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Monday, January 28, 2008

Panasonic presenting new 2008 Lumix cameras at PMA tonight

Panasonic is presenting their 2008 Lumix line-up to the press tonight at the PMA trade show. This event is for the press, but this also suggests that an official announcement should be just around the corner. And of course it's not atypical for things to leak ahead of time. For example, the Panasonic L10 DSLR was leaked on Amazon, just hours before its official announcement.

Panasonic is a great candidate for new RAWsumers, as the current FZ50, LX2 and FZ8 all support RAW. A number of people hope for a new LX3, others want a version of the FZ50 but with a 28mm or wider lens, others want a camera with a 4/3rds sensor (or at least larger than 1/1.7"), others want a fun TZ-series camera but with advanced features such as RAW and PSAM (they did put that in the FZ8 after all). Others want a hybrid between the LX-series and LC-series, eg using a 28-200mm.

How much of the above are we likely to get? We can hope for all, but a reasonable expectation is more like one, maybe two. Of course we always like to be pleasantly surprised, so Panasonic, please feel free to surprise us!

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