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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Taking a look at the current results of our poll

We have an on-going poll in the right sidebar of this blog, asking our readers to rank their priorities for future prosumer and RAwsumer digital cameras. The poll is multi-answer, meaning you can select more than one answer. Obviously this is not a scientific survey, but the results have been rather interesting!

As expected sensor noise was voted the #1 priority and with good reason. The pixel stuffing of small sensors (1/1.6" and under) is causing a noise epidemic. And this has created some pushback from photography enthusiasts, such as the 6mpixel.org website.

The second vote getter was a bit of a surprise, our readers are interested in lenses starting at 24mm or even wider. This has been a severely under-served segment, and the cameras starting at 24mm are very few and they don't necessarily have RAW (eg the new Samsung NV24HD).

The #3 priority given to the manufacturers by our readers is the use of a larger sensor, APS-C or so, instead of the usual 1/1.6" to 1/1.8" sensors found, or even the 1/2.5" to 1/2.3" in some of the super zooms.

#4 priority is image stabilization. This was a bit of a surprise, I would expect that people would demand IS in every new prosumer, but apparently our readers would rather have priorities #1 to #3 ahead of IS. This was a surprise!

Next camera DNG RAW support, which is reasonable, since having RAW is more important than what flavor of RAW. Nevertheless, manufacturers could offer DNG as an additional option if they prefer to also have their own RAW format.

Receiving very little interest among the voters were three mild surprises, rotating LCDs, solid battery life of 400+ shots, and a big zoom ratio. Mild surprises yes, but we can understand that none of these three features are picture-taking blockers, which is perhaps why they were ranked much lower than noise, sensor size and wide angle lenses.

The poll is on-going, so you can still vote! If you want to share your thoughts on the votes, please do so. The comments section is open!

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