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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

The RAWsumers Strike Back!

Okay, that was a bit over the top but good titles are hard to come by :)

The long-awaited Canon G9 review has been posted at dcresource.com. Their findings are quite interesting although not shocking. Yes, the G9 is a step in the right direction, but I agree with them, it is still more GINO than G-series.

Another G9 has been posted this week, this one at Photography Blog. Check to see what they found out! Hint: The conclusions are on page 6 for those who want to jump to the conclusions first. But beware, the conclusions contain spoilers :) Yet another G9 review is posted at Photo REview.

Olympus follow-up to the first 18x hyperzoom received a review by Photo Review, an Australian website. See what they thought of this RAWsumer. Did it improve on some of the SP550 issues?

Meanwhile the Ricoh GX100 got a recent review at Think Camera.com. Find out what they thought about it at Think Camera and then tell us what you think :)

If you are interested in any of the cameras mentioned above, you can purchase them at Amazon: Canon G9, Fuji F50fd, Ricoh GX100, Canon A650 IS, Fuji S8000fd.

Guest appearance by non-RAWsumers

  • The highly anticipated curiosity-wise follow-up to the Fuji 6mp "magic sensor" series, the F50fd has been reviewed by CNet. Will Fuji be able to retain the magic or all is lost at the altar of megapixel stuffing? Read on to find out, although CNet's reviews are by no means as detailed as dpreview.
  • E-photographia.com has evidence of the light/ghosting issues of the Canon A650-IS, a camera we would have loved to have seen as RAWsumer!
  • Another camera that fits in this category is the Fuji S8000fd, which got recently reviewed by the good people at Photography Blog.

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