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Monday, August 27, 2007

Panasonic FZ18, first impressions and first reviews!

  • All apologies for the slowness in updating this blog. The Canon and Nikon new DSLR extravagazna has kept me very busy!
  • In the meantime, the Panasonic FZ18, a RAWsumer (it writes RAW files), is generating some buzz as first impressions and hands-on reviews have been posted!
  • Let's start with the interactive FZ18 review by Ming Thein, embedded in the Panasonic dpreview forums. The first thread on the review has already filled up. A second thread has opened up. Sample pictures are embedded in this post. Also at Flickr. If you have any questions on the FZ18, be sure to visit Ming's threads as he is actively reviewing the camera and he could answer your questions.
  • Trusted Reviews has posted their review of the FZ18 by Cliff Smith. TR's review is discussed in the Panasonic dpreview forums. A comparison of Truster Review's FZ8 and FZ18 reviews here
  • This dpreview discussion focuses on FZ18's dynamic range
  • A link to the Panasonic FZ18 operating user manual is the topic of this dpreview discussion thread
  • This forum user converts FZ18 RAW files and compares and contrasts various ISO settings.
  • Nine sample pictures from a different source
  • What's the smallest possible bag for the FZ18?
  • For more FZ18 coverage, check the Panasonic dpreview forum

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