jump to page six of the review!

But wait, there's more! Update!!! This just in, Jeff Keller at DC Resource has posted his long-awaited Fuji S100fs review! As always, we won't spoil the conclusions here, you have to jump to the bottom of the review to read them :) Enjoy!

Fuji S100fs talk in the forums
So what do the Fuji current and potential users think of the S100fs right now? Let's take a look at the Fuji Talk forum at dpreview.

Start the coffee pot for this thread. Almost 100 messages in response to a question on whether one should buy the S100fs or a different model.

In another thread, a forum user makes the case that the S100fs is becoming a hard sell. Of course not everyone agrees with that, and a debate ensues as usual.

One thread has information that might be of interest to people photographing weddings or interesting in various settings. It starts as wedding metering, and then continues in various tangents.

One user asks, "can you shoot tethered?" Read on to find out the answer!

If you want to see lots of pictures taken with the S100fs and read the discussion thereof, be sure to check the Texas Barrington Farm thread.

For a lot more discussions on the S100fs, be sure to check the Fuji SLR Talk forum.

Other Fuji S100fs reviews
Apart from Pho Blog mentioned above, other reviewers have also taken a stab at the S100fs. Here are some of them:

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Monday, July 14, 2008

RAWsumers rule the world at MAP Camera in Japan

Map Camera stores in Japan appear to be magnets for RAWsumer and advanced photographers, as evidenced by yet another monthly top sellers list posted at digitalcamera.jp (computer-translated). Here is the direct link, also computer-translated, to the May 2008 top sellers list.

There we see the RAWsumer Panasonic LX2 at #1, a sign that at least one follow-up will be coming up, since this camera has a strong following, at least with one segment of the buying public, in Japan! The adorable Ricoh GRD II is actually #2, showing that people will buy them if they are built (hint-hint other manufacturers).

The rest of the top ten is dominated by DSLRs, with the exception of the ten spot (not MTV's ten spot) where we find the RAWsumer-should-have-been (we'll never say "should of") Nikon P5100. But if the rumors are true Nikon maybe rejoining the RAWsumer party with a possible Coolpix P6000 with wide-angle, hot-shoe, RAW and things like that.

The Used
Map Camera also lists a top 20 of used camera sales, and there we find a few RAWsumers as well, including the Ricoh GR-D I and II, GX100, Canon G9 and G7, Shiguma DP1, and the RAWzoomers Panasonic FZ50 and FZ18, along with the "old" Canon Pro 1. Remember the 8mp 2/3" sensor? That's the one! Now we are sadly getting 9mp in 1/2.5" sensors. Yikes!

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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

RAWsumer Talk in the forums

Let's take a look at what's happening in the RAWsumer world among the dpreview forum users!

From the world of crafty and DIY, here is a Sigma DP1 DIY panohead. Now with three colors :)

Some veteran forum users have some good ideas for future Ricoh cameras. They are talking about making a photographer's camera, which usually gets the sniveling accountants and marketeers look the other way.

Time to practice your spanish or start learning! Quesabesde has posted a Ricoh GX200 tests and the Ricoh forum is discussing it. Que pasa Ricoh GX200? :)

Considering the absence of a strong field of new RAWsumers from the major manufacturers, some of the older camera are aging like wine and finding their own micro-niche. One such case is the Sony R1, and here is an R1-themed discussion.

Pictures taken with RAWsumers and discussed in the forums
It's always an exciting day, your first day with a new digital camera! See a few sample pictures this forum user took with his new Panasonic LX2.

Now let's see some pictures taken by RAWsumers and posted by the dpreview forum users in their respective forums. We start with two time-lapses created with the Fuji S100fs and presented with Vimeo.

Recent RAWsumer reviews
Steve's Digicams has recently posted a review of the Olympus SP-570uz. Olympus should be applauded for finally smelling the roses and adding RAW to the SP-570uz. So what did Steve find out? Well, we won't spoil it here. Some people seem to think that Steve may not be as "harsh" on cameras as some other sites, but that's why we like diversity in the digital camera reviewers and review sites, so we can get a wide-angle of opinions :)

At Photography is Fun we find a review of the history of the Canon G-series digital cameras, a number of which were RAWsumers, with the GINO (G7) being a notable exception.

There's a Casio EX-F1 review on the horizon! DCI just received their review copy and have posted slo-mo video samples. Matchbox cars were hurt during the filming of that test :) A review will follow-up in the next few days.

We forgot to mention the Ricoh GRD II review by UK supersite Trusted Reviews!

