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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Special Ricoh GX100 bundle for $649 from Adorama!

Adorama is offering a nice bundle built around RAWsumer Ricoh GX100. The special bundle includes is offered for $649 by Adorama at Amazon and from Adorama directly. The special bundle includes the following items:

  • Ricoh GX100 ($650 value)
  • VF1 Viewfinder kit ($150 value)
  • Ricoh HA2 hood ($45 value)
  • Spare battery
  • Lowe Pro case
  • Free shipping

    More coverage of this at 1001 Noisy Cameras.

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  • Tuesday, December 25, 2007

    PMA 2008 Rumors, Speculation and Predictions (RAWsumer edition)

    Continuing with the XMas Blogging Marathon theme of 1001 Noisy, our XMas present to you is non-stop blogging! RAWsumer fans will receive this post, on rumors, speculation and predictions for PMA 2008 and beyond.

    Please keep in mind everything in this post is either speculation, predictions or rumors or wishful thinking

    Our previous RAWsumer speculation came in the Fall of 2007. Of the four cameras we predicted, only the Ricoh GRD II came to be, and the Sigma DP1 got "postponed/rebooted" by Shiguma.

    So now we will present to your our PMA 2008 and Beyond...

    Sigma DP1: At best we can hope for a re-announcement of the Sigma DP1 with complete specs at PMA 2008 and a promise of a delivery time at Photokina 2008. I am worried that it might be the other way round, full specs at Photokina 2008, delivery after PMA 2009. Of course I would prefer that it gets announced and delivered at PMA 2008 :)

    Ricoh GX100 follow-ups It took Ricoh two years to come up with a GRD follow-up, but the GRD is a special type of a camera. The GX100 on the other hand is more of a general purpose prosumer/RAWsumer, and Ricoh could benefit for announcing a second one. Infact they could keep the new one running in a parallel with the GX100. Which would open four opportunities for Ricoh:

    Ricoh GX100 follow-up Option #1: The Ricoh GX100 follow-up could perhaps arrive "under" the GX100 in terms of specs. This would allow Ricoh to offer it at a very competitive price, eg compete with the Canon G9 and the used prosumers of the past sitting on eBay. Let's call this GX80 or GX70, to be in-line model-number-wise with their Caplio R-series and RR-series.

    Ricoh GX100 follow-up Option #2: The follow-up replaces the GX100, uses a similar size sensor, improves on the GX100, it is priced similarly, and create a dynamic duo, the same way Canon did when it dominated the prosumer market with G-series duos. (I am not saying Ricoh is going to dominate the market, just that it would create a dynamic duo the same way Canon did - just to be clear). Let's call this model Ricoh GX120 if it uses a 12mp sensor or Ricoh GX110 if it uses a similar 10mp sensor like the GRD II. This is probably the most likely of the three options.

    Ricoh GX100 follow-up Option #3: Ricoh goes for something even more spectacular and ambitious, they go for a camera with a larger sensor. Obviously one of the issues is finding a sensor since Ricoh does not have the volume to command a sensor at a reasonable price. With 2/3" sensors gone the way of the dinosaur at the moment, the next option would be to pick up a 4/3rds sensor from Kodak or Panasonic (2x of 35mmFF) or a *gasp* Foveon sensor (1.7x of 35mmFF) - assuming Shiguma does not have a veto over this. This would obviously create a new set of trade-offs, the camera would have to become bigger if the lens was kept of the same focal length. But this segment is so underserved at the moment, I wouldn't be shocked if Ricoh took a chance here. I see this as not very likely, but it would be a welcome surprise. Given its importance, I would think it would deserve the name of Ricoh GX1 or something like that.

    Ricoh GX100 follow-up Option #4: This should be easy to implement, take the GX100 as it is, and put the new 6mp 60fps 1/1.8" sensor inside. Would this become the street photographer's dream camera - megapixels aside? Let's call this GX60 for the 60fps or GX1000 with the extra zeros to indicate the speed.

    Please keep in mind everything in this post is either speculation, predictions or rumors or wishful thinking

    Fuji S9100 (S9600) follow-up: With the introduction of the S8000fd, a S9100 follow-up may have become a bit less likely. If there is one, the 12mp sensor seems to be the predictable (but not necessarily logical) option to follow. If they do release a S9200fd (S9700fd), sensor-shift or optical image stabilization is a must. Fuji is on the right path for a digital camera renaissance after falling in the shadows with xD-only and lack of image stabilization. Now they have managed to turn the xD disadvatange into an advantage (both xD and SD/MMC memory cards) and sensor-shift stabilization is slowly starting to find its way in their cameras (F50fd, S8000fd).

    Fuji prosumer surprise? Given that Fuji is not interested in announcing entry-level or sub $1500 DSLRs any time soon, they have more to benefit from releasing advanced prosumers. Granted we would want them to sort out their sensor/optical stabilization first before attempting a more advanced camera, which is perhaps why we haven't seen a S9100 replacement yet. What exactly would a Fuji prosumer surprise be?

    Fuji prosumer surprise Option #1: A camera using a larger than 1/1.6" sensor of course! Fuji makes their own sensors but they are not shy about using 3rd party sensors as well. They could use their "4/3rds in-name-only connection" and grab a *gasp* Kodak or Panasonic 4/3rd sensor, or make their own if they plan to carry this throughout their line-up.

    Fuji prosumer surprise Option #2: Now this prosumer surprise doesn't have to be in the form of a S9100-type of a big-zoomer. They already have a sleek film camera body: See Amin's Photo blog which includes a picture, and 1001 noisy. The film is camera is available as an import from Japan eBay. What we are hoping for is a digital equivalent :)

    Fuji Resurrection Ship: (three more options): (title is homage to the new Battlestar Galactica) Fuji has some interesting cameras that are not active right now that would make some interesting prosumers if they were reactivated (thus the title). First up, the E900. Yes, it needs to be "modernized" with some sort of image stabilization and the SD/xD combo drive, but even if they don't make any drastic changes, the camera won't have a whole lot of competition - assuming it is priced reasonably. If they were not shy about putting a 12mp in the F50d, expect this to a E1200. Yikes or Yay? Another candidate is to take the 6mp "magic" sensor, take the F50fd body, add RAW for even more "pho cred", and create the F35fd! "Pho Cred" is the equivalent of "street cred" earned among hard core photography enthusiasts ;-) Last but not least, take the S6000fd, add the xD/SD dual drive, and some sort of image stabilization, let the sensor be as it is (or improve it, but don't go for 9mp or 12mp) and reissue it as S6100fd. Come on Fuji, we have given you three options here, pick at least one :-)

    Please keep in mind everything in this post is either speculation, predictions or rumors or wishful thinking

    Nikon P5x00 wants RAW: This is a simple thing for Nikon to do and it will allow them to raise their prices, which I presume it's a welcome thing for among the accountants. Take the P5100, add RAW, make a few simple improvements, and without much effort, you have the P5200. This would allow it to compete more directly with the Canon G9 and Panasonic LX2.

    Canon superzooms meet RAW: Once upon a time a leader in prosumer RAW (G-series, S-series, Pro 1). These days they had to be coerced into putting RAW in the Canon G9. With Panasonic and Olympus offering RAW in their 12x and 18x hyperzooms, and Sony going with a 15x lens and Fuji with 18x, the pressure is on Canon to put RAW and to make their lens longer. I don't know about making the lens longer (larger zoom ratio) but RAW is not a bad idea. It would make their long zooms RAWsumers and allow them to be featured on this blog. I'm sure that alone is incentive enough for you Canon :-)

    Mythical Panasonic LX3: Whoever had the "two in-between cameras" rumor for Panasonic was dead-on. They had the FX100 which slides between the smaller FX-series and the LX-series and the FZ18 which slides between the mid-range FZ7/FZ8/etc and the big FZ30/FZ50 series. So what's next for the LX-series? Canon seems to be doing quite well with the Canon G9, and Nikon is getting some love for the P5000/P5100 despite the lack of RAW. Given that Panasonic was there after both Canon and Nikon abandoned the segment, it wouldn't make sense for them to shy away. Perhaps the delay is because they are working on something new (wishful thinking?). Maybe a new sensor or a new body, for example an LX camera with a 28-200 lens but also paying attention to the form factor. This could also allow the LX2 to be replaced by a "traditional" LX3, and also create a new line of 28-200mm (yes, wishful thinking).

