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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

New RAWsumer is official: The Panasonic FZ-18!

  • Details and specifications on the brand new Panasonic FZ18 at dpreview
  • The Panasonic FZ 18 will be avaiable in silver as FZ18S and in black as FZ18K
  • US price is very promising at $400 and will ship in September according to dcresource.
  • The monthly production output will be 15,000 per month. More details from Japan by digitalcamera.jp (link is computer-translated to english). Price will be 55,000 yen.
  • More on today's Panasonic announcement at 1001 noisy cameras, including links to a few sample galleries and some early hands-on previews by people who attended the world-wide Panasonic press events.
  • Sample pictures gallery from Panasonic Japan and Mark Peters from Dublin, Ireland (Panasonic press event).


    Richard Alan Fox said...

    Wouldn't you know I just bought a FZ8 five weeks ago, and I love it, now the new and improved model shows up and my camera seems so lacking in features. The AE lock looks good and the closer tele macro focus and the streched at both ends zoom, the extra pixel is no big deal. The FZ8 is RAW camera number five for me, G5, 20D, S70, R1 came first.
    I will make it number six if Panasonic updates the FZ50 with a stretched lens and a faster RAW shot to shot.
    Thanks for this blog you are performing a great service to the camera community, my lens caps are off to you!

    1001 noisy cameras said...

    Thank you Richard for your comments and your kind words! Indeed the FZ8 was an important update for Panasonic! The FZ-series has come a long way. It wasn't long ago that they quietly introduced the tiny FZ1!

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