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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

What about the Ricoh GRD II?

This post is dedicated to the new Ricoh GRD II RAWsumer digital camera. If you missed the announcement of this camera, here is coverage of the Ricoh GRD II announcement at 1001 Noisy Cameras, as well as the initial reactions to the GRD2 annoucement.

For those in the USA, the camera is only available through Adorama for the list price of $700 with free shipping. According to the Adorama website, the camera is now ready to ship. Their estimate was for a November 28, 2007 release date, so they are a day early :) Because there is no competition, the price won't be fluctuating as it typically does for cameras that are available from hundreds of competing vendors. The forum users at the Ricoh forum are discussing their Adorama orders.

With regards to the other markets around the world, we are not familiar with the local and regional websites, so unfortunately we do not have any price and availability details. One dpreview forum user mentions that the GRD II is now available in Hong Kong, and on display in Japan.

So what about the actual camera? Amin's excellent blog provides a detailed look at high ISO crops from both the GRD and the GRD II. The pictures are provided in this post at the Ricoh Forum.

The Ricoh Forum is a forum that covers Ricoh digital cameras as you might expect :) There is a dedicated sub-forum there focusing (no pun intended) on the GRD II. In the dedicated GRD II forum you will find the aforementioned ISO tests, macro tests, performance information, FAQ, links and information and everything you wanted to know about this new camera!

Amin's comparison of high ISO crops is discussed in the Ricoh dpreview forum as well. Please note that the link above included embedded crops of the comparisons, so if you are on a slow internet connection, it may take a bit longer to load. You can always press Escape to stop it from loading and then move on to read the text.

Another forum user takes a look at the Ricoh GRD II samples and discusses them in the dpreview Ricoh forum. In the same thread, we have the first impressions of an actual GRD II owner.

Another user is asking about the digital zoom. The GRD II has a fixed focal length lens, so the digital zoom is perhaps something that might be more tempting for the users, but it is still digital zoom imho.

More discussions and hands-on impressions on the GRD II. And another discussion on the RAW files. And a comparison between the GRD and GRD II.

More first impressions, including a range of sample pictures at different ISOs.

For even more past, present and future discussions, check the dpreview Ricoh forum.

If the GRD II is too expensive or too new for you, the original GR-D is now available at $500, from Adorama directly with free shipping, or from Adorama on Amazon.


amin said...

Thanks for the links to my blog =). After further review of the RAW files, and in light of John Sheehy's and PIX Surgeon's remarks on the DPR forums, I think it is unlikely that Ricoh has applied on-sensor, destructive NR to the GRD2 RAW files. That is a relief! Based on these early samples, I believe that the majority of users and reviewers alike will greatly prefer the image quality of the GRD 2 to that of the GRD. On the other hand, the GRD 2 noise does not seem as crisp as it is with the GRD, so the overall high ISO (ISO 400+) aesthetic may not suit everyone who appreciates the GRD look. Regards, Amin

1001 noisy cameras said...

Thanks for the update! It will be interesting to see how it does in the field and under the microscope!

Given the noise difference between the GRD and GRD II, it's a good thing they didn't go with a 12mp sensor.

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