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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Top selling RAWsumers at Amazon

And we start with the debut edition of the RAWsumer Chart right here! For a brief intro of this feature, be sure to check the brief intro :)

As you are well aware, there are not that many current RAWsumers out there, so the Chart is going to be relatively short. For a complete list of the RAWsumers from 2002 to 2008, be sure to check The RAW List.

B4NowCamera NamePrice
-1Canon G9$450
-2Panasonic FZ8K$234
-3Olympus SP570uz$439
-4Panasonic FZ18K$300 via OneCall
-5Panasonic LX2K$358

The remaining RAWsumers that are currently available are outside the Amazon Top 100 best selling digital cameras. As you can sse this is a sad state of affairs. When we did a similar feature in October 2007, we had sixteen RAWsumers in the Top 100. Yet another sign (if it wasn't obvious already) of the dumbing of the non-DSLR cameras for the serious/advanced/enthusiast photographers!

The initial plan is to post this about once per week. If there is enough movement, we may publish it more frequently, but we start with weekly updates. So check back next week for a new installment!

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