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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Ricoh GX100 prices are tempting!

The Ricoh GX100 is now offered at even more tempting prices by Adorama! The universal law of electronics is that the lower the price, the more is forgiven about a particular device. So what may have looked as an okay purchase at $800, could look like a steal at $400. Remember the classic example of the Olympus C2100-UZ (the UZi) which became a cult-icon superzoom when its price dropped below a certain level.

So what are the current prices of the GX100 at Adorama? The GX100 without the external viewfinder kit is offered at just $440, which is about the same price as the Canon G9. The version with the external viewfinder costs an extra $100 ($550).

And for those who like more, the bang for the buck package at $570 includes the GX100, the viewfinder, free case, free hood, and bonus battery.

If you are not familiar with the GX100, be sure to check a number of reviews of this model. We have collected them all at the Power Compacts Review Matrix.

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