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Thursday, August 30, 2007

New RAWsumer digital camera, the Nikon P5100 - was a FALSE ALARM

  • Update 8/30/07: False Alarm, the RAW mention has disappeared from dcresource, and no other website has any mentions of RAW :-( Goodbye P5100, you were a RAWsumer - on paper - for 10 hours!

  • We have some great news today! Nikon had a burst mode of eight new digital cameras announced. It is the highly anticipated follow-up to the Nikon P5000, aptly named the P5100. The good news is that one of them supports RAW according to dcresource.
  • ALERT: RAW is not mentioned at IR or dpreview, nor in the press release or any other website! ALERT! So far only dcresource's summary mentions RAW. I hope this isn't a false alarm typo by dcr that got us all so excited! Nikon's own PDF file does not mention RAW either!
  • The differences among them are not huge, the P5100 features the latest 12mp 1/1.72" sensor du jour, and 240 CIPA battery life.
  • More on this camera later on, for now here are some links to it at various photo sites
  • dcresource (huge pictures of the camera here!)
  • dpreview
  • IR
  • Product page at NikonUSA.com

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  • Monday, August 27, 2007

    Panasonic FZ18, first impressions and first reviews!

  • All apologies for the slowness in updating this blog. The Canon and Nikon new DSLR extravagazna has kept me very busy!
  • In the meantime, the Panasonic FZ18, a RAWsumer (it writes RAW files), is generating some buzz as first impressions and hands-on reviews have been posted!
  • Let's start with the interactive FZ18 review by Ming Thein, embedded in the Panasonic dpreview forums. The first thread on the review has already filled up. A second thread has opened up. Sample pictures are embedded in this post. Also at Flickr. If you have any questions on the FZ18, be sure to visit Ming's threads as he is actively reviewing the camera and he could answer your questions.
  • Trusted Reviews has posted their review of the FZ18 by Cliff Smith. TR's review is discussed in the Panasonic dpreview forums. A comparison of Truster Review's FZ8 and FZ18 reviews here
  • This dpreview discussion focuses on FZ18's dynamic range
  • A link to the Panasonic FZ18 operating user manual is the topic of this dpreview discussion thread
  • This forum user converts FZ18 RAW files and compares and contrasts various ISO settings.
  • Nine sample pictures from a different source
  • What's the smallest possible bag for the FZ18?
  • For more FZ18 coverage, check the Panasonic dpreview forum

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  • Friday, August 24, 2007

    New RAWsumer announced: The Olympus SP-560 with 8mp and starting at 27mm (18x optical zoom)

    Meet the Olympus SP-560

  • I apologize for the delay in covering this but the new Nikon DSLRs kept me busy at 1001 noisy.
  • Official announcement at dpreview.
  • For comparison, the specs and press release of the SP-550, its predecessor, are listed at dpreview
  • The camera is available for pre-order for $500 at Amazon. Their usually conservative estimated shipping date is November 1st.
  • The sensor has grown up from 7mp 1/2.5" to 8mp 1/2.3". Olympus has been using intermediate size sensors for their Stylus line-up for a few models now as well.
  • An 18x optical zoom that goes slightly wider, from 28-504 to 27-486mm (35mm equivalents)
  • Face detection is added
  • xD memory card (see Opinion/Analysis below)
  • RAW (obviously) and JPEG
  • Other features: PSAM exposure, 4 AA batteries, converter lenses (eg TCON-017) via adapter (CLA-10). Optional: underwater case (PT-037)
  • "Mechanical image stabilization" according to the press release. The SP-550 described it as "CCD shift" (aka sensor shift or anti-sensor shake). This seems to suggest that it is still a sensor shift approach. If the stabilization was in the lens, they would have probably called it optical. But this is not 100%
  • Buzzwords: Bright Capture, TruePic III

  • This is the camera that started the super-superzoom craze. Olympus got a head start on the industry but perhaps they rushed it a bit, which may explain some of the issues pointed out by the various reviewers. The hope is that with version II Olympus has improved on those issues and built upon this model. A slightly larger sensor may help as well. Going 1mm wider may attract more wide-angle fans, or at least should serve as a commitment to wide angle (or perhaps this was caused by the sensor size change).
  • Olympus believes it can charge a premium over the Fuji S8000fd and Panasonic FZ18 competitors (Olympus is $100 more at MSRP). Sony (H9 at 15x) and Canon (S5 IS at 12x) also started at $500 as well as its predecessor, the SP-550.
  • Sadly Olympus still insists on xD only. They should learn a lesson from their xD friends at Fuji and offer a dual xD/SD drive, and turn the xD disadvantage into an advantage. But then again, this is the company that requires Olympus-branded xD cards to record panoramas. How sad Olympus!

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  • Monday, August 20, 2007

    Canon G9 sample pictures gallery at dpreview - G9 review coming in a couple of weeks!

    A sample picture gallery for the Canon Powershot G9 is now posted at dpreview by Simon Joinson. A total of 27 sample pictures have been posted! The pictures are co-hosted by Fotki.

    Also mentioned in the text above by Simon is that the above pictures are from a production camera, and a full review of the camera will be posted at dpreview in the next two weeks! This is great news as we will get a very early look at the G9, but also the 12mp Sony 1/1.7" sensor. This is certainly a review to look forward to! Thanks Phil and Simon!

    One could ask, why not name it Canon G8? Perhaps Canon maybe saving this for another release, perhaps a G9 Lite to compete with the competitively priced Nikon P5000 and Panasonic LX-series? The most reasonable explanation of course is that they just didnt want to call it G8 :) Perhaps because of the international group by the same name?

