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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Blog updates

  • One thing I will be doing in the next few weeks is create one post to summarize the RAWsumers produced in each year. Initially it will go from 2007 to 2002. I am not sure where I'll start, but eventually I'll have all six years covered. Obviously 2007 is a work in progress since it is only late July :)
  • Thanks to a suggestion by a reader I have restructured the list of RAWsumers. Now it is one list, broken down by year. Before the restructuring it was a list broken down by sensor size and then by year. This was confusing when it came to finding cameras and comparing their place in time. The new single-list approach also clearly indicates that 2004 was the year of the RAWsumer!. Also added yearly counts.
  • I have now turned Anonymous comments ON. I had accidentally turned them off a few weeks ago. So if you have a comment, an update, a suggestion or a correction, please feel free to make it. I'm not easily offended :)
  • If you want to get the latest blog updates, here is the RSS feed of this blog
  • I will try to review the List of RAWsumers to see if I left any cameras out. Currently it goes back to January 1, 2002. Time permitting I may go even further back.
  • I noticed a wave of visitors from photo.net, welcome aboard Photo.Net readers!

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