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Friday, September 28, 2007

Is the Sigma DP-1 coming soon???

This thread in the Sigma Talk forum at dpreview has spotted a mention on Sigma France that the new compact camera is coming, presumably referring to the lost in the bermuda triangle Sigma DP1.

Another thread speculates that the Sigma DP1 may have a new/different sensor. More DP1 questions.

Well what I have to say is that we would all like to see the Shiguma DP-1 arrive and be a success because this will eventually benefit all photographers, regardless of brand affiliation! Some on Shiguma, give us something!

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Experimenting with new template!

You may have noticed a big difference in the blog since your previous visit. You may have even thought this was a different blog. Well it's the same content, in just a different dress. I am experimenting with alternative templates and for now I am testing this one out. Please feel free to let me know what you think. I also added a poll on the right of your screen so you can vote on it.

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Monday, September 24, 2007

RAWsumer Talk in the dpreview forums

Panasonic FZ18

  • The FZ18 reaches for the moon, with the help of a teleconverter of course.
  • Would you get a FZ18 or FZ50? An interesting dilemma for sure. Why not buy both? :) Another opinion there.
  • More Panasonic FZ18 sample pictures
  • FZ18 hawks here are some hawk pictures
  • The Philly Zoo gets FZ18'ed
  • Bag shopping for the FZ18. More specifically, the smallest bag possible.
  • Some high ISO shots as well. Come on feel the noise?
  • The FZ18 is not afraid of frost bites, here are plenty of pictures from Alaska
  • This user is impressed with out of camera color

    Canon G9
  • A quick note before we get into the forums, dcresource informs us that their Canon G9 review has been pushed back by two weeks. They are going on vacation for the next two weeks, so expect the reviews sometime in October.
  • G9 ISO samples and tests and such.
  • Discussion on the viewfinder alignment, and barrel distortion, and flash support.
  • What screen protector to use? How about any other accessories? It's a law, once you buy an expensive piece of electronics, you have to accessorize, accesorize, accessorize!
  • G9 vs G7 with CHDK RAW speed comparison
  • Has the G9 fixed some of the G7 blown highlights issues?
  • And some more sample pictures.

  • Other RAWsumers
  • Night photos from the Ricoh GX100. Sean Reid's review continues to be discussed. Nice collections focusing on spaces at the wide end of the GX100.
  • The RAWsumer waiting game. Where are you Sigma DP-1 and Ricoh GRD2? And will Canon release a competitor?
  • Speaking of the Sigma DP1 here is a waiting thread
  • The Ricoh GRD goes on an all expenses paid trip to Paris! Bonjour!
  • Fuji's IS-1 gets reviewed by Pop Photo. The review is discussed in this thread. And what about the crazy user license agreement that Fuji came up with?
  • Are the similarities between the Olympus SP-560 and Fuji S8000fd more than just a coincidence?
  • The FZ30 gets invited to a garden party
  • The FZ50 gets rusty. No, no camera were harmed, worry not :)
  • Waiting, hoping and wishing for a Panasonic LX3.
  • Sunsets from the Panasonic FZ50.

    Not RAWsumers but we'll talk about them anyway
  • Noise test squaring off the F31fd vs the F50fd.
  • On Fuji and the 6mp magic SuperCCD sensor. More on this here

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  • Tuesday, September 18, 2007

    Catching up with the Canon G9!

    Since our previous post on the Canon G9, there have been more pictures and more user reviews. Let's start with the Canon G9 user review at Dream Time Images by Nathan Welton. Then we have Blogger's Blog of Note Strobist taking a look at the G9. Extended Canon G9 web coverage at the Imaging Insider. The dcresource review of the G9 should be posted by the end of September. dcresource's G9 gallery in anticipation of the review has already been posted. Meanwhile the magazine Popular Photography and Imaging has posted a five page review of the Canon G9 on their website

    And now some discussions from the dpreview Canon Talk forum:

  • What can you get out of G9's RAW?
  • Camera ergonomics discussion.
  • RAW files and Photoshop CS3
  • One concern on this Powershot.
  • On wide angle
  • This user compares his G9 with his G7, and wants his G7 back!
  • Would you get a G9 or a Pro1?