    Update September 6: A new gallery has been posted this time by Jeff Keller at dcresource. This production camera gallery is a prelude to the upcoming G9 review at dcresource.

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    Sunday, August 19, 2007

    We have a new RAWsumer: Canon announces the new Canon Powershot G9!

  • Press release and details at dpreview
  • dpreview had this camera for a few days and they will be uploading a small gallery from it soon!
  • More on this announcement at 1001 noisy cameras
  • The G-series returns to its RAW roots. While not perfect, this is a step in the right direction for sure! But a 240 CIPA battery is certainly a disappointment, especially when the A650-IS (very similarly spec'ed) is 500 CIPA using 4 AA batteries. Even the A720-IS gets to 400 with just 2 AA batteries.
  • The G9 uses the latest 12mp 1/1.7" (what did you expect?), but remains at 35-210mm with an 6x optically stabilized optical zoom lens. It does get a big 3" LCD, accepts converter lenses and is compatible with the new ST-E2 (Canon wireless transmitter). It will ship around October for $500 in the USA
  • More coverage on this camera tomorrow!

  • Another one of the new Canon digital cameras announced yesterday that could have made a great RAWsumer was the Canon A650-IS. With a nice boost in specs, the A650-IS is like a G9-Lite, except it has twice the battery life (500 CIPA with 4 AA NiMH vs 240 of the G9 with a LiIon). While not as sleek or pretty as the G9, the A650-IS would have made a great bargain-priced RAWsumer. But of course we all know the reason why they didn't do it (and we didn't expect them to do it): Silly marketing people who come up with arbitrary restrictions on cameras that inhibit sales and frustrate potential buyers! They were probably worried that an A650-IS with RAW would cannibilize sales of the G9. So perhaps if enough people request RAW from Canon, just like they did with the Canon G7, then perhaps the next new model (eg A660-IS) would have RAW. Even better, they should make RAW available to the A650-IS and the G7 via a firmware update! They could even charge a small fee to make their accountants happy. I'm sure people would pay $20 to add RAW features to the A650-IS or G7! I know I would and I am cheap :) Of course FREE along with an apology for not including RAW in the first place would have been ideal!

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  • Saturday, August 18, 2007

    The RAWsumers of 2007 (work in progress)

    We are still in 2007, so this is obviously a work in progress! So far we have had five RAWsumers announced in 2007. Here they are:

    Meet the Olympus SP-550 Ultra Zoom

  • 7mp 1/2.5" sensor, 18x lens, sensor shift stabilization, AA
  • Official announcement at dpreview (with specs)
  • dpreview review

    Meet the Panasonic FZ8

  • 7mp 1/2.5" sensor, 12x MegaOIS lens (optical stabilization), LiIon
  • Official announcement at dpreview
  • dpreview review

    Meet the Fuji IS-1 (infrared version of Finepix S9100)
  • 9mp 1/1.6" SuperCCD sensor, 10.8x lens starting at 28mm, no stabilization, AA
  • Official announcement at dpreview

    Meet the Ricoh GX100

  • 10mp 1/1.75" sensor, unique 24mm-74mm lens, sensor shift stabilization, LiIon (but can also take AAA (yes triple-A))
  • Official announcement at dpreview
  • Meet the GX100
  • Is the GX100 the RAWsumer Messiah?
  • dpreview review
  • more coming up

    Meet the Panasonic FZ18

  • 8mp 1/2.5" sensor, 18x MegaOIS superzoom starting at 28mm, optical stabilization, LiIon
  • Official announcement coverage here at RAWsumer. Also at dpreview
  • More coverage at 1001 noisy, along with the leak

    RAW Disappointments! - We would have liked to see these cameras feature RAW, but they did not :-(
  • Fuji F50fd and F8000fd
  • more coming up

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  • Wednesday, August 15, 2007

    EISA 2007 winners announced but no RAWsumers winning

    The EISA 2007 award winners have announced but none of the award-winning cameras are RAWsumers. The Canon G7 was one of the winners, but as we all know it does not offer RAW. The other non-DSLR winning an award was the Panasonic TZ-3 and we can't really expect/demand RAW from this camera (at least not just yet!). Let's not forget the Panasonic FZ-series grew out of the tiny and humble Panasonic FZ1 that didnt' even have PSAM! Among the DSLRs, the Canon 1D Mark III, Pentax K10D and Olympus E510 won awards as well. On the software front, DxO Optics Pro 4.5 got the award. More details at 1001 noisy cameras

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    Wednesday, August 08, 2007

    RAWsumer World

  • Simon Joinson recently posted a 12 page review of the Ricoh GX-100. The review is discussed in great detail in the Ricoh Talk forum.

  • What to expect in the next few weeks? According to various forum posts there are announcements expected from Canon (August 21), Pentax (August 23), and Nikon (August 24). Obviously we can't really know if there will be any RAWsumer products announced. It is unlikely from Pentax, but some people hope that RAW could be added to the Canon G7 follow-up (eg G8) or the Nikon P5000 follow-up (eg P6000). The one thing that has leaked like crazy so far is the Canon 40D
  • Coming next: I will post a round-up of recent reviews of RAWsumers cameras. There are not that many of them left, so it shouldn't take long :(
  • I will also try to create yearly summaries of RAWsumer cameras announced. This will be based on the list of RAWsumers post.

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