    Panasonic FZ50 follow-up: This could go in different directions. A simple update with a 12mp sensor could yield a FZ60. A wide-angle version of the FZ50 with the same sensor as the FZ50 could yield a FZ55. A giant version with an 18x hyperzoom would yield a FZ80 or FZ180.

    Panasonic resurrection ship: More BSG references! The LC1 would look quite interesting if made with one of Panasonic's existing 4/3rds sensors. Panasonic is probably one or two years away from releasing a mass-market DSLR, so they don't just yet have to think like a traditional SLR manufacturer. They can think like an appliance maker and make the best prosumer cameras they can instead :) The aforementioned 28-200mm camera would perhaps be a revitalization of the LC-series instead, but using more of an LC5 body than an LC1. An LC1 with a 28-200mm lens would not be small at all.

    Kodak-Flextronics rediscovers RAW: Kodak gave RAWsumers some hope with the P880 and P850 duo, but more specifically the P880 which found a niche following after its price was slashed to reality. It's been over two years with no follow-ups. In recent interviews Kodak mentioned they have not abandoned "advanced compacts". OF course this is the company who said they are done with entry-level compacts and then announced a low price leader C513 at $80 with a 5mp CMOS sensor and 3x optical zoom, probably undercutting price-wise some of the "generics" even. The simplest thing would be to issue a sequential update to the P880, but not necessarily go for the latest 12mp or 14mp or 10000mp sensor - instead pick the best sensor available (if such a thing exists)

    Canon A660 IS: Canon annoucned a Canon A650 IS update with RAW support. This would kill two birds with one stone: Put the light leak stigma behind them and offer RAW on this camera that begs for RAW. It has after all twice the battery life of the more "advanced" GINO (Canon G9)

    Olympus mid-range SP-followup: Olympus has not updated their mid-rangey SP-series that support RAW (SP350, SP320, SP310, etc). With the brief resurgence of the power compacts (G9, LX2, P5100, GRD), Olympus could find a niche with an afford SP-follow up that offers RAW to compete with the Nikon P5000/P5100 and the aging Panasonic LX2 at that price range.

    Samsung forces the issue? In a recent post in the Korean press there was a mention or direct quote that 2008 will be the year that Samsung goes for more advanced cameras. Now does that mean they go for prosumer/rawsumers or simply that they improve their DSLR offerings? We hope its both, but the focus of this blog is RAWsumers. The only RAWsumer ever made by Samsung was the gigantic Pro 815. I doubt we are going to see that again, but Samsung has found something with their NV-styled design. Those cameras could turn into some interesting mid-size prosumers and perhaps street camera favorites if they are improved in every facet, from the addition of RAW, image quality, photographic features and operations, etc. Samsung has come a long way from the boxy P&S cameras of five years ago, but they still have a lot of work ahead of them. With the prosumer segment wide open, they could make a big splash - providing they take the time and energy to refine and fine-tune their prosumers. Things that can be forgiven on a $200 or $300 P&S may not be forgiven on a $500+ prosumer. A number of companies have found this the hard way.

    Samsung Prosumer possibilities: So what could they do? NV-styled RAWsumers that borrow from the NV20/NV15/NV10 (3x optical) and the NV11 (5x optical). Image stabilization would almost be a must, unless they have some sort of a "magic" sensor. These would compete with the G9, P5100, LX2, and the old/used market prosumers. If they are really serious about prosumers they could also try something more advanced, perhaps a 28-200mm with a 1/1.8" or larger sensor. Samsung is expected to release new entry-level DSLR(s) since their "current" entry-level are the Pentax *istDS2 and *istDL2 equivalent. That's old in digital camera terms. In this case would Samsung start thinking like an SLR manufacturer and avoid making a top of the line prosumer for fears of eating up their DSLR sales? Samsung is not an SLR manufacturer and they don't have the lens mount to worry about (they use the K-mount). While they do have their own branded lenses, they are Pentax-equivalent with the Xenon brand, so their photographic fate is not "tied" to the mount the same way Canon, Nikon and Minolta-Sony are tied to their own mount. That and the fact that they are an "appliance maker" may save them from going into "SLR-priority" mode.

    Old-school Resurrection ship: Check the long list at the bottom of our 2007 post. Of the 11 cameras mentioned there we only touched up the Panasonic LC1 here. The other ten, which are obviously some of the most popular prosumers of the pre-$1000-DSLR era are listed there for your enjoyment :)

    Sony: Ooops! I forgot about Sony! Thanks to our reader for reminding us in the comments section! So what can we expect from Sony? In an ideal world we could get follow-ups to the R1, F828, V3, A2 and A200. In the real world, we'll probably be thrilled if we get even one of those five. With Sony's balance sheet looking better as of the last quarter, and the success of the likes of the G9, LX2, GX100/GRD, and even the Nikon P5100/P5000, Sony is a little bit "left out" of this segment, the closer camera to this is the W200 or the N2, and neither one are really attractive to buyers in that segment. None of their non-DSLRs offer RAW at the moment, which is another negative in terms of being competitive in the non-DSLR segment.

    Most likely Sony reaction: The most likely Sony reaction is that they will probably come up with a mid-range compact with RAW (we can hope). As you may recall from the past, Sony has not been shy about trying outside the box cameras (R1, big F-series, V1, etc). A few of these were too big to fit inside the box :) So we'll probably get something along the lines of the V1 or V3, perhaps something trending in between the Nikon P5100 and the Canon G9, but with RAW. Hopefully!

    Sony what we would like to see: Revitalization of the Minolta A-series, along with either another R-series or big F-series. Sony could stack these up so the R-series/F-series be the top tier (perhaps using APS-C or 1.7x sensors or 2x sensors) and the Minolta A-series being a step below in terms of camera size and sensor size, whether it's a 2/3" or 1/1.7" or something else. While it's fun to design this cameras on blog-paper, we are probably not going to see them. Sony, prove me wrong! :)

    Please keep in mind everything in this post is either speculation, predictions or rumors or wishful thinking

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    Monday, December 24, 2007

    New resource: The handy eBay Prosumer Finder

    We have just posted a new handy eBay Prosumer Finder at 1001 Noisy Cameras. This has pre-filled eBay queries for some of the most popular used prosumers/RAWsumers of the last few years. Check 1001 Noisy for all the details.

    Eventually we will create a custom-version for this blog as well, and integrate it into the List of Prosumers (2002 - 2007). We do not have a time frame for this however. If only there were 240 hours in a day :)

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    Friday, December 14, 2007

    RAWsumer price drop: Panasonic LX2 at $300 (Amazon)

    Update! Two days after our original post the price dropped down by another $20, now offered at $300!

    We have another price drop on this slightly "older" RAWsumer, the Panasonic LX2, offered by Amazon for $320 $300 at the moment. This is for the silver model (LX2S). At the moment the black model (LX2) remains at $320. This includes free shipping and a coupon for a free 12 month Shutterfly calendar.

    If you are not familiar with the camera, be sure to check the various reviews that have been posted on it, and check user comments and sample and actual pictures. DCviews has a list of ten reviews of the LX2. And remember, if the last you heard about this camera was when it came out at near full price, a lot of the negatives tend to get "forgiven" as the price slides down :)

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    Wednesday, December 12, 2007

    Panasonic FZ18 and FZ8 price cuts at Amazon!

