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Monday, April 28, 2008

Impact Review: Fuji S100fs at dpreview

dpreview newcomer Richard Butler jumps into the impact review fire as he puts the Fuji S100fs to the test.

The Fuji S100fs "giantsumer" was introduced in late January 2008.

Reactions to the review
There is a long Fuji Talk thread discussing the initial posting of the review, with commentary from the reviewer himself. But not everyone is happy with the review.

One thing that is a bit intriguing is that it wasn't compared with the latest superzooms with larger sensors (eg Panasonic FZ50, Casio EX-F1), but rather a DSLR with a kit lens. But they did use a Four Thirds DSLR to compare, which is the closest in sensor size among DSLRs. And the conclusions page adds fuel to the fire, there is a very glowing conclusions text, but the final rating is not "Highly Recommended". Those pesky paperclips are to blame! A skeptic would say that if this was the "Canon S100fs" it would have been "highly recommended for the ages" and the CA issue would have been "forgiven". Some for example would point at this text on page 14:

The S100FS is no exception - although its sensor is only around a third larger than the Canon's, the advantages are pretty dramatic and it performs pretty admirably against the entry-level DSLR it hopes to compete with.

By the way the lovely Canon G9 was highly recommended (but only just). And it is things like that that prompt some reasonable people to think that perhaps there is a slight Canon/Nikon bias out there. Considering that they are two market leaders it shouldn't be a surprise.

But a number of Fuji fans tend to agree with the reviewer's findings.

We think that sometimes too much attention is paid to the final rating (we just did it too), but what matters is the whole review, the pros/cons and the conclusions page text. They have to chose something as the final rating, and no matter what they chose, someone will be unhappy.

A smaller discussion is also underway in the News forum.

The Fuji S100fs is available at Amazon for around $750, and at many other online and offline retailers as well.

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