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Thursday, August 30, 2007

New RAWsumer digital camera, the Nikon P5100 - was a FALSE ALARM

  • Update 8/30/07: False Alarm, the RAW mention has disappeared from dcresource, and no other website has any mentions of RAW :-( Goodbye P5100, you were a RAWsumer - on paper - for 10 hours!

  • We have some great news today! Nikon had a burst mode of eight new digital cameras announced. It is the highly anticipated follow-up to the Nikon P5000, aptly named the P5100. The good news is that one of them supports RAW according to dcresource.
  • ALERT: RAW is not mentioned at IR or dpreview, nor in the press release or any other website! ALERT! So far only dcresource's summary mentions RAW. I hope this isn't a false alarm typo by dcr that got us all so excited! Nikon's own PDF file does not mention RAW either!
  • The differences among them are not huge, the P5100 features the latest 12mp 1/1.72" sensor du jour, and 240 CIPA battery life.
  • More on this camera later on, for now here are some links to it at various photo sites
  • dcresource (huge pictures of the camera here!)
  • dpreview
  • IR
  • Product page at NikonUSA.com

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