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Sunday, July 06, 2008

Casio EX-F1 gets reviewed by Pop Photo

Photography magazine and website Popular Photography and Imaging has just posted the free online version of their Casio EX-F1 review. The EX-F1 has machine-gun (no, not the Portishead song) speed and can capture images at really crazy fps. It uses a 6mp 1/1.8" Sony sensor and has a 12x optical zoom lens with image stabilization. This review was already available in the June 2008 print and digital edition of the magazine available for buyers and subscribers.

We have three more posts on the Casio EX-F1 here at RAWsumer.

And a reminder, you can't buy the Casio EX-F1 online. It is only available by phone or for in-person purchase at a store. This is a strange decision by Casio, perhaps explained by low availability and fear of impulse internet buys with a high percentage of returns? Who knows?

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Friday, July 04, 2008

Blog template update has been completed

Dear Readers,

As we mentioned a few days ago we are now starting to upgrade the RAWsumer blog to a new template! This is a template we are familiar with, so it should be breezy. But with technology everything is possible, so we may run into some issues.

If you do, you can always read the blog text with your favorite news-reader by checking our RSS feed, which is compatible with both RSS and Atom thanks to Feedburner.

This will be updated once the new template is installed.

Update #1: The new template with three columns has been installed. The next steps are fine-tuning it, and then re-organizing the two sidebars. If you have any feedback or suggestions, please leave them in the comments right below! We promise we won't cry if you don't like it :)

Update #2: The two columns (sidebars) were organized a bit, but they will be fine-tuned more in the next few days. Some of the changes of note:

  1. Added list of RAWsumers in the middle column "Meet the RAWsumers". They are presented in reverse chronological order, so the newly released cameras are listed first.
  2. The column is now wide enough so you can see the results of the "Top Priorities for future RAWsumers" poll without any cropping. This is the last blogspot poll we will use. New ones will be using Polldaddy which is more flexible.
  3. More "Links" will be added and further broken down in categories. If you have any websites, blogs or forums you'd like to see added, whether they are yours, or your favorite sites, just let us know in the comments section or via email.

Big thanks to the blog Tips for New Bloggers for providing a simple step by step tutorial on how to do this!

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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Rumor: Is the Nikon P6000 with RAW real?

We saw chatter of this on Google, but swamped with the Nikon D700 announcement, we didn't investigate. But then we were pleasantly surprised when we checked Serious Compacts, and saw talk of a hot new rumor about a new Nikon RAWsumer, the Coolpix P6000!

This just hours after we talked about Thom Hogan's comments on the lack of RAW among Coolpix models.

The giant leak is at Fred Miranda's forums, and it is also discussed at the Nikon dpreview forums.

Also discussed by Luminous Landscapes which typically doesn't deal with rumoralia, but this camera caught their attention.

Be sure to check the aforementioned websites for all the rumor-details! This camera appears to be using a 28-112mm lens, has RAW, and uses the 1/1.7" 14-megapixel sensor found so far in the Sony W300.

In typical Sony fashion, the first 1/1.7" (1/1.8") sensors appear in Sony cameras, and later on they are made available to the other major digital camera manufacturers.

PS> This post had made it to the Traffic Jam Photography Top Ten. Thank you BlogJam readers and users!

Update on August 7: The P6000 is now officially announced by Nikon, and it is a real product coming at $500. This rumor was right on the money with the specs!

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byThom: Innovative way to encourage Nikon to create RAWsumers

Nikon specialist Thom Hogan has found a creative way to "encourage" Nikon to produce a RAWsumer or two. Scroll all the way to the bottom of this post talking about the Nikon D700, and you will find a list of slogans "encouraging" Nikon through comedy to wake up and reboot the Cooplixies and give them some RAW power!

Great idea by Thom! As you can see from our list of RAWsumers going back to 2002, the last Nikon RAWsumers were the 8400, 8700, and 8800 in 2004, which was arguably the "golden year" of prosumers, with a record 18 RAWsumer models.

On the "golden year" of 2004, we've had the 8mp 2/3" sensor RAWsumers, which includes the three Nikons mentioned above, the Minolta A2 and A200, the Canon Pro 1, and the Olympus C8080uz. Also the unique 5mp 2/3" Panasonic LC1, but also the 1/1.8" Sony sensor models (Canon G6, Sony V3, Olympus C7000, etc) along with the Fuji SuperCCD models (Fuji S20, E550, etc). Note that we haven't forgotten the Sony F828, but it was announced in late 2003, although it was obviously a hot camera in 2004 and beyond.

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