    Two of the most recent RAWsumers have had a recent price-cut at Amazon! The Panasonic FZ18 is now down to $300, while the Panasonic FZ8 is down to $240. Obviously each camera has its trade-offs, but they do support RAW which can "fix" a number of the image-related issues. Also look at the price! The lower it gets, the more negatives are "forgiven" :)

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    Saturday, December 08, 2007

    The Panasonic FZ18 gets reviewed by Imaging Resource

    Imaging Resource has published their Panasonic FZ18 review. Check it out! As always, I don't want to reveal their findings, I don't want to spoil the surprise or add bias to the reader's opinion before reading the review.

    The FZ18 is the camera the other manufacturers are "blaming" for causing a drop in the prices of their big zooms. The Canon S5 IS, Fuji S8000fd and Olympus SP-560uz all came in at $500 or so, but Panasonica announced the FZ18 at $400 instead. This has forced some of the other manufacturers to also drop their prices, resulting in the Canon S5 IS, Fuji S8000fd and Panasonic FZ18 currently selling between $330 and $350. Not bad price, eh? :) Of those three, the FZ18 is the only one with RAW support.

    The FZ18 is currently available at J&R World for $330 and $7 effectuve S&H.

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    Friday, November 30, 2007

    The latest updates from 1001 Noisy Cameras

    This blog, RAWsumer, is more of a reference blog, so it is not updated on a daily basis. However, our other blog, 1001 Noisy Cameras is updated multiple times throughout the day. So we thought it might be of interest to our readers if we carry the latest 1001 Noisy headlines right in this blog.

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    Wednesday, November 28, 2007

    What about the Ricoh GRD II?

    This post is dedicated to the new Ricoh GRD II RAWsumer digital camera. If you missed the announcement of this camera, here is coverage of the Ricoh GRD II announcement at 1001 Noisy Cameras, as well as the initial reactions to the GRD2 annoucement.

    For those in the USA, the camera is only available through Adorama for the list price of $700 with free shipping. According to the Adorama website, the camera is now ready to ship. Their estimate was for a November 28, 2007 release date, so they are a day early :) Because there is no competition, the price won't be fluctuating as it typically does for cameras that are available from hundreds of competing vendors. The forum users at the Ricoh forum are discussing their Adorama orders.

    With regards to the other markets around the world, we are not familiar with the local and regional websites, so unfortunately we do not have any price and availability details. One dpreview forum user mentions that the GRD II is now available in Hong Kong, and on display in Japan.

    So what about the actual camera? Amin's excellent blog provides a detailed look at high ISO crops from both the GRD and the GRD II. The pictures are provided in this post at the Ricoh Forum.

    The Ricoh Forum is a forum that covers Ricoh digital cameras as you might expect :) There is a dedicated sub-forum there focusing (no pun intended) on the GRD II. In the dedicated GRD II forum you will find the aforementioned ISO tests, macro tests, performance information, FAQ, links and information and everything you wanted to know about this new camera!

    Amin's comparison of high ISO crops is discussed in the Ricoh dpreview forum as well. Please note that the link above included embedded crops of the comparisons, so if you are on a slow internet connection, it may take a bit longer to load. You can always press Escape to stop it from loading and then move on to read the text.

    Another forum user takes a look at the Ricoh GRD II samples and discusses them in the dpreview Ricoh forum. In the same thread, we have the first impressions of an actual GRD II owner.

    Another user is asking about the digital zoom. The GRD II has a fixed focal length lens, so the digital zoom is perhaps something that might be more tempting for the users, but it is still digital zoom imho.

    More discussions and hands-on impressions on the GRD II. And another discussion on the RAW files. And a comparison between the GRD and GRD II.

    More first impressions, including a range of sample pictures at different ISOs.

    For even more past, present and future discussions, check the dpreview Ricoh forum.

    If the GRD II is too expensive or too new for you, the original GR-D is now available at $500, from Adorama directly with free shipping, or from Adorama on Amazon.

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    List of RAWsumers (going back to 2002)

    The List of RAWsumers is presented in reverse chronological order. If sensor size is not mentioned, then it is between 1.1/6" and 1/1.8". Otherwise it is listed in [square brackets] next to each camera.


    1. Nikon Coolpix P7000 [September]
    2. Canon S95 [August]
    3. Panasonic LX5 [July]
    4. Panasonic FZ100 [1/2.33" MOS, July]
    5. Panasonic FZ40/FZ45 [1/2.33" CCD, July]
    6. Sigma DP2s [1.7X Foveon, February]
    7. Sigma DP1x [1.7X Foveon, February]
    8. Samsung EX1 (TL500) [February]
    9. Samsung TL350 (WB2000) [probably 1/2.3" backlit CMOS, February]
    10. Fuji HS10 (HS11) [1/2.3", February]
    11. Casio EX-FH100 [1/2.3", January]
    12. Kodak Z981 [1/2.3", January]

    1. Casio EX-FH25 [1/2.3", November]
    2. Sigma DP1s [1.7x Foveon sensor, October]
    3. Leica X1 [APS-C sensor, September]
    4. Samsung HZ25w/WB5000 [1/2.3", September]
    5. Canon G11 [August]
    6. Canon S90 [August]
    7. Fuji S200 EXR [July]
    8. Panasonic FZ38/FZ35 [1/2.33" sensor, July]
    9. Ricoh GRD III [July]
    10. Sigma DP2 (March) [1.7x Foveon]
    11. Canon SX1 IS (February) [1/2.3" CMOS sensor)
    12. Kodak Z980 (not 100% sure) (verified by reviewers) (January) [1/2.33" sensor]

    1. Sigma DP2 (1.7x Foveon)
    2. Canon G10
    3. Casio EX-FH20 with 9mp 1/2.3" CMOS sensor (September)
    4. Leica D-Lux 4 with 10mp 1/1.63" sensor (September)
    5. Olympus SP565uz with 1/2.3" sensor (August)
    6. Nikon P6000 with 14mp 1/1.72" sensor (August)
    7. Kodak Z1015-IS with 10mp 1/2.33" sensor (July, revealed in August)
    8. Panasonic LX3 with 10mp 1/1.63" sensor (July)
    9. Panasonic FZ28 with 10mp 1/1.23" sensor (July)
    10. Panasonic FX150 with 15mp 1/1.72" sensor (July)
    11. Ricoh GX200 with 12mp 1/1.7" sensor (June)
    12. Sigma DP1 re-materializes [1.7x Foveon sensor]
    13. Fuji S100 FS (January pre-PMA) [2/3" SuperCCD-HR]
    14. Olympus SP-570uz (January pre-PMA) [1/2.33"]
    15. Casio EX-F1 (January at CES). Previous development notice

    1. Ricoh GRD II (October 30)
    2. Version II of Olympus's 18x hyperzoom, the Olympus SP-560 [1/2.3"]
    3. Canon Powershot G9, the GINO gets RAW! Thanks Canon!
    4. Panasonic FZ18, announced in July 2007 [1/2.5"]
    5. Ricoh GX100
    6. Fuji IS-1 (infrared version of Fuji S9100)
    7. Panasonic FZ8 [1/2.5"]
    8. Olympus SP-550 Uz [1/2.5"]

    1. Sigma DP1 (announced, not shipping yet) [1.7x sensor]
    2. Leica D-Lux 3 (aka Panasonic LX2)
    3. Leica V-Lux 1 (aka Panasonic FZ50)
    4. Fuji S9100 (aka S9600)
    5. Panasonic FZ50
    6. Panasonic LX2
    7. Fuji S6000fd (aka S6500fd)
    8. Kodak P712 [1/2.5"]
    9. Olympus SP320

    1. Leica D-Lux 2 (aka Panasonic LX1)
    2. Ricoh GR Digital (DNG)
    3. Sony R1 (Sept 2005) [1.7x sensor]
    4. Olympus SP350
    5. Olympus SP320
    6. Kodak P880
    7. Kodak P850 (I believe it's 1/2.5", but I haven't verified it yet)
    8. Fuji E900
    9. Fuji S9000 (aka S9500)
    10. Panasonic FZ30
    11. Panasonic LX1
    12. Fuji S5200 (aka S5600) (5th gen SuperCCD) [1/2.5"]
    13. Samsung Pro 815 (June 2005) [2/3"]
    14. Olympus C7070

