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Friday, June 20, 2008

Waiting for the Photokina 2008 Prosumers

It's less than 100 days to Photokina 2008, and fans of prosumers, RAWsumers and Serious Compacts are hoping for new and exciting cameras in a field that has not been very active in the last three years.

One of the most likely cameras to appear is a follow-up to the Canon G9, which we shall call "Canon G10". But Canon may be busy with more than just a simple follow-up. It's no secret that Canon has been working on new CMOS sensor technology to be made available for their non-dSLR cameras as well. Discussions of this at Serious Compacts.

The biggest sensor among prosumers/RAWsumers out there belongs to the Sigma DP1. The Foveonesque camera that was initially announced at the last Photokina has had an interesting lifecycle, just like all other Foveon-based cameras. Taking the words of Sigma's founder at face value, we can hope for a DP2 and DP3. And according to his commentary, one of them may even have a zoom lens!

Zoom! Zoom! The big daddy of superzooms (before the Fuji S100fs was announced) was the Panasonic FZ50. Panasonic has added new zooms to their line-up in the smaller sensor categories, but we have yet to see anything new in their 1/1.8"+ segment. Will they come up with a replacement?

Another current camera that is due for an update or upgrade is the Panasonic LX2. Serious Compacts is discussing the Panasonic LX-series situation. Can the LX2 replacement take it to a whole "nuther" level and create "noise" in a good way? We do not know, but time will definitely tell one way or another.

And the most advanced among zoom prosumers is the Ricoh GX100, in terms of features and expandability, not to mention a lens starting at 24mm. But the GX100 is a tool for artists and craftists and gadgetologists. The average photographer may not have the time or patience or will to work around the quirks and issues, and explore this camera to its full potential. Reality Check! Ricoh announced the brand new GX200 in late June 2008.

To find more rumors or to vote on your favorite rumours be sure to check the new CameraRumo(u)rs.com. It's like Digg but specializes on camera rumors only!

Hoping they see the light and add RAW
The Canon S5 IS is one of the most advanced superzooms using 1/2.5" sensors, however, one of the issues people have is the absence of RAW support. Sure, you can use CHDK but that's just not the same as native RAW support. We hope (and this is just hope) that it's highly anticipated replacement(s) will offer RAW. Please Canon, please! Some early rumors of a replacement at CanonRumors.com.

And we should grab Canon's bitter rival by the era too! The Nikon P5000 and P5100 have found their place in the marketplace among some advanced photographers but the problem here as well is the absence of RAW. Nikon has been stingy with RAW in non-DSLR the last couple of years, although they had no RAW stinginess with the now legendary Coolpix 8400, 8700 and 8800.

And how about Fujifilm? Their line of low-noise supercompacts could really use more manual features and RAW support! Come on Fuji! The latest one, the F100fd, announced in January 2008, did not do that. There are rumors of a Fuji F120fd. If such a model, arrives, please Fuji, please, give it RAW! After all, you did listen to us and added SD/SDHC memory card support to your digital cameras :)

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