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Thursday, July 26, 2007

RAW disappointment: Fuji F50fd and Fuji S8000fd

Fuji announced a total of seven new cameras, but sadly none of them support the RAW format. The two candidates that should have had RAW in my opinion are the F50fd and the S8000fd. The F50fd added a full PSAM (including manual exposure control) and sensor-shift imate stabilization, and a 7th generation SuperCCD 1/1.6" sensor. RAW would have been a great compliment to those...

The S8000fd features a big 18x optical zoom lens starting at 27mm, a 1/2.35" traditional sensor (not 100% sure yet), sensor-shift stabilization, and it intends to compete with the other super zooms out there such as the Panasonic FZ18 and Olympus SP-550Uz both of which support RAW. The other super-zooms not supporting RAW are the 15x Sony H7 and H9. And by that I am only including those with a bigger than 12x zoom ratio. This is what I call the camcorderization of superzooms.

More details on these new cameras at 1001 noisy cameras and dpreview


Thomas said...

I've always liked Fuji digital cameras - lots of manual controls even on the cheaper ones.

I bought a Lumix earlier this year for the OIS (I had tried the S6000fd and loved it minus the lack of OIS).

I had high hopes that the S8000fd would get me back into Fuji, but the lack of RAW seems like a silly marketing ploy to force people up the price chain - might have to give the FZ18 a look.

1001 noisy cameras said...

Indeed both the F50fd and S8000fd would have looked a lot more appealing if they offered RAW, especially now that they added sensor-shift stabilization.

I don't recall if Fuji offered RAW on cameras without SuperCCD sensors, maybe that's a reason why they didn't? (not that that is an acceptable excuse for not doing so).

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