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Sunday, April 20, 2008

RAWsumer Roundup: The Serious Compacts shootout is underway!

The Serious Compacts Shootout
Yes, RAWsumer fans, the big shootout at Serious Compacts has just began! That's right, the Sigma DP1 is squaring off with cameras big and small! Part one of the Shootout features an introduction and sets up the groundwork for the shootout.

Part II features a dynamic range comparison, loaded with picture examples, of the Sigma DP1, Canon 5D and Olympus E420. Lots of details and pictures provided!

And at the bottom of the post there is a teaser for an upcoming installment of the shootout, which will include the legendary Fuji F31fd! You can also stay tuned with all the latest shootout updates by subscribing to the Serious Compacts RSS feed.

Other RAWsumer stories
And speaking of the Sigma DP1, Camera Town is spotlighting the Digital Outback Photo review of the DP1.

In the whining section, we'd like to point out that out of 100+ new fixed lens digital cameras introduced in 2008 by the major manufacturers, only four of them have official RAW support. That's right, only four! How sad! You can get temporarily RAW capability with some other models using the CHKD method, but that is temporary and not "official".

Meanwhile in the world of RAWsumer shopping, the Fuji S9100 is offered by Beach Cameras on Amazon for $439. The S9100 does not have image stabilization (*gasp*) but does have a SuperCCD sensor, albeit not the "magic 6mp" one. The lens is a 28-300mm equivalent.

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