    1. Olympus C7000
    2. Nikon 8400 (Sept 2004) [2/3"]
    3. Nikon 8800 (Sept 2004) [2/3"]
    4. Minolta A200 (Sept 2004) [2/3"]
    5. Sony V3
    6. Canon G6
    7. Canon S70
    8. Fuji E550
    9. Fuji F810
    10. Fuji S5500 (1/2.7", standard sensor, July 2004)
    11. Canon S60
    12. Panasonic LC1 (Febr 2004) [2/3"]
    13. Minolta A2 (Febr 2004) [2/3"]
    14. Canon Pro1 (Febr 2004) [2/3"]
    15. Olympus C8080 (PMA 2004) [2/3"]
    16. Fuji F710 (SuperCCD SR)
    17. Fuji S20 (SuperCCD SR)
    18. Nikon 8700 (Jan 2004) [2/3"]

    1. Leica Digilux 2 (Dec 2003) (aka Panasonic LC1) [2/3"]
    2. Olympus C5060
    3. Sony F828 (Aug 2003) [2/3"]
    4. Minolta A1 (Aug 2003) [2/3"]
    5. Fuji S7000 (SuperCCD HR IV)
    6. Fuji S5000 (1/2.7", SuperCCD, Sept 2003)
    7. Canon G5
    8. Fuji F700 (SuperCCD SR)

    1. Fuji S602 Pro (SuperCCD HR)
    2. Canon G3
    3. Canon S45
    4. Minolta 7Hi (Sept 2002) [2/3"]
    5. Sony F717 (Sept 2002) [2/3"]
    6. Olympus C5050 (Aug 2002) [2/3"]
    7. Nikon 5700 (Aug 2002) [2/3"]
    8. Minolta 7i (May 2002) [2/3"]

    Who is not a RAWsumer, but should have been!
    1. Canon A650-IS (AA-based G9 cousin would have been huge with RAW!)
    2. Nikon P5100, come on Nikon, add it as a firmware update!
    3. Fuji S8000fd, Fuji F50fd
    4. Canon G7
    5. Nikon P5000
    6. Ricoh GX8
    7. Panasonic FZ20
    8. Leica Digilux 1 (aka Panasonic LC1)
    9. Panasonic LC1
    10. Fuji S602
    11. Olympus SP590uz

    dpreview's Timeline has been very helpful in preparing this list! Thanks dpreview!

    History of updates
    Work in progress In progress, the list is not 100% complete yet. If you have any updates, additions, corrections, please feel free to post them! Thanks! January 1, 2002 is probably as far back I will go for now...

    Update: Restructured into a single list broken down by year. Before that it was broken down by sensor size first, and then by year and it was not easy to read. Also added yearly totals.

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    Monday, November 05, 2007

    The dpreview Panasonic FZ18 review is here!

    The highly anticipated dpreview review of the Panasonic FZ18 has arrived. The FZ18 features an 18x super zoom with MegaOIS image stabilization and starts wide, at 28mm (35mm equivalent). It also uses an 8mp 1/2.5" sensor, RAW of course, and a lot more. So how can such a package perform when tested by the dpreview review team? We won't spoil the results, you have to read to find out!.

    Looking for a second opinion? Check the DCresource.com review of the FZ18.

    If you are a fan of the FZ18 from what you've seen so far, you can buy it from Amazon or B&H Photo.

    Read the rest of "The dpreview Panasonic FZ18 review is here!"...

    RAWsumer Rumors and Speculations

    Update November 5, 2007: Grading the rumors and speculations

  • The Ricoh GRD2 came true! Woohoo!
  • Sadly nothing from Panasonic, no new big FZ-series, LX-series or a fixed lens prosumer using the 4/3rds sensors
  • We got the new Nikon P5100 but sadly no RAW :(
  • We predicted a Canon G8 which was released as a Canon G9
  • Nothing from the Kodak P-series
  • No Ricoh GX-120
  • Nothing new with RAW from Fuji either. How sad!
  • Nothing RAW from Sony either. Wake up companies!
  • Nothing prosumer-ish from Olympus either, but they did release the Olympus SP560 that supports RAW
  • Nothing RAW from Samsung either. After all they only had one non-DSLR with RAW, the Big Daddy Monster Pro 815.

  • 8/3/07: Added entries for Ricoh, Fuji, Sony, Olympus, and Samsung!

    Rumors on new RAWsumers
  • Ricoh GRD2, dpreview Ricoh thread

    Speculation on future RAWsumers
  • This is based on my long Fauxtokina 2007 speculation posted at 1001 noisy cameras
  • Remember everything in this post is pure speculation!

  • Panasonic FZ-series: 12mp sensor in FZ50 body in a hypothetical FZ60? How about a FZ50 but with a wide lens starting at 28mm (eg FZ55 wide)? It worked well for the TZ3 after all. As far as the medium-sized FZ, how about a FZ9 with an 8mp sensor 1/2.5" replacing the FZ8 (Panasonic is currently at 7mp using 1/2.5" sensors)

  • Panasonic LX-series: 12mp sensor in the LX2 body making a hypothetical LX3 is the simplest thing to speculate. But the slotted in theory, part A of which came true with the FX100 says a second camera would be "slotted in" somewhere in the line-up. So this opens up even wilder speculation: An LX3 with a 28-200 lens, or perhaps even wider, eg starting at 24mm. Another sexy but unlikely possibility is a fixed-lens camera, similar perhaps to the Ricoh GR-D. This camera would look very sexy in a Leica "uniform" even.
  • Panasonic LC-series? A return of the LC series based on the slotted in theory could perhaps be an in-between LX-/FZ- camera, with a 28-200 lens perhaps.
  • 4/3rds sensor in a Panasonic non-DSLR? One possibility mentioned in the dpreview forums is a non-dSLR by Panasonic using the 4/3rds sensor (new 10mp nMOS or the older 8mp). Panasonic has already designed the LC-1 body which would be an interesting match for this sensor design-wise, and the in-camera tilting flash would be fitting... More on Panasonic at 1001

  • Nikon P-series: The P5000 is the closet thing to a mid-range+ camera at Nikon. The last advanced cameras were the wide-angle 8400 and the VR-superzoom 8800 at Photokina 2004, along with the 8700 (Jan 2007). These were using 2/3" sensors. I do not expect anything new here, although it would be nice if they did. Before that, the 5400 (May 2003), 4500 (May 2002) and 5000 (Sept 2001) were the advanced models from Nikon... So the most reasonable hope for a RAWsumer from Nikon is the P-series. A number of people would have liked to have seen RAW enabled in the P5000, which is using a 10mp 1/1.8" sensor. This is more of a PMA 2008 refresh, but perhaps Nikon is encouraged by the interest in the P5000 to come up with another update, perhaps jump to the 12mp sensor. While the P5000 has many pluses it also have a number of things that could make it even more appealing if they were fixed, the additional of RAW being one of them. (Read the multiple reviews on the P5000 from the major sites for details). So a P6000, with RAW added, and some of the bugs fixed would make a nice compact RAWsumer! More on Nikon at 1001

  • Canon G-series: Just like the Nikon P5000, a number of people wanted to see RAW in the G7. The G7 broke ranks with the historic Canon G-series that Canon revived after three years of no new G-models. It broke ranks because it did not have RAW, and half a dozen other G-series defining characteristics. However, on its own merits, the G7 was a very interesting proposition. Adding RAW to a follow-up could make it even more interesting, even if nothing else is changed. And the temptation of a 12mp sensor could trigger that. Let's call it G8. The news of more CMOS sensor development at Canon could also be a good sign for a G-series (or some other RAWsumer). Given that Canon does not seem to be interested in releasing a $500 DSLR anytime soon, there could be room for something above the G7. One can hope as this is quite unlikely... More on Canon at 1001