    And some more pictures from actual Canon G9 users: Jersey shore, Rocky Mountains, an album of G9s, first photos from this buyer.

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  • Saturday, September 15, 2007

    Speculation: What other RAWsumers can we expect in 2007?

    It is almost mid-September and we have just 3 1/2 months left before 2008 comes around. With a big percentage of digital camera sales happening in November and December, the majority of new cameras are announced before that. So basically we have September and October to get new RAWsumers, and then we take a bit of a break until CES and PMA come around in 2008.

    So what else can we expect or hope for? Well, here is my speculation. The cameras are listed in no particular order, and the camera names are my best guestimate. I have no insider info (unfortunately):
    1) Ricoh GX120: a follow-up to the GX100, using one of the new 12mp sensors. Given that the GX100 one would think it may be too early, but since Ricoh updates their R-series every 6 months, and the prosumer market is wide open, if Ricoh is able to fix some of the GX100 issues, they could have a best seller in their hands. Remember the new R7 comes with a new processing engine that claims to offer improvements, especially when it comes to noise pollution.
    2) Ricoh GRD2: The GR1D is two years old so it is reasonable to expect an update! We already saw some improvements going from the GRD to the GX100, so if Ricoh can continue to improve, they could have another success story. The only other camera to perhaps compete with this one is the Sigma DP-1...
    3) Sigma DP1: Yes it has been announced, and it will probably be released at some point. Will we it still be 21st century when that happens? Okay, dramatization aside, Sigma needs to do a better job of keeping potential buyers updated on this camera. If/when it does get released, it could create a bit of a stir among enthusiasts. The only other camera using such a large sensor was the Sony R1.
    4) Fuji S9200fd (aka S9700fd): Take the S9100 (S9600), add sensor shift stabilization, the dual xD/SD drive, and the 12mp sensor found in the F50fd and you have an update one year after the S9100. One thing that may lead Fuji away from this is the 18x superzoom S8000fd, although as the model # suggests, the S9xxx series is still the top of the line.
    5) Leica's version of the Panasonic FZ18. Given the early reviews the lens performed quite well given its zoom ratio, so it would be a lens that Leica wouldn't be shy about selling as their own (it already has their name on it anyways)
    6) Will the 60fps Casio that was announced with a development notice be released in 2007 and have RAW?

    Less Likely, But We Would Love to see these!
    1) Take the Fuji F50d, add RAW and voila, the F51fd (or offer it via firmware update!)
    2) Take the Nikon P5100, add RAW, and voila the P5200 (or offer it via a firmware upgrade)
    3) Take the Fuji S8000fd, add RAW and voila the S8100fd (or offer it via a firmware update)
    4) Canon's emergency Hyperzoom, the Powershot S8 IS (I gave it a name!) to fight off the 18x and 15x superzooms of Fuji, Olympus, Sony and Panasonic. Since two of those already offer RAW, and Canon added RAW going from the G7 to G9, there is a better chance of seeing RAW in the "S8 IS" (if it has an 18x zoom), or perhaps an "S7 IS"
    5) A Fuji E900-body version of the Fuji F50fd with RAW, sensor-shift and xD/SD! Come on Fuji, you can do it, we can help!
    6) Panasonic LX3 - although it looks like Panasonic is probably done with new cameras this year
    7) Panasonic FZ50 follow-up - same as above, esp since they just added an 18x superzoom
    8) A follow-up to the Kodak P880! The camera found its niche among enthusiasts once the price fell, so why not try it again?
    9) Take the Canon A650-IS, add RAW and offer it as A660-IS (or add RAW with a firmware upgrade!)
    10) Kodak P812: Just like the P712/Z712 were tiered, how about an 8mp 1/2.5" P812 with RAW? RAW being a distinguishing characteristic of the Kodak P-series. But we went from two P-series in 2005 to one in 2006 and zero in 2007 :-(
    11) Olympus SP-followup: These little cameras packed RAW and offered an interesting mid-range alternative. So why not release another one?
    12) Take the F31fd, add sensor-shift stabilization, add the xD/SD drive, keep the same sensor and battery and release it as F32fd! Come on Fuji, you can do it!

