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Friday, April 11, 2008

RAWsumer shopper: Ricoh GX100 special at Adorama!

For those who are interested in the Ricoh GX100, Adorama has a special sale on the Ricoh GX100 kit for $550. This includes the GX100 (obviously), along with the VF-1 removable external viewfinder (costs $167 on its own), a free spare battery, free case, and free HA2 hood!

If you are not familiar with the GX100, be sure to check our previous posts, with ten Ricoh-specific posts, including an introduction in the Meet the GX100 post.

To put RAWsumers of the last few years in perspective, be sure to check the List of RAWsumers, from 2002 to 2008. Sadly, despite the 110+ new non-DSLR digital cameras so far in 2008, only four of them have native RAW support :(

Even though the new Nikon P80 has manual exposure and some other nice features, it does not support RAW. So the superzooms seems to be split nowadays, with Panasonic, Olympus and now Casio offering RAW, while Canon, Fuji (except the S100fs of course), Kodak, and now Nikon not offering RAW. GrrrR?

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