  • Kodak P-series: One of the features Kodak added to their premium P-series cameras was RAW, even to the 1/2.5" long zooms P850 and P712. Each was introduced in the summer of 2005 and 2006, so a summer/fall 2007 follow-up is reasonable to expect, perhaps using the 8mp 1/2.5" sensor that more and more makers and models are transititioning to. A P812 IS sounds reasonable... A longer shot is a P1280, a 12mp version of the P880 or perhaps a P1080, a 10mp version. The P880, starting at 24mm wide, picked up fans after its price dropped significantly off MSRP. Kodak does try new things every few years, and the P880 is now two years old. Kodak already jumped to 12mp 1/1.7x" with the Z1285 which is a mid-range camera (at best), and they are usually not shy about jumping up megapixel-wise. Given the lack of recent RAWsumers, anything new is welcome!... More on Kodak at 1001

  • Ricoh: The GR-D came out two years ago and as the post at the top mentions, chatter of a GRD2 is picking up. Ricoh showed some improvements with the GX100, so if the sequential improvements continue the GRD2 has a chance to be a big hit among the hardcore enthusiasts. Given the realities of today's market we'll probably see a 12 megapixel version, although we can hope that we can be pleasantly surprised if Ricoh choses to use the sensor with the best image quality, not the best marketability, especially since this is an enthusiast camera, not a camera for the giant electronics super stores... The GX-100 has generated a buzz among enthusiasts and even though it came out at PMA 2007, we may see a follow-up if Ricoh wants to capitalize on its success. Let's not forget the RAWsumer/prosumer field is wide open at the moment, and if Ricoh can release a follow-up mode with more sequential improvements, it can generate even more buzz. Again if there will be another model, a 12 megapixel sensor is likely. Ricoh has been introducing Rx-series models every 6-9 months after all, so since the GX-100 is a success, why not?... While the Rx-series (R5, R6, etc) does not support RAW, Ricoh may follow decide to make these cameras more attractive to enthusiasts by offering RAW. Let's not forget Panasonic just recently added RAW to their 1/2.5" FZ-series models. So why not? The Rx-series does have a practical 28-200 range as well which be attractive to enthusiasts. I wouldn't expect it to happen, but I wouldn't be surprised either... More on Ricoh at 1001

  • Fuji: Since Fuji is not planning to introduce DSLRs anywhere near $1000, they are a good candidate to continue offering RAWsumers/prosumers. Their newest releases showed a very welcome addition, sensor-shift image stabilization, but also a potentially unfortunate 12mp sensor in the F50fd. Their top of the line is the S9xxx series, with the S9000 and S9100 coming out in August of 2005 and 2006. So one could expect a follow-up in 2007, a S9200fd. And it is reasonable to assume that they will give it sensor-shift stabilization (yeah!) and probably the 12mp 1/1.6" SuperCCD sensor found in the F50fd. That seems to be the most likely scenario, although we won't complain if Fuji surprises us with something more exciting (we can all dream!)... Their mid-range and enthusiast favorite S6000fd because of its "6mp magic low noise sensor" may be the first and last of its line. The 18x superzoom S8000fd may be the new mid-range, even though it uses a Bayer 1/2.35" sensor. The entry-level S5700 was sequentially upgrated to the S5800. So sadly that's it for the S6000fd, unless Fuji surprises us and re-releases it with sensor-shift stabilization and the same (or similar) 6mp "magic sensor"! This would be great!... The other RAWsumer in Fuji's recent line-up was the E900, with a 9mp 1/1.6" sensor (two years ago), which followed the E550. A number of people wanted to see a version of the E900 released with the "6mp magic sensor" but unfortunately that never happened. Given the popularity of the Panasonic LX-series, Canon G7 and Nikon P5000, it may be reasonable for Fuji to modernize the E900, and perhaps give it a more flexible zoom (eg starting at 28mm, or for bonus points starting at 24mm even). Sensor-shift stabilization and face detection and SD of course should be added. Unfortunately given the marketing realities of our times, this would probably also feature the 12mp SuperCCD sensor mentioned above... More on Fuji at 1001

  • Sony: The R1 was the big daddy of prosumers with its 1.7x APS-Cish sensor. It had size, class and weight. A camera not for the faint of heart. But not a perfect camera. After all it was only Sony's first attempt at the R-series. The camera was announced two years ago, but given its sensor size, one should perhaps expect a DSLR lifecycle, instead of a consumer digicam annual replacement lifecycle. Given that Sony has been slow to announce their next DSLRs, it's not unreasonable not to see anything here either. Obviously now they are thinking like an SLR maker with the lenses and system and such, but don't count out an R2 just yet. Although it's more likely that we won't see an R2, don't write it off! That includes you Sony!... And now let's revisit some of the classic RAWsumers: The F828 was the last of the F-series four years ago. While the R1 was not a direct replacement, it did replace it at the top of Sony's line. Probably remains in the history book... And how about the Minolta A-series that Sony presumably bought when they bought Konica-Minolta? The last ones (A2 and A200) came out in 2004. Obviously there hasn't been a new 2/3" sensor, and perhaps that's partially why all these RAWsumers from the glory days are gone. I think an A-series revival (whether 1/1.6" or 2/3" or something else) would bode well for Sony since they don't really have anything advanced (with RAW) between the A100 and the rest of their models... Another class is the V-series, specifically the V3 of three years ago, that essentially replaced the S85 that came out three years before it. So according to the three year plan, a V3-follow up should be due this year! If so, expect a lovely 12mp sensor!... People would like to see RAW in the H-series as well, but Sony has not done that. Obviously there's only so much you can squeeze out of 1/2.5" sensors with an ant-hill of pixels, but hey, others have done it, so why not Sony as well?... More on Sony at 1001

  • Olympus: The only current Olympus model offering RAW right now is the 1/2.5" 18x super zoom SP550Uz, the first of its kind. It came out in January 2007, and given the onslaught of new superzooms, the problems pointed out by reviews and users, and the increase in megapixels of the competitors, I would not be surprised if Olympus released a follow-up this year with 8mp. Only as much you can squeeze out of the sensor, but it is certainly a welcome feature for the enthusiasts!... But this wasn't always like that for Olympus. They used to be very busy with RAWsumer models. Their most critically acclaimed model since the E10/E20 was the C8080 (see dpreview's review of it by Phil Askey). But that was three years ago. The last one of the RAWsumer C-series was the C7070 (1/1.8" sensor). But (yes but) given that Canon revived the G-series after three years, why not Olympus? Granted the G7 was more of a GINO, and it did not have RAW, but what I'm trying to say it's not completely impossible, given the popularity of the LX-series, G7, P5000 and GX-100. Again, I wouldn't expect it to happen, but it wouldn't shock me... What would shock me is if they came up with an E10/E20 follow-up :-)... But those were not the last RAWsumers from Olympus. The SP350, SP320 and SP310 supported RAW. They were a more lightweight version of the C-series. The last one of them was announced in early 2006. Given the popularity of the P5000 and LX-series, these are more likely to be revitalized than the C-series. And I'm not saying that these are likely either. But if Canon revitalized the G-series, Olympus may want to challenge them with a C-series. A flashback to the glory days of RAWsumers!... More on Olympus at 1001

  • Samsung: Samsung had exactly one RAWsumer, the Big Daddy, the Pro815 (announced two years ago). This was the last of the 2/3" sensor cameras. Samsung is also into DSLRs, although so far their models have been makeovers of Pentax models. They also rebadge/sell their own lenses, so they may be thinking along the same lines as traditional DSLR makers, meaning don't release anything that may get in the way of a DSLR sale! I doubt we'll see a Pro815 update, after all this was the last 2/3" sensor!... Samsung has not really attempted any other cameras above the mid-range. Their sleek looking NV-series does not even have PSAM. Samsung is focusing on become the #3 worldwide market share leader, and their many many releases seem to be targetting the under $300 segment. So probably nothing from Samsung, at least not this year... More on Samsung at 1001

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  • Tuesday, October 30, 2007

    We have a new RAWsumer, the Ricoh GRD II has been announced!

