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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Blog updates

  • One thing I will be doing in the next few weeks is create one post to summarize the RAWsumers produced in each year. Initially it will go from 2007 to 2002. I am not sure where I'll start, but eventually I'll have all six years covered. Obviously 2007 is a work in progress since it is only late July :)
  • Thanks to a suggestion by a reader I have restructured the list of RAWsumers. Now it is one list, broken down by year. Before the restructuring it was a list broken down by sensor size and then by year. This was confusing when it came to finding cameras and comparing their place in time. The new single-list approach also clearly indicates that 2004 was the year of the RAWsumer!. Also added yearly counts.
  • I have now turned Anonymous comments ON. I had accidentally turned them off a few weeks ago. So if you have a comment, an update, a suggestion or a correction, please feel free to make it. I'm not easily offended :)
  • If you want to get the latest blog updates, here is the RSS feed of this blog
  • I will try to review the List of RAWsumers to see if I left any cameras out. Currently it goes back to January 1, 2002. Time permitting I may go even further back.
  • I noticed a wave of visitors from photo.net, welcome aboard Photo.Net readers!

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  • Thursday, July 26, 2007

    RAW disappointment: Fuji F50fd and Fuji S8000fd

    Fuji announced a total of seven new cameras, but sadly none of them support the RAW format. The two candidates that should have had RAW in my opinion are the F50fd and the S8000fd. The F50fd added a full PSAM (including manual exposure control) and sensor-shift imate stabilization, and a 7th generation SuperCCD 1/1.6" sensor. RAW would have been a great compliment to those...

    The S8000fd features a big 18x optical zoom lens starting at 27mm, a 1/2.35" traditional sensor (not 100% sure yet), sensor-shift stabilization, and it intends to compete with the other super zooms out there such as the Panasonic FZ18 and Olympus SP-550Uz both of which support RAW. The other super-zooms not supporting RAW are the 15x Sony H7 and H9. And by that I am only including those with a bigger than 12x zoom ratio. This is what I call the camcorderization of superzooms.

    More details on these new cameras at 1001 noisy cameras and dpreview

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    Tuesday, July 24, 2007

    New RAWsumer is official: The Panasonic FZ-18!

  • Details and specifications on the brand new Panasonic FZ18 at dpreview
  • The Panasonic FZ 18 will be avaiable in silver as FZ18S and in black as FZ18K
  • US price is very promising at $400 and will ship in September according to dcresource.
  • The monthly production output will be 15,000 per month. More details from Japan by digitalcamera.jp (link is computer-translated to english). Price will be 55,000 yen.
  • More on today's Panasonic announcement at 1001 noisy cameras, including links to a few sample galleries and some early hands-on previews by people who attended the world-wide Panasonic press events.
  • Sample pictures gallery from Panasonic Japan and Mark Peters from Dublin, Ireland (Panasonic press event).

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  • Monday, July 23, 2007

    Panasonic FZ18, a new RAWsumer has been leaked!

  • A new RAWsumer model has been leaked to the Panasonic website, discovered by the Panasonic talk forum users. The new model is the Panasonic FZ18, featuring an 18x optical super zoom, going from 28mm to 504mm equivalent. It uses an 8mp 1/2.5" sensor, and it has RAW and RAW+JPEG. Also has a battery of CIPA 400 (400 shots based on standardized CIPA measurements). This is great! This is only the 3rd RAWsumer camera announced this year so this is great news!
  • More details on the leak along with the other two new models in the FX-series revealed at 1001 noisy cameras

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  • Friday, July 13, 2007

    Thanks Imaging Insider!

    Thanks for the reference to this blog to the Imaging Insider. Imaging Insider is the source for imaging professionals.

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    Tuesday, July 10, 2007

    What to expect from this blog in the next few days?

    I will start assembling a list of all non-dSLR cameras with RAW support, both current models and models from the last few years. Also I will create a list of cameras that should have had RAW. For the purposes of this, I am only going to be counting cameras that offer RAW support directly or via a manufacturer's firmware update. Time permitting I may also delve into the raw option via hacks (eg Olympus ORF files).

    I will also be doing individual posts highlighting each current "RAWsumer" model, similar to what I did for the Ricoh GX100. I can't promise a timeline yet, since I am still finishing up the Fauxtokina 2007 predictions and speculations

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    Friday, July 06, 2007

    Meet the Ricoh GX-100

  • Is the Ricoh GX100 the new prosumer Messiah? Not necessarily because it is the best prosumer camera ever made, but it could be the camera that forces other manufacturers to compete with it and return to the prosumer market, a market that gave us such darlings as the Canon Pro 1, Olympus C8080, Panasonic LC1, Nikon 8400 and 8800, Sony F717, F828, Sony R1, Minolta A1, A2, A200, Samsung Pro 815, Canon G-series (G7 is different), Nikon 4500 and 5400, Kodak P880, etc.
  • Even though the Sigma DP1 has a bigger sensor, it will not be a mass-appeal camera, it does not have a zoom lens, it will cost a lot more, and no one really knows if/when it will be released (given Sigma's track record). That's why I think the Ricoh GX100 has the best chance of revitalizing this segment...
  • For the purpose of this post, prosumer is very loosely defined to be any advanced non-DSLR with some advanced features.
  • By the way, the use of the term "prosumer Messiah" is an homage to Frank Herbert's Dune. It is not a contemporary religious reference!

    Let's meet the Ricoh GX100
  • First an actual user blogging about their GX100at the mygx100 blog here at blogspot.
  • Official announcement (at dpreview), including detailed specifications
  • Official Ricoh website for the GX100. Brochure in PDF from Ricoh (5.2MB).
  • Lots of discussion on the Ricoh GX100 in the dpreview Ricoh Talk forum
  • PhotographyBlog has recently posted a review of the GX100. Discussion of the review in this Ricoh dpreview forum thread
  • Others reviewing the GX-100 are PhotoReview and german sites digitalkamera.de and dkamera.de. List of all reviews available at dcviews.com
  • Also reviewed by print magazine What Digital Camera. Discussion of the review in the Ricoh dpreview forum
  • dpreview forum user Amin S has posted a comparison between the GX 100, the Canon G7 and the Leica D-Lux 2 (Panasonic LX-) in his blog. Discussion of his comparison in the dpreview forum
  • dpreview just posted their 12-page review of the Ricoh GX-100, produced by Simon Joinson.
  • For those in the USA, the Ricoh is only available from Adorama either directly or through Amazon
  • Current price is $600 for the camera, and $170 for the removable external LCD viewfinder aptly named VF-1. They are also bundled together in the GX100 VF KIT for $700 (Prices and availability are as of the time of writing and can change at any time)

  • Conclusion? Too early to tell just yet! For one thing, we need more technical reviews of the camera to be published, hopefully including one from dpreview.
  • work in progress, more coming up!

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