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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Catching up with the Canon G9!

Since our previous post on the Canon G9, there have been more pictures and more user reviews. Let's start with the Canon G9 user review at Dream Time Images by Nathan Welton. Then we have Blogger's Blog of Note Strobist taking a look at the G9. Extended Canon G9 web coverage at the Imaging Insider. The dcresource review of the G9 should be posted by the end of September. dcresource's G9 gallery in anticipation of the review has already been posted. Meanwhile the magazine Popular Photography and Imaging has posted a five page review of the Canon G9 on their website

And now some discussions from the dpreview Canon Talk forum:

  • What can you get out of G9's RAW?
  • Camera ergonomics discussion.
  • RAW files and Photoshop CS3
  • One concern on this Powershot.
  • On wide angle
  • This user compares his G9 with his G7, and wants his G7 back!
  • Would you get a G9 or a Pro1?

    And some more pictures from actual Canon G9 users: Jersey shore, Rocky Mountains, an album of G9s, first photos from this buyer.

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