    Ricoh has just announced the GR-Digital II! Hooray for Ricoh fans! Details at 1001 Noisy Cameras, the Imaging Insider, and here's a google search for Ricoh GRD II.

    The GR-D II will feature a 10mp 1/1.75" sensor, 28mm f/2.4 lens, the new and improved Ricoh Engine II, a 2.7" LCD with 230K resolution. Ricoh claims that ISO 400 from the GRD2 will equal ISO 100 from the GRD, and that the new engine will improve battery life by about 100 shots, and RAW writing times will decrease from 10 seconds to 3.8 seconds. For more details, check the long list of Ricoh GR Digital 2 links at 1001 Noisy Cameras.

    Read the rest of "We have a new RAWsumer, the Ricoh GRD II has been announced!"...

    Saturday, October 20, 2007

    Vote and debate: Top Prosumers/RAWsumers of all time!

    Fans of RAWsumers and Prosumers, this is for you! I have just created a new UnSpun poll with 50+ of the best Prosumers of all time. You can vote for as many cameras as you want. You can rank the list from #1 to #60, or you can only make small adjustments. It's up to you! I created the list from memory and then in reverse chronological order by looking at the List of RAWsumers (2002-2007).

    This is the direct link to the Best RAWsumer Poll.

    Read the rest of "Vote and debate: Top Prosumers/RAWsumers of all time!"...

    Sunday, October 14, 2007

    Panasonic FZ18 gets reviewed by DCresource!

    The Panasonic FZ18 just got another milestone review, this time by dcresource.com.

    Read on to find out what they found out. How did the big 18x zoom range affect image quality? Are the 1/2.5" sensors too small for this type of thing? Any lens issues? What of the notorious Venus issues and noise and noise reduction? Will Monet approve this camera? So many questions!

    The review has one thing I disagree with, it calls the TZ-3 the FZ18's little brother, when it is really the FZ8 that is its little brother!

    If you are a fan of the FZ18 from what you've seen so far, you can buy it from Amazon or B&H Photo.

    Read the rest of "Panasonic FZ18 gets reviewed by DCresource!"...

    Saturday, October 13, 2007

    Top selling RAWsumers at Amazon!

    The Reader's Choice feature of 1001 Noisy Cameras, The Charts is expanding to the RAWsumer blog! In the inaugural edition here at RAWsumer we will be looking at the top selling RAWsumers at Amazon right now. Please keep in mind these is a snapshot of the current best sellers, and no long term conclusions should be drawn. Amazon does use some sort of a smoothing out algorithm but obviously I don't know the details.

    The top RAWsumers are extracted from their top sellers list by going through it. A very scientific process :-) For those not familair with the term RAWsumer, it is a non-DSLR digital camera that officially supports RAW.

    Top RAWsumers at Amazon
    1. Canon G9
    2. Panasonic FZ8
    3. Fuji Finepix S6000fd
    4. Panasonic LX2K
    5. Panasonic FZ50K
    6. Panasonic FZ18K
    7. Leica D-Lux 3
    8. Panasonic FZ8 silver
    9. Panasonic FZ18 silver
    10. Fuji S9000
    11. Panasonic LX2 silver
    12. Leica D-Lux 3 silver
    13. Olympus SP-560
    14. Olympus SP-320
    15. Fuji Finepix S9100
    16. Leica V-Lux 1 (aka Panasonic FZ50)

    Read the rest of "Top selling RAWsumers at Amazon!"...

    Tuesday, October 09, 2007

    The RAWsumers Strike Back!

    Okay, that was a bit over the top but good titles are hard to come by :)

    The long-awaited Canon G9 review has been posted at dcresource.com. Their findings are quite interesting although not shocking. Yes, the G9 is a step in the right direction, but I agree with them, it is still more GINO than G-series.

    Another G9 has been posted this week, this one at Photography Blog. Check to see what they found out! Hint: The conclusions are on page 6 for those who want to jump to the conclusions first. But beware, the conclusions contain spoilers :) Yet another G9 review is posted at Photo REview.

    Olympus follow-up to the first 18x hyperzoom received a review by Photo Review, an Australian website. See what they thought of this RAWsumer. Did it improve on some of the SP550 issues?

    Meanwhile the Ricoh GX100 got a recent review at Think Camera.com. Find out what they thought about it at Think Camera and then tell us what you think :)

    If you are interested in any of the cameras mentioned above, you can purchase them at Amazon: Canon G9, Fuji F50fd, Ricoh GX100, Canon A650 IS, Fuji S8000fd.

    Guest appearance by non-RAWsumers

  • The highly anticipated curiosity-wise follow-up to the Fuji 6mp "magic sensor" series, the F50fd has been reviewed by CNet. Will Fuji be able to retain the magic or all is lost at the altar of megapixel stuffing? Read on to find out, although CNet's reviews are by no means as detailed as dpreview.
  • E-photographia.com has evidence of the light/ghosting issues of the Canon A650-IS, a camera we would have loved to have seen as RAWsumer!
  • Another camera that fits in this category is the Fuji S8000fd, which got recently reviewed by the good people at Photography Blog.

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  • Monday, October 08, 2007

    New blog features added: Imaging Insider News, social bookmarking, Feedburner, BlogRush and more

    You may have noticed a new blog feature, we have added the Imaging Insider news feed to this blog. Check the right column for their RSS newsfeed window. Imaging Insider covers news from the wide world of photography and digital imaging. We have also added an RSS feed from our sister blog 1001 Noisy Cameras.

    Our feed is now burned by Feedburner and is compatible with both RSS and Atom. You can also subscribe by email. We added convenient buttons so you can add this blog to your RSS/Atom Newsfeed reader if you like.

    We also added social bookmarking buttons for some of the most popular bookmarking sites such as del.icio.us, digg, furl, google, yahoo, bloglines, aol, stumble upon and more. So if you find some of the posts useful, be sure to bookmark them soyou can find them easily and share them with your online and offline friends, and help promote this blog too :)

    We have also joined the BlogRush, a blogger's syndication network that showcases other blogger's noteable posts. Sort of like a co-operative syndication. If you like the idea and their design, please join using our link :) They will be launching their 2.0 version in the next few days, so expect some dust along the way :)

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    Friday, September 28, 2007

    Is the Sigma DP-1 coming soon???

    This thread in the Sigma Talk forum at dpreview has spotted a mention on Sigma France that the new compact camera is coming, presumably referring to the lost in the bermuda triangle Sigma DP1.

    Another thread speculates that the Sigma DP1 may have a new/different sensor. More DP1 questions.

    Well what I have to say is that we would all like to see the Shiguma DP-1 arrive and be a success because this will eventually benefit all photographers, regardless of brand affiliation! Some on Shiguma, give us something!

    Read the rest of "Is the Sigma DP-1 coming soon???"...

    Experimenting with new template!

    You may have noticed a big difference in the blog since your previous visit. You may have even thought this was a different blog. Well it's the same content, in just a different dress. I am experimenting with alternative templates and for now I am testing this one out. Please feel free to let me know what you think. I also added a poll on the right of your screen so you can vote on it.

