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Monday, September 24, 2007

RAWsumer Talk in the dpreview forums

Panasonic FZ18

  • The FZ18 reaches for the moon, with the help of a teleconverter of course.
  • Would you get a FZ18 or FZ50? An interesting dilemma for sure. Why not buy both? :) Another opinion there.
  • More Panasonic FZ18 sample pictures
  • FZ18 hawks here are some hawk pictures
  • The Philly Zoo gets FZ18'ed
  • Bag shopping for the FZ18. More specifically, the smallest bag possible.
  • Some high ISO shots as well. Come on feel the noise?
  • The FZ18 is not afraid of frost bites, here are plenty of pictures from Alaska
  • This user is impressed with out of camera color

    Canon G9
  • A quick note before we get into the forums, dcresource informs us that their Canon G9 review has been pushed back by two weeks. They are going on vacation for the next two weeks, so expect the reviews sometime in October.
  • G9 ISO samples and tests and such.
  • Discussion on the viewfinder alignment, and barrel distortion, and flash support.
  • What screen protector to use? How about any other accessories? It's a law, once you buy an expensive piece of electronics, you have to accessorize, accesorize, accessorize!
  • G9 vs G7 with CHDK RAW speed comparison
  • Has the G9 fixed some of the G7 blown highlights issues?
  • And some more sample pictures.

  • Other RAWsumers
  • Night photos from the Ricoh GX100. Sean Reid's review continues to be discussed. Nice collections focusing on spaces at the wide end of the GX100.
  • The RAWsumer waiting game. Where are you Sigma DP-1 and Ricoh GRD2? And will Canon release a competitor?
  • Speaking of the Sigma DP1 here is a waiting thread
  • The Ricoh GRD goes on an all expenses paid trip to Paris! Bonjour!
  • Fuji's IS-1 gets reviewed by Pop Photo. The review is discussed in this thread. And what about the crazy user license agreement that Fuji came up with?
  • Are the similarities between the Olympus SP-560 and Fuji S8000fd more than just a coincidence?
  • The FZ30 gets invited to a garden party
  • The FZ50 gets rusty. No, no camera were harmed, worry not :)
  • Waiting, hoping and wishing for a Panasonic LX3.
  • Sunsets from the Panasonic FZ50.

    Not RAWsumers but we'll talk about them anyway
  • Noise test squaring off the F31fd vs the F50fd.
  • On Fuji and the 6mp magic SuperCCD sensor. More on this here

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