    Resurrection Ship
    Fans of BSG know what this means, everybody else will figure it out by looking at the models mentioned in the list.
    1) Minolta A2/A200 follow-up: This would fit nicely in Sony's line-up as they don't really have anything in the above mid-range segment. They could even have a dual model line-up, a more advanced with a more expensive A2-like EVF for more and a mass-market A200-like as well
    2) Sony R2: A big sensor in a fixed lens body had its fans and its detractors. Given that Sony does not have a new entry-level DSLR, an R2 would not even in the eyes of marketing folks would not affect their DSLR sales.
    3) Nikon 8400 follow-up: Very few digital cameras start at 24mm, and a follow-up would be nice. But as with all the 8mp 2/3" cameras, there is no new sensor at that size. Of course they could always make a 1/1.7" version of it
    4) Samsung Pro815 follow-up: It created a stir because of its size and specs but Samsung has not done anything else since. Instead they are focused on becoming the #3 global market share company. Perhaps next year when they start looking at increasing the price of their cameras sold :)
    5) Panasonic LC-2: The LC-1 body screams advanced prosumer, and while no new 2/3" sensors, perhaps we can see one with a 4/3rds nMOS sensor. Panasonic makes the sensors after all so they should be able to get them at a fair price ;-) Or if they want to go for a bigger market, one using the 1/1.7" sensor could also create a stir. Sort of like a blend of the LX-, FZ- and LC-series, perhaps one with a 28-200mm or starting at 24mm lenses?
    6) Canon Pro2 IS: The Canon Pro 1 had its fans and people would buy a follow-up! Again, no sensor :(
    7) Olympus C8080: Same as above, this was Olympus's most critically acclaimed camera in the competitive era (see Phil Askey's review of the C8080).
    8) Nikon 8900: A direct follow-up to the Coolpix 8700 and 8800. Issues same as above
    9) Sony F717/F828 follow-up, let's call it F939: The F-series was a big success, despite the akward look. Why did Sony abandon them? Yes, just like the other 2/3" cameras they would need a new sensor, but Sony has the upper hand since they are the ones who make the sensors
    10) Sony V4: If Canon resurrected the G-series after three years with the G7/G9, why wouldn't Sony do the same thing with the V4 since the RF-like cameras have made a comeback? This could be styled more like a V1 to go after the LX-/P5000-series, or more like the V3 to go after the GX100/G7/G9. Either way, why not Sony? :-)
    11) Canon S90: The S-series used to have RAW, then it disappeared from the S80. How about a new S90 but with RAW this time? Give it a 28mm or 24mm wide angle to differentiate it from the G7/G9 and the other Elphs/Ixus/Ixys.

    This concludes our speculative spectacular! If I left out any camera that you think it belong as a speculative RAWsumer, please leave a comment and I will add it to the appropriate list!

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    Tuesday, September 11, 2007

    Coming this week at RAWsumer

  • This week we will be taking a look at the buzz generated by some of the newer RAWsumers, namely the Canon G9 and Panasonic FZ18. Unfortunately the Fuji S8000fd, Nikon P5100, Fuji F50fd, and Canon A650IS do not offer RAW, otherwise we would have been thrilled to include them in the conversations.
  • And speaking of Canon RAW, there is another story, this one from the Wired blog via the Imaging Insider on alternate operating software for Canon digital cameras that do not offer RAW out of the box. Yes, this is about CHDK with DIGIC II Canon cameras. Please note that CHDK is not replacing your camera's firmware, but it is simply running on it each time you turn the camera on. If you do not load an SD card with CHDK when you turn on the camera, the camera operates as normal. If you are interested in this, be sure to do the research and ask other users who have tried it. It's not for everyone but it can certainly add new features to your camera for FREE :-)

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  • Tuesday, September 04, 2007

    More Panasonic FZ18 buzz on the net

  • A Panasonic FZ18 review from Japan is discussed in the Panasonic dpreview forums.
  • Also a discussion of the review in the Digital Camera Magazine. The review is not posted online but this is the magazine's website
  • But wait there's more! Jeff Keller at dcresource.com has posted a gallery of FZ18 pictures. He will be reviewing the FZ18, and according to his tentative schedule posted on his website it will be the first camera he reviewed when he returns from vacation in October 2007. So stay tuned! His gallery pictures are the topic of this forum discussion
  • The five-star rating given to the FZ18 by tech.co.uk is discussed

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