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    Monday, September 24, 2007

    RAWsumer Talk in the dpreview forums

    Panasonic FZ18

  • The FZ18 reaches for the moon, with the help of a teleconverter of course.
  • Would you get a FZ18 or FZ50? An interesting dilemma for sure. Why not buy both? :) Another opinion there.
  • More Panasonic FZ18 sample pictures
  • FZ18 hawks here are some hawk pictures
  • The Philly Zoo gets FZ18'ed
  • Bag shopping for the FZ18. More specifically, the smallest bag possible.
  • Some high ISO shots as well. Come on feel the noise?
  • The FZ18 is not afraid of frost bites, here are plenty of pictures from Alaska
  • This user is impressed with out of camera color

    Canon G9
  • A quick note before we get into the forums, dcresource informs us that their Canon G9 review has been pushed back by two weeks. They are going on vacation for the next two weeks, so expect the reviews sometime in October.
  • G9 ISO samples and tests and such.
  • Discussion on the viewfinder alignment, and barrel distortion, and flash support.
  • What screen protector to use? How about any other accessories? It's a law, once you buy an expensive piece of electronics, you have to accessorize, accesorize, accessorize!
  • G9 vs G7 with CHDK RAW speed comparison
  • Has the G9 fixed some of the G7 blown highlights issues?
  • And some more sample pictures.

  • Other RAWsumers
  • Night photos from the Ricoh GX100. Sean Reid's review continues to be discussed. Nice collections focusing on spaces at the wide end of the GX100.
  • The RAWsumer waiting game. Where are you Sigma DP-1 and Ricoh GRD2? And will Canon release a competitor?
  • Speaking of the Sigma DP1 here is a waiting thread
  • The Ricoh GRD goes on an all expenses paid trip to Paris! Bonjour!
  • Fuji's IS-1 gets reviewed by Pop Photo. The review is discussed in this thread. And what about the crazy user license agreement that Fuji came up with?
  • Are the similarities between the Olympus SP-560 and Fuji S8000fd more than just a coincidence?
  • The FZ30 gets invited to a garden party
  • The FZ50 gets rusty. No, no camera were harmed, worry not :)
  • Waiting, hoping and wishing for a Panasonic LX3.
  • Sunsets from the Panasonic FZ50.

    Not RAWsumers but we'll talk about them anyway
  • Noise test squaring off the F31fd vs the F50fd.
  • On Fuji and the 6mp magic SuperCCD sensor. More on this here

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  • Tuesday, September 18, 2007

    Catching up with the Canon G9!

    Since our previous post on the Canon G9, there have been more pictures and more user reviews. Let's start with the Canon G9 user review at Dream Time Images by Nathan Welton. Then we have Blogger's Blog of Note Strobist taking a look at the G9. Extended Canon G9 web coverage at the Imaging Insider. The dcresource review of the G9 should be posted by the end of September. dcresource's G9 gallery in anticipation of the review has already been posted. Meanwhile the magazine Popular Photography and Imaging has posted a five page review of the Canon G9 on their website

    And now some discussions from the dpreview Canon Talk forum:

  • What can you get out of G9's RAW?
  • Camera ergonomics discussion.
  • RAW files and Photoshop CS3
  • One concern on this Powershot.
  • On wide angle
  • This user compares his G9 with his G7, and wants his G7 back!
  • Would you get a G9 or a Pro1?

    And some more pictures from actual Canon G9 users: Jersey shore, Rocky Mountains, an album of G9s, first photos from this buyer.

    Read the rest of "Catching up with the Canon G9!"...
  • Saturday, September 15, 2007

    Speculation: What other RAWsumers can we expect in 2007?

    It is almost mid-September and we have just 3 1/2 months left before 2008 comes around. With a big percentage of digital camera sales happening in November and December, the majority of new cameras are announced before that. So basically we have September and October to get new RAWsumers, and then we take a bit of a break until CES and PMA come around in 2008.

    So what else can we expect or hope for? Well, here is my speculation. The cameras are listed in no particular order, and the camera names are my best guestimate. I have no insider info (unfortunately):
    1) Ricoh GX120: a follow-up to the GX100, using one of the new 12mp sensors. Given that the GX100 one would think it may be too early, but since Ricoh updates their R-series every 6 months, and the prosumer market is wide open, if Ricoh is able to fix some of the GX100 issues, they could have a best seller in their hands. Remember the new R7 comes with a new processing engine that claims to offer improvements, especially when it comes to noise pollution.
    2) Ricoh GRD2: The GR1D is two years old so it is reasonable to expect an update! We already saw some improvements going from the GRD to the GX100, so if Ricoh can continue to improve, they could have another success story. The only other camera to perhaps compete with this one is the Sigma DP-1...
    3) Sigma DP1: Yes it has been announced, and it will probably be released at some point. Will we it still be 21st century when that happens? Okay, dramatization aside, Sigma needs to do a better job of keeping potential buyers updated on this camera. If/when it does get released, it could create a bit of a stir among enthusiasts. The only other camera using such a large sensor was the Sony R1.
    4) Fuji S9200fd (aka S9700fd): Take the S9100 (S9600), add sensor shift stabilization, the dual xD/SD drive, and the 12mp sensor found in the F50fd and you have an update one year after the S9100. One thing that may lead Fuji away from this is the 18x superzoom S8000fd, although as the model # suggests, the S9xxx series is still the top of the line.
    5) Leica's version of the Panasonic FZ18. Given the early reviews the lens performed quite well given its zoom ratio, so it would be a lens that Leica wouldn't be shy about selling as their own (it already has their name on it anyways)
    6) Will the 60fps Casio that was announced with a development notice be released in 2007 and have RAW?

    Less Likely, But We Would Love to see these!
    1) Take the Fuji F50d, add RAW and voila, the F51fd (or offer it via firmware update!)
    2) Take the Nikon P5100, add RAW, and voila the P5200 (or offer it via a firmware upgrade)
    3) Take the Fuji S8000fd, add RAW and voila the S8100fd (or offer it via a firmware update)
    4) Canon's emergency Hyperzoom, the Powershot S8 IS (I gave it a name!) to fight off the 18x and 15x superzooms of Fuji, Olympus, Sony and Panasonic. Since two of those already offer RAW, and Canon added RAW going from the G7 to G9, there is a better chance of seeing RAW in the "S8 IS" (if it has an 18x zoom), or perhaps an "S7 IS"
    5) A Fuji E900-body version of the Fuji F50fd with RAW, sensor-shift and xD/SD! Come on Fuji, you can do it, we can help!
    6) Panasonic LX3 - although it looks like Panasonic is probably done with new cameras this year
    7) Panasonic FZ50 follow-up - same as above, esp since they just added an 18x superzoom
    8) A follow-up to the Kodak P880! The camera found its niche among enthusiasts once the price fell, so why not try it again?
    9) Take the Canon A650-IS, add RAW and offer it as A660-IS (or add RAW with a firmware upgrade!)
    10) Kodak P812: Just like the P712/Z712 were tiered, how about an 8mp 1/2.5" P812 with RAW? RAW being a distinguishing characteristic of the Kodak P-series. But we went from two P-series in 2005 to one in 2006 and zero in 2007 :-(
    11) Olympus SP-followup: These little cameras packed RAW and offered an interesting mid-range alternative. So why not release another one?
    12) Take the F31fd, add sensor-shift stabilization, add the xD/SD drive, keep the same sensor and battery and release it as F32fd! Come on Fuji, you can do it!

    Resurrection Ship
    Fans of BSG know what this means, everybody else will figure it out by looking at the models mentioned in the list.
    1) Minolta A2/A200 follow-up: This would fit nicely in Sony's line-up as they don't really have anything in the above mid-range segment. They could even have a dual model line-up, a more advanced with a more expensive A2-like EVF for more and a mass-market A200-like as well
    2) Sony R2: A big sensor in a fixed lens body had its fans and its detractors. Given that Sony does not have a new entry-level DSLR, an R2 would not even in the eyes of marketing folks would not affect their DSLR sales.
    3) Nikon 8400 follow-up: Very few digital cameras start at 24mm, and a follow-up would be nice. But as with all the 8mp 2/3" cameras, there is no new sensor at that size. Of course they could always make a 1/1.7" version of it
    4) Samsung Pro815 follow-up: It created a stir because of its size and specs but Samsung has not done anything else since. Instead they are focused on becoming the #3 global market share company. Perhaps next year when they start looking at increasing the price of their cameras sold :)
    5) Panasonic LC-2: The LC-1 body screams advanced prosumer, and while no new 2/3" sensors, perhaps we can see one with a 4/3rds nMOS sensor. Panasonic makes the sensors after all so they should be able to get them at a fair price ;-) Or if they want to go for a bigger market, one using the 1/1.7" sensor could also create a stir. Sort of like a blend of the LX-, FZ- and LC-series, perhaps one with a 28-200mm or starting at 24mm lenses?
    6) Canon Pro2 IS: The Canon Pro 1 had its fans and people would buy a follow-up! Again, no sensor :(
    7) Olympus C8080: Same as above, this was Olympus's most critically acclaimed camera in the competitive era (see Phil Askey's review of the C8080).
    8) Nikon 8900: A direct follow-up to the Coolpix 8700 and 8800. Issues same as above
    9) Sony F717/F828 follow-up, let's call it F939: The F-series was a big success, despite the akward look. Why did Sony abandon them? Yes, just like the other 2/3" cameras they would need a new sensor, but Sony has the upper hand since they are the ones who make the sensors
    10) Sony V4: If Canon resurrected the G-series after three years with the G7/G9, why wouldn't Sony do the same thing with the V4 since the RF-like cameras have made a comeback? This could be styled more like a V1 to go after the LX-/P5000-series, or more like the V3 to go after the GX100/G7/G9. Either way, why not Sony? :-)
    11) Canon S90: The S-series used to have RAW, then it disappeared from the S80. How about a new S90 but with RAW this time? Give it a 28mm or 24mm wide angle to differentiate it from the G7/G9 and the other Elphs/Ixus/Ixys.

    This concludes our speculative spectacular! If I left out any camera that you think it belong as a speculative RAWsumer, please leave a comment and I will add it to the appropriate list!

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    Tuesday, September 11, 2007

    Coming this week at RAWsumer

  • This week we will be taking a look at the buzz generated by some of the newer RAWsumers, namely the Canon G9 and Panasonic FZ18. Unfortunately the Fuji S8000fd, Nikon P5100, Fuji F50fd, and Canon A650IS do not offer RAW, otherwise we would have been thrilled to include them in the conversations.
  • And speaking of Canon RAW, there is another story, this one from the Wired blog via the Imaging Insider on alternate operating software for Canon digital cameras that do not offer RAW out of the box. Yes, this is about CHDK with DIGIC II Canon cameras. Please note that CHDK is not replacing your camera's firmware, but it is simply running on it each time you turn the camera on. If you do not load an SD card with CHDK when you turn on the camera, the camera operates as normal. If you are interested in this, be sure to do the research and ask other users who have tried it. It's not for everyone but it can certainly add new features to your camera for FREE :-)

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  • Tuesday, September 04, 2007

    More Panasonic FZ18 buzz on the net

  • A Panasonic FZ18 review from Japan is discussed in the Panasonic dpreview forums.
  • Also a discussion of the review in the Digital Camera Magazine. The review is not posted online but this is the magazine's website
  • But wait there's more! Jeff Keller at dcresource.com has posted a gallery of FZ18 pictures. He will be reviewing the FZ18, and according to his tentative schedule posted on his website it will be the first camera he reviewed when he returns from vacation in October 2007. So stay tuned! His gallery pictures are the topic of this forum discussion
  • The five-star rating given to the FZ18 by tech.co.uk is discussed

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  • Thursday, August 30, 2007

    New RAWsumer digital camera, the Nikon P5100 - was a FALSE ALARM

  • Update 8/30/07: False Alarm, the RAW mention has disappeared from dcresource, and no other website has any mentions of RAW :-( Goodbye P5100, you were a RAWsumer - on paper - for 10 hours!

  • We have some great news today! Nikon had a burst mode of eight new digital cameras announced. It is the highly anticipated follow-up to the Nikon P5000, aptly named the P5100. The good news is that one of them supports RAW according to dcresource.
  • ALERT: RAW is not mentioned at IR or dpreview, nor in the press release or any other website! ALERT! So far only dcresource's summary mentions RAW. I hope this isn't a false alarm typo by dcr that got us all so excited! Nikon's own PDF file does not mention RAW either!
  • The differences among them are not huge, the P5100 features the latest 12mp 1/1.72" sensor du jour, and 240 CIPA battery life.
  • More on this camera later on, for now here are some links to it at various photo sites
  • dcresource (huge pictures of the camera here!)
  • dpreview
  • IR
  • Product page at NikonUSA.com

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  • Monday, August 27, 2007

    Panasonic FZ18, first impressions and first reviews!

  • All apologies for the slowness in updating this blog. The Canon and Nikon new DSLR extravagazna has kept me very busy!
  • In the meantime, the Panasonic FZ18, a RAWsumer (it writes RAW files), is generating some buzz as first impressions and hands-on reviews have been posted!
  • Let's start with the interactive FZ18 review by Ming Thein, embedded in the Panasonic dpreview forums. The first thread on the review has already filled up. A second thread has opened up. Sample pictures are embedded in this post. Also at Flickr. If you have any questions on the FZ18, be sure to visit Ming's threads as he is actively reviewing the camera and he could answer your questions.
  • Trusted Reviews has posted their review of the FZ18 by Cliff Smith. TR's review is discussed in the Panasonic dpreview forums. A comparison of Truster Review's FZ8 and FZ18 reviews here
  • This dpreview discussion focuses on FZ18's dynamic range
  • A link to the Panasonic FZ18 operating user manual is the topic of this dpreview discussion thread
  • This forum user converts FZ18 RAW files and compares and contrasts various ISO settings.
  • Nine sample pictures from a different source
  • What's the smallest possible bag for the FZ18?
  • For more FZ18 coverage, check the Panasonic dpreview forum

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  • Friday, August 24, 2007

    New RAWsumer announced: The Olympus SP-560 with 8mp and starting at 27mm (18x optical zoom)

    Meet the Olympus SP-560

  • I apologize for the delay in covering this but the new Nikon DSLRs kept me busy at 1001 noisy.
  • Official announcement at dpreview.
  • For comparison, the specs and press release of the SP-550, its predecessor, are listed at dpreview
  • The camera is available for pre-order for $500 at Amazon. Their usually conservative estimated shipping date is November 1st.
  • The sensor has grown up from 7mp 1/2.5" to 8mp 1/2.3". Olympus has been using intermediate size sensors for their Stylus line-up for a few models now as well.
  • An 18x optical zoom that goes slightly wider, from 28-504 to 27-486mm (35mm equivalents)
  • Face detection is added
  • xD memory card (see Opinion/Analysis below)
  • RAW (obviously) and JPEG
  • Other features: PSAM exposure, 4 AA batteries, converter lenses (eg TCON-017) via adapter (CLA-10). Optional: underwater case (PT-037)
  • "Mechanical image stabilization" according to the press release. The SP-550 described it as "CCD shift" (aka sensor shift or anti-sensor shake). This seems to suggest that it is still a sensor shift approach. If the stabilization was in the lens, they would have probably called it optical. But this is not 100%
  • Buzzwords: Bright Capture, TruePic III

  • This is the camera that started the super-superzoom craze. Olympus got a head start on the industry but perhaps they rushed it a bit, which may explain some of the issues pointed out by the various reviewers. The hope is that with version II Olympus has improved on those issues and built upon this model. A slightly larger sensor may help as well. Going 1mm wider may attract more wide-angle fans, or at least should serve as a commitment to wide angle (or perhaps this was caused by the sensor size change).
  • Olympus believes it can charge a premium over the Fuji S8000fd and Panasonic FZ18 competitors (Olympus is $100 more at MSRP). Sony (H9 at 15x) and Canon (S5 IS at 12x) also started at $500 as well as its predecessor, the SP-550.
  • Sadly Olympus still insists on xD only. They should learn a lesson from their xD friends at Fuji and offer a dual xD/SD drive, and turn the xD disadvantage into an advantage. But then again, this is the company that requires Olympus-branded xD cards to record panoramas. How sad Olympus!

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