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Monday, August 20, 2007

Canon G9 sample pictures gallery at dpreview - G9 review coming in a couple of weeks!

A sample picture gallery for the Canon Powershot G9 is now posted at dpreview by Simon Joinson. A total of 27 sample pictures have been posted! The pictures are co-hosted by Fotki.

Also mentioned in the text above by Simon is that the above pictures are from a production camera, and a full review of the camera will be posted at dpreview in the next two weeks! This is great news as we will get a very early look at the G9, but also the 12mp Sony 1/1.7" sensor. This is certainly a review to look forward to! Thanks Phil and Simon!

One could ask, why not name it Canon G8? Perhaps Canon maybe saving this for another release, perhaps a G9 Lite to compete with the competitively priced Nikon P5000 and Panasonic LX-series? The most reasonable explanation of course is that they just didnt want to call it G8 :) Perhaps because of the international group by the same name?

Update September 6: A new gallery has been posted this time by Jeff Keller at dcresource. This production camera gallery is a prelude to the upcoming G9 review at dcresource.

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