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Saturday, August 18, 2007

The RAWsumers of 2007 (work in progress)

We are still in 2007, so this is obviously a work in progress! So far we have had five RAWsumers announced in 2007. Here they are:

Meet the Olympus SP-550 Ultra Zoom

  • 7mp 1/2.5" sensor, 18x lens, sensor shift stabilization, AA
  • Official announcement at dpreview (with specs)
  • dpreview review

    Meet the Panasonic FZ8

  • 7mp 1/2.5" sensor, 12x MegaOIS lens (optical stabilization), LiIon
  • Official announcement at dpreview
  • dpreview review

    Meet the Fuji IS-1 (infrared version of Finepix S9100)
  • 9mp 1/1.6" SuperCCD sensor, 10.8x lens starting at 28mm, no stabilization, AA
  • Official announcement at dpreview

    Meet the Ricoh GX100

  • 10mp 1/1.75" sensor, unique 24mm-74mm lens, sensor shift stabilization, LiIon (but can also take AAA (yes triple-A))
  • Official announcement at dpreview
  • Meet the GX100
  • Is the GX100 the RAWsumer Messiah?
  • dpreview review
  • more coming up

    Meet the Panasonic FZ18

  • 8mp 1/2.5" sensor, 18x MegaOIS superzoom starting at 28mm, optical stabilization, LiIon
  • Official announcement coverage here at RAWsumer. Also at dpreview
  • More coverage at 1001 noisy, along with the leak

    RAW Disappointments! - We would have liked to see these cameras feature RAW, but they did not :-(
  • Fuji F50fd and F8000fd
